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[Learning and Realizing the Nineteenth National Congress] Social science experts take you to understand the Nineteenth National Congress | What did China contribute to the development of world civiliz

  abstract:The development of China has provided the whole world with a brand-new concept.

  Guest speaker:Jiang Yihua (Senior distinguished professor of Fudan University, Member of Social Science Committee of Ministry of Education)

  The 19th National Congress proposed that we have entered a new era. The real meaning of the new era, we can think from a broader perspective of the development of human civilization.

  When we build a well-off society in an all-round way, it actually means that China has stepped out of the era of agricultural civilization that lasted for thousands of years, entered the era of industrial civilization, and is advancing towards the era of new information civilization. Not only for China, the 19th National Congress has such an epoch-making significance, but also for the whole world, especially for the vast number of countries in the world that are still in the era of agricultural civilization or have just entered the era of industrial civilization.

  At least, these countries can refer to how a country can truly proceed from its own national conditions and realize the development and leap to modern civilization: find its own path and find a system that adapts to its own national conditions, especially to give full play to its own cultural potential and use such cultural resources to develop itself. I think in this respect, China’s own experience and China’s development path may have some enlightening effects on the civilized development of many countries.

  The fundamental reason why China can achieve such a great leap-forward development in such a short time is that we have our own theory, our own road, our own system and our own culture. What is the greatest feature of China’s theory? We applied Marxism (including its world outlook and the most basic way) in China, and formed the real theory of China, that is, Marxism in China. When we talk about the modernization and popularization of Marxism in China, in fact, the most important point is to constantly carry out reforms and change our present situation under the guidance of Marxist theory. We are not dreaming of changing the status quo, but proceeding from reality and existing conditions, step by step.

  China’s system has a deep cultural foundation and a civilized foundation. In the process of development, China has not lost its own culture, but used the outstanding parts of the world’s various material and spiritual cultures and combined them with our own culture, thus giving full play to the potential of our own culture. Chinese civilization has lasted for thousands of years, so let it play out with such a huge potential.




The 5th Hainan Island International Film Festival

The 5th Hainan Island International Film Festival, co-sponsored by China Central Radio and Television General Station and Hainan Provincial People’s Government, will be held in Sanya, Hainan Province from December 16th to 22nd, 2023.
Hainan Island International Film Festival (in English: HainanIsland International Film Festival, abbreviated as HIIFF) aims at "year-round screening, island-wide screening, movie viewing by the whole people, and the whole industrial chain", helping Hainan Free Trade Port to improve its cultural soft power and efficiency. By gathering and allocating resources through film festivals, we will promote world film exchanges and cooperation and create a professional, market-oriented and international film festival.
Organizer: Hainan Provincial People’s Government, Central Radio and Television General Station.
People’s Daily (19th edition, December 14th, 2023)

40 suggestions about life that may be useful.

October 10th is World Mental Health Day. In modern society, the pace of life is fast, the burden is heavy, and the pressure is high … If negative emotions are allowed to accumulate, they may become the "last straw" to crush you. Therefore, when the mental pressure is high, it must be promptly channeled and resolved.Life may not be that easy, but there are always some ways to make it better.
How to live
-40 suggestions that I find useful
Author/[UK] Matt Hagrid
Matt Hagrid, an English writer, suffered from depression at the age of 24, and later embarked on the road of self-salvation through writing. In the book "Reasons to Live", he shared 40 life suggestions that he found useful, and the excerpts are as follows. This dose of "good medicine for others" is given to everyone who is trying to live.
When happiness appears, enjoy it.
Take a sip and drink slowly, don’t wolf it down.
Be gentle with yourself.
You can’t change everything in the past.
This is the basic physical principle.
"Reading and writing are discovered by human beings so far.
The most nutritious form of meditation. "
This sentence is correct.
Listen more and talk less.
Don’t feel guilty when doing nothing.
But it can perfect your idleness,
Let it be aware.
Feel that you are breathing.
No matter where and at any time,
Everyone should try to discover beauty.
A face, a poem,
Clouds, graffiti, wind fields outside the window.
Beauty can purify the mind.
Hate is a meaningless emotion.
It’s like punishing a scorpion that stung you.
And eat it.
Go for a run and do some yoga.
Take a shower before noon.
Looking at the sky.
Remind yourself how vast the universe is.
Seize every opportunity to feel vast and distant,
This will make you see your own smallness.
Realize that ideas are just ideas.
If you feel the idea is unreasonable, argue with it.
Even if you can’t find the reason.
You are the observer of your mind, not the victim.
Don’t watch TV aimlessly.
Don’t go to social networking sites aimlessly.
Be conscious of what you are doing,
Why do it?
Unrestrained entertainment will distract you.
Sit down, lie down, don’t move and do nothing.
Observe and listen to the voice of your head.
Instead of judging what’s going on in your head, let it be,
Just like Snow White in Frozen.
Don’t worry too much.
Look at the trees, get close to them and plant them.
(Because trees are great)
Listen to the yoga instructor,
"Walk as if you were kissing the earth with your feet."
Life, love, let go.
The mathematics of wine is "power operation".
The more you drink, the more you want to drink.
If it’s hard for you to stop at one drink,
Then it is even more impossible to stop at three cups.
Addition is multiplication.
Be careful of that gap.
Where you are now.
And where you want to go.
Just think about it, and that gap will widen,
You might fall into it.
Read a book.
Don’t try to finish reading it, just read it.
Enjoy every word, sentence and paragraph.
Don’t expect it to end, or never end.
Be kind to others.
At the deepest level, there is no medicine in the universe.
It makes you feel better than being kind to others.
Listen to Hamlet-
The most famous depression patient in literary works—
Say that sentence:
"There is no distinction between good and evil in the world, but it is made by thought."
Allow others to love you.
And believe in this love.
You don’t need the world to understand you.
It’s okay.
Some people will never really understand
Things they haven’t experienced,
But some people will understand,
Be grateful to those who understand you.
Jules verne wrote "Infinite Life".
It is a world of love and affection as vast as the sea.
If we immerse ourselves in it, we will find infinity,
Find the space you need to survive.
Three o’clock in the morning is not the time to try to sort out life.
Remember: you are not weird at all.
You’re human,
Everything you do and feel is natural,
Because you are an animal in nature.
"Normal" is actually subjective,
There is no standard answer.
There are 7 billion people on this earth, and there are 7 billion kinds of normality.
Don’t believe in good or bad, win or lose,
Win or lose, high tide and low tide.
At your lowest and highest places,
Whether you are happy or desperate, calm or angry,
There is a core "you" that is always the same.
This "you" is the most important thing
Don’t worry about the time lost in despair.
After overcoming despair, the value of time will double.
Be transparent to yourself.
Build a glass room for your mind. Observe.
Read everything you want, just read it.
Books are possibilities, not escape routes.
When you have no choice, they give you a chance.
For the displaced mind,
Every book is a home.
On sunny days, if you can be outdoors, you should be outdoors.
Remember: the key to life on earth is change.
Cars rust, pages turn yellow,
Technology will be outdated, caterpillars will become butterflies,
Night will turn into day, and depression will dissipate.
When you feel too busy to have a rest,
It’s when you need to find time to rest most.
Negative emotions are things smaller than you.
It has always been smaller than you,
Even if it feels huge sometimes.
It runs inside you, and you don’t run inside it.
It may be a dark cloud floating in the sky,
And you are the whole sky.
There was a sky before the dark clouds appeared.
Dark clouds cannot exist without the sky,
And the sky is still the sky without dark clouds.
Be brave, be strong, breathe and live.
You will thank yourself today.
Text/excerpt from The Reason to Live Jiangxi People’s Publishing House
The content was slightly deleted.
In addition to suggestions,
Here’s another copy"list of good things"
Please check it,
Submit your answers.
Sunrise and sunset, the thousands of stars shining in the dark sky and the world they shine on.
Books. Cold beer. Fresh air. Dogs. Horses. Yellowing paperback book.
A long, affectionate and meaningful kiss; A short, shallow and polite kiss. (All kisses)
When the cinema lights dimmed, there was a bucket of warm popcorn on my leg.
The smell of pine and cypress in the warm evening in Italy. Drink water after a long run.
I thought I was sick, but it turned out to be a false alarm.
-Matt Hagrid
Sun-dried quilts, newly bought books, five dollars in jeans, and someone sent an umbrella when it rained.
Ice cream and coke, share a pack of spicy strips, a newly updated comic play, and the paws of a cat’s flesh.
Mom’s cooking, gay friends’s best friend’s talk, the boss’s praise, and a good morning every day.
—— @ 京京京京京
When I came out of the bathhouse after taking a shower, the cool wind blew on me.
See the sunshine in the Woods. (Tyndall effect)
Eat jelly.
The streets began to get busy in the morning.
Eat meat.
Power supply all night.
Go home to eat breakfast noodles, Dalian noodles, Regan Noodles, pickled beef noodles, pickled duck soup noodles, beef offal noodles, steak noodles and various breakfasts.
See a lovely girl.
Write calligraphy in the afternoon.
Received express delivery.
The smell in the box of the new digital product.
—— @ Wancheng Wenjie
When I returned to my distant home, the house was warm, the food was very hot, and my parents smiled sweetly.
Niece and nephew grab the phone. My niece said, Aunt, I miss you. My nephew has just turned 17 months old, so he can only keep screaming when he grabs the phone, aunt! Auntie! Auntie!
Run to the canteen after class, and have meat dishes.
In the dead of winter, put on thick down jackets, cotton trousers and cotton shoes.
On a snowy day, I came out of the bath, warm and shiny with snowflakes.
I want to tell you that there are still many beautiful things in this world:
The new sunshine in the morning, the corner of plain clothes blown by the breeze,
New soil in spring, warm bed in winter,
Deep alleys are covered with green tiles and plum blossoms, and the front of the court is covered with loquats.
A bonfire with stories, poems full of the moon,
The blushing of girls’ cheeks, the pear vortex of teenagers’ corners of their mouths,
And me.
—— @ 京京京京京京
After reading today’s push
If you think
The fatigue eased a little.
The pressure is reduced a little.
I feel a little happier.
That’s the meaning of these beautiful things.
In the cool October
May the world be beautiful.
Interlocking with you
Source/CCTV news finishing
Picture/worm creativity
Editor/All-China Women’s Federation Network Information Center Li Siqi
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Why do women "change their temperament" in menopause?

This is due to the secondary neuroendocrine changes caused by the decline of ovarian function. Women’s gonad organ "ovary" has two important functions, one is to secrete eggs, so that women have reproductive function; The other is the secretion of female hormone-estrogen. Just as human aging is inevitable, so is ovarian aging. Most women’s ovaries began to age after the age of 40, and the secretion of estrogen began to decline, especially before and after menopause, when the fluctuation of estrogen decreased most obviously.

During this period, it is the most common time for women to have emotional problems, that is to say, the age between 40 and 55 is the age group with high incidence of emotional disorders such as depression and anxiety. Symptoms such as depression and anxiety in menopause may have various reasons, most of which are the changes of hormone levels, especially the obvious decrease of estrogen levels.

In addition, during this period, women are faced with changes in their relative roles, such as children leaving home, children going to school for employment, changes in husband-wife relationship, job adjustment, changes in economic situation, major changes in parents’ health, and changes in their own health. These psychological and social factors may cause emotional obstacles for women. (Peking University Third Hospital)

Source: Beijing 12320 is listening

In the eyes of the ancients, the most beautiful scenery

Where is the most beautiful scenery? Is it the mountains in spring, the water in autumn, the poetry in the distance, or the fireworks nearby? In the poems of the ancients, there is no lack of beauty in the world, and there is no shortage of love and hope. Good scenery is also a good mood, and with a good mood, wherever you go, you feel picturesque.

There are many silk in the sky above the main avenue, it is like the butter – like fine and moist, the overlook grass is vaguely connected, but it appears to be sparse in close range.

This is the most beautiful season of the year, far more than the late spring of green willows.

-Tang Han Yu, "Early Spring is a Member of the Ministry of Water Affairs Zhang Shiba"

Chang’ an street is falling with fine light rain, which is as moist as milk, and the light green grass is connected into one piece. From a distance, if there is anything, there is nothing. The poet’s favorite scenery is this early spring season. Everything has just recovered in the silent drizzle, which is far better than the summer when the city is full of smoke and willow. Indeed, the light rain in early spring nourishes everything and gives people endless hope in a hazy way.

There is also a poet Du Fu who loves spring rain. His praise for spring rain is extremely vivid and delicate.

Good rain knows the season, and when spring happens.

Sneak into the night with the wind, moisten things silently.

The wild path is dark, and the river boat is bright.

Look at the red and wet place, and the flowers are heavy in Jinguan City.

-Don Du Fu’s Delighting in Rain on a Spring Night

Good rain knows the season and comes with spring. With the gentle east wind, it sneaked into the night and moistened everything quietly. The path in the field is covered with thick dark clouds, and it is dark everywhere, while the lights on the fishing boats along the river are particularly eye-catching. When I get up in the morning, I see that the spring flowers are wet after the rain. Jinguan City is full of colorful flowers, but it is full of clear feelings. The poet loves this scenery that has been baptized by the spring rain.

Jiangnan is Bai Juyi’s second hometown, and the scenery of Jiangnan has become a unique beauty in his heart. He is immersed in the beautiful scenery of Jiangnan and is full of love and nostalgia.

The scenery of the south of the Yangtze river is beautiful, picturesque scenery has long been familiar.

When spring comes, the sun rises from the surface of the river, and the flowers on the river are brighter than red, the green river green more than blue grass.

How can we call people not miss the south of the Yangtze river?

-Tang Bai Juyi, "Recalling Jiangnan"

Jiangnan is good, and poets have long been familiar with its scenery and have never forgotten it. As soon as the sun comes out, the river flowers on both sides of the strait are bright red and dazzling. When spring comes, the spring water in the south of the Yangtze River reflects the long blue sky, blue and clear. This vibrant and colorful Jiangnan spring has naturally become a beautiful memory that Bai Juyi can’t give up.

Li Bai loves nature very much. He has traveled through countless places and seen countless landscapes, but there is always a special place that makes people peaceful and leisurely.

I asked Yu what he meant to live in the blue mountains, and laughed without answering my heart.

Peach blossoms are flowing away, and there is another world.

-Tang Li Bai’s question and answer in the mountains

My friend asked me why I like living in Bishan. I just smiled and didn’t answer, but my heart was very leisurely. Peach blossoms fall on the water, and slowly flow away with the blue waves. There is a different world here, which is really not like being on earth. This is my Xanadu, where the scenery is beautiful and the mood is smooth. Where else can it be better than here?

There are so many mountains and green waters, and the beautiful scenery written by the poet is also so desirable.

Xisai Mountain before the white egrets fly freely, the river, plump mandarin fish swimming happily, floating in the water in the peach is so bright and full.

An old man in the bank, wearing a green bamboo hat raincoat, wearing a green raincoat, braved the wind and rain, leisurely and leisurely fishing, he was fascinated by the beautiful spring scenery, even the rain did not go home.

-Don Zhang Zhihe’s "Fisherman’s Song"

There are flocks of egrets flying in front of Mount Cisse, and mandarin fish are at their best in the Bijiang River where peach blossoms are floating. The fisherman is wearing a blue bamboo hat and a green hemp fiber. Although the oblique wind is blowing the drizzle, it doesn’t matter. On the contrary, it adds a different kind of beauty to the scenery. Why rush back? It’s drizzling in the oblique wind, peach blossoms floating on the blue waves, and people who sit firmly in the mountains and rivers are so carefree!

In this world, some people like famous mountains and rivers, but others love the unknown countryside. The scenery is unforgettable, sometimes not just because of the scenery itself.

It was nearly a year before the east hill, and return just caught up with Springfield.

The grass is green in the rain, and the peach blossoms on the water are burning.

You Lou Biqiu studied Confucian classics, and he was a wise man in the village.

Daoxi came out and met me, and laughed heartily before chai men.

-Don Wang Wei’s "Wangchuan Bieye"

I haven’t been to Dongshan for nearly a year, and I came back just in time for spring ploughing. The grass in the rain is green and can be dyed, and the peach blossoms on the water are red and bright, as if to burn. The eminent monks and wise men in the village, who are all good friends of the poet, came to meet each other with joy when they heard that the poet had returned, and they hurried to put on their clothes and even forgot to put on their shoes. Everyone is talking and laughing in front of the firewood. Happiness is so simple, but it is full of sincerity. No wonder the poet is obsessed with Dongshan. The scenery is beautiful, and the world is more affectionate.

I see how charming Qingshan is, and I expect Qingshan to see me as such. This is the most beautiful scenery, the scenery is ruthless, but people are interested.

The birds fly away without a trace, leaving the solitary cloud at ease and ease.

You look at me, I look at you, between each other two, only me and the eyes of jingting mountain mountain.

-Tang Li Bai’s Sitting Alone in Jingting Mountain

All the birds have flown away, and a cloud has drifted away leisurely. Jingting Mountain and I are the only people who never tire of looking at each other. In the arms of Jingting Mountain, I feel clean, kind, peaceful and happy, but I won’t feel lonely.

The most beautiful scenery is actually in a dull life.

I planted beans under the south hill, and the weeds in the fields were full of pea.

Early in the morning get up early to eradicate the weeds, the night falls on the moonlight carry hoe to return.

The narrow path covered with vegetation, and the night dew moistened my clothes.

It is not a pity to wet my clothes, but I hope not to go against my will.

-Wei and Jin Dynasties, Tao Yuanming, "Returning to the Garden, the Third"

Planting beans at the foot of Nanshan Mountain is characterized by lush weeds and sparse bean seedlings. Get up in the morning, clean up the wasteland, and come back with a hoe in the moonlight at night. The road is narrow and lush, and the cool dew in the evening wets my clothes. It doesn’t matter if the clothes are wet, as long as it doesn’t go against the original will, everything is worth it.

Spring flowers and autumn moon, nature and seasons always make us meet with all kinds of beautiful scenery, which is shocking and intoxicating.

The lake and the moon are in harmony, and there is no wind mirror on the pool surface.

Looking at the landscape of Dongting, there is a green snail in the silver plate.

-Don Liu Yuxi’s "Looking at the Dongting"

Lake light and moonlight blend with each other and complement each other. Without a trace of wind, the pool is smooth and seamless, just like an unpolished mirror. Looking at the landscape of Dongting from a distance, the water is bright and clear, and the trees on Dongting Mountain are lush, just like a green snail in a white silver plate, quietly for people to enjoy and ponder. How can we live up to such a beautiful scenery?

When the poet meets the landscape, it completes both the poet and the landscape.

As far away as Hanshan Mountain, the stone path is oblique, and there are people in Bai Yunsheng.

Stop and sit in the maple grove late, and the frost leaves are red in February flowers.

-Tang Du Mu’s "Mountain Walk"

Along the winding path up the mountain, where the white clouds are born, there are several families. I stopped because I like the late scenery of the maple forest. After the wind and frost, the maple leaves are red and dazzling, which is even more beautiful than the spring flowers in February. The poet fell in love with the red maple in autumn and was reluctant to leave for a long time. Thousands of years later, the maple leaf burning like fire in front of his eyes will still arouse people’s yearning and enthusiasm. The red leaf has never faded after thousands of years, and his mood at that time made people feel the same.

The most beautiful scenery in people’s eyes is often because of their love and even their preference.

The flowers withered, the unique plum blossom against the wind swept out, the beautiful scenery of the small park scenery.

"Dappled shadows hang aslant over the clear shallow water, in the evening of moonlight their fragrances peacefully expand."

When the cold bird wants to fly, it first peek at the plum blossom; Butterflies, if you know the beauty of plum blossom, will be enchanting.

Fortunately, there are micro-songs that can be compared, and there is no need for a total of gold bottles.

-Song Lin Bu’s "One of Xiaomei in the Mountain Garden"

Flowers wither, only the poet’s favorite plum blossom blooms alone, occupying all the scenery in the small garden. Sparse plum shadows are slanting in the shallow water. At dusk, the moon rises and the faint fragrance floats in the air. Plain birds want to come down, first take a sneak look. If butterflies in spring know the beauty of plum blossoms, they will be heartbroken and lose their souls. The poet sighed with emotion, fortunately, I can also sing poems to praise the plum blossom, and I don’t need to clap the sandalwood to sing songs, and I don’t need to hold a glass of wine to express my love for the plum blossom. The small garden with faint plum fragrance in winter is the most beautiful scenery in the poet’s eyes, and even the spiritual sustenance.

Some people always think that the most beautiful scenery in the world is far away, but people floating in other places deeply understand that when they look back, their hearts are already full of thoughts, and every grass and tree in their hometown is the most beautiful.

You have just come from our hometown, we must know the ways of the world.

When you came to my home carved decorative pattern of the window, the plant of the plum flowers bloom?

-Tang Wang Wei’s "Three Miscellaneous Poems No.2"

The poet asked: You come from your hometown, so you should know something about your hometown, right? Is that plum tree blooming outside my carved window? The plum tree outside the window once accompanied the poet through countless dull but warm times. During the journey, he looked back more than once and all plants and trees were affectionate. Where there are no plum blossoms, but those in my hometown must have taken root and blossomed in my heart.

As time goes by, winter goes and spring comes, how many endless scenery there are?

Only know the search for the beautiful scenery and forget the cold, I am in the spring breeze in the sunset.

I like that Dongshan sunny after the snow, the light of the red in the light of the mountains of Yinshan.

-Song Yang Wanli, "Four mountains are green after the snow clears, but Dongshan’s all-white fu loves Dongshan’s two quatrains after the snow clears."

Poets only know how to chase beautiful scenery, but forget the cold, standing in the sunset and spring breeze. My favorite is Dongshan Mountain, which clears up after the snow. In the soft red light, there is a surge of silver mountains, pure and dazzling! The poet was shocked by the beautiful scenery after the snow!

Welcome the new in time, miss the old in emotion, and what you can’t give up is the feelings of the past.

Without washing and dyeing the dust tassels, I returned to Fangcaoping.

A vine path is green, and there are ten thousand snow peaks and sunny spots.

-Tang Li Bai’s Winter Returning to the Old Mountain

Before the poet could clean the dust from his hat, he came back with grass. A path covered with green vines is green and welcoming, but it clears up after the snow, and the ten thousand peaks are particularly clear in the sun. Returning to the old mountain in winter, the poet was very happy and his eyes were full of beautiful scenery.

The beauty in the eyes of the ancients tells us where they have been and what they have loved. It is a journey of life, a meeting, a fate, and perhaps helplessness in reality. The beautiful scenery they love is still loved by us today, and ordinary people like us will meet many scenery on the way, just like them in the long river of history. What is the most beautiful? Perhaps it is still two words, love. Whether for people or scenery.


He Yu, a woman who likes poetry, is looking for beautiful details in the four seasons, hoping that time will leave warm memories.

For women, "obedient" is the least imaginative.

Xinyi Zhang

Let’s start with a story, which I saw on a public number. The wealthy mother spent money to buy her daughter a 300,000 yuan shop, but her daughter was ungrateful and didn’t shop all day. She doesn’t study, she doesn’t lose weight, she doesn’t even look at the shop, and she is keen on talking about her boyfriend who is useless to outsiders. Mother went online for help and wrote down the facts themselves.

Such a story sounds simple and boring, even as creative material, it seems that there is not much room for imagination.

However, the mother-daughter story, ordinary life, secret inner corner, and life that is stipulated and arranged are all potential elements that can be described in this story. Is the daughter really happy or seemingly rebellious? What is she expecting? What is the dislocation between her expectation and her mother’s expectation? There will be other shops in the same street. What is the biggest difference between the daughter who became the boss in her early twenties and other middle-aged women who became the proprietress through marriage?

Women’s roles can be confined to private space. The water towns, alleys and ancient towns in the south of the Yangtze River are some familiar narratives that originated from contemporary literature in the 1980s. You can also enter the workplace. The images of professional women in Hong Kong film and television in the 1990s, such as "Sister Tuo Gun", "No.1 Imperial Court" and "Wonderful Hands and Kindness", have shaped most of our generation’s life imagination in professional fields, work ability and romantic urban love. However, only longing does not resonate, because it is not realistic. The details of life should be broken down, such as the long scenes in Hou Hsiao-hsien’s movies when recalling the past, and the endless meals in Xu Anhua Tin Shui Wai day and night. Focusing on specific individuals, we discuss the situation in which women enter the public sphere from private space, and then wander between them to find their own position.

Feminism from scratch, written by Chizuko Ueno and Yoko Tanaka on [Japan], translated by Lu Lingzhi, Beijing United Publishing Company, September 2021.

Chizuko Ueno’s new book, with its title, cover design and dialogue style, is closer to the popularization of popular science. It is placed after her previous publication "Misogyny" and "Patriarchy and Capitalism", which is in line with the title "Starting from scratch" and is similar to some metaphor. Although we have taken some steps, the complexity of reality will require us to return to the original point at any time. This is a proposition of collective environment and a strategy to understand individual situation.

Starting from zero, the starting point of zero varies from person to person. We need to know concretely and constantly before we can start our reflection. It is more difficult to understand and act in the field of practice. However, if you are lucky enough to be a creator at the same time, you will have another mission-narration. It will add an angle to help you inspire greater understanding and empathy.

Cognition: "disobedience" under structure

Patriarchy and Capitalism by Ueno Chizuko is not only an introductory reading to introduce the theoretical basis and limitations of Marxism, but also an extension of it. It uses several concepts to explain the dilemma of women being under the family structure and social structure at the same time. "Love" and "motherhood" are constructed myths, and the actual situation is the hidden economic and power structure: the contradiction between production and reproduction, "housework" from the dual perspective of patriarchy and capitalism, the trap of "interruption-re-employment" and so on.

Patriarchy and Capitalism, by Ueno Chizuko, translated by Zou Yun and Xue Mei, Zhejiang University Press, March 2020.

Some of the habits of writing with articles while reading will become unintelligible sighs when they reread. Rereading Patriarchy and Capitalism, I saw that I was full of expressions such as "I want to see hope" and disappeared at the back of the book. In the concrete development of reality, the old explanatory terms show their growing limitations. Facing the fresh and more complicated realistic dilemma, we need new languages.

This is, of course, a great significance of "female writing". "Female writing" and "female narration" are undoubtedly not rigorous enough in academic expression, but its significance lies in being named itself. We hardly talk about "male writing", but emphasize "female" from the gender dimension, which lies in the necessity of gathering eyes. "We don’t want to turn our backs on each other, we are the injured whole." What Jane Austen blurted out through the protagonist’s mouth in northanger abbey is largely the author’s own voice. Under the structural conventions and restrictions, "female narration" of various art categories will be placed on the cultural edge. The expression of individual experience outside the mainstream narrative will be defined as an "autobiography" that is not decent enough or a trivial narrative. The heart and voice that have been neglected for a long time will be covered by another way of interpretation, such as narrow life, defects in works, rebellion against self and so on. The emerging "female role model" has also become isolated. While we praise her, we praise an isolated and talented individual who has grown up, and we can’t see the possibility of changing the fate of the group.

"Obey", we will continue to stay in the original structure and language expression. Those ways of explaining life make us feel safe, easy and easy to resonate, but they just bypass the protagonist as the main body. A mother with a traditional concept understands her daughter in the old structural cognition, and her daughter will undoubtedly be condemned. My daughter has a "correct" life template in the old structure, which is related to losing weight, becoming beautiful, finding a "reliable" male protector, watching the shop and so on. But in her daughter’s mind, will she define her life outlook and individual value in this way in her early twenties? Her rich, subtle and secret feelings, her curiosity about the world and her desire for love have thus entered a stable track, past, present and future, and the established rules and expectations … As a specific individual, her daughter refused such a narrative.

Imagination: Focus on specific individuals.

"disobedience" will cause the fear of the original power subject. "How to restrain women’s writing" writes about the ridicule and doubts suffered by "women’s writing" in various eras.

"Let them fear is not a stranger. It is a reinterpretation of familiar things. " "Women writers broke into the canon again and again, out of nowhere-they are unusual and maverick, their writing techniques are weird, and their ideas are’ out of date’".

How to restrain women’s writing, by Joanna Lars, translated by Zhang Yan, Nanjing University Press, November 2020.

Its anachronism comes from two levels. First, in narrative skills, in the empirical world defined by male theme discourse, the interpretation from the female perspective challenges the so-called objectivity and absolute standards. Once the existence of "the other" art itself is recognized, the linear hierarchy, order and standards need to be redefined. Second, in the narrative experience, in the field where "they" have expressed, "they" have made a new sound, which has the structural vibration force that the positions of "center" and "edge" are constructed. To what extent can the heterogeneous experience expressed by female narration be understood and accepted? The essence of expression lies in confirming the existence of experience and calling for the possibility of new historical construction.

As a means, narration is the expression of experience. However, within the female group, how to treat their own experience is also undergoing a process of change and development. The reflection of "misogyny" exists not only in the structure of gender opposition or social economy, but also in the internal development and cognition of women, which involves the part with the most imaginative space besides rationality, that is, people’s subtle and rich inner world.

Misogyny, by Ueno Chizuko, translated by Wang Lan, Shanghai Sanlian Bookstore, January 2015.

As a novel-writing enthusiast who thinks that she has written female stories, I also began to find the ghost of "misogyny" in myself from reading "misogyny". If I write this story, there is a high probability that I will write a story about a successful startup. One is to spend a lot of energy to prove her daughter to her mother, and the other is a mother who can’t understand that her daughter finally chooses staged reconciliation. There is obviously some kind of template behind such a story. For example, even in such a close relationship between mother and daughter, we need social wealth and status to prove our value. This is the "canonical" evaluation standard under the structure of patriarchy and capitalism. Realism, but lacking vivid details, is written "truth". The portrayal of characters is nothing to be desired.

Maybe the daughter is a daughter who can’t become a female entrepreneur. Maybe the mother’s judgment is right. She has no talent and is wasting her time. Such a narrative will be trapped in the meaning of the commonplace, so why should we tell and appreciate it?

Movie poster of Days and Nights in Tin Shui Wai

And if this is a movie, shoot the daily life of mother and daughter. Eating, washing dishes and sleeping, my daughter secretly went out for a date, and my mother was alone in the deserted shop. It was dull, boring and unintelligible at some moments. Suddenly, I would think of a certain narrative style of Xu Anhua, Days and Nights in Tin Shui Wai, Sister Tao and Forty Women. Recently, the documentary film "Make a Good Movie" about Xu Anhua was released. Taking this opportunity, I revisited many works by Xu Anhua. The female images she created, such as Zhang Mu, Grandma Liang, Tao Jie and A E in Tianshuiwei, are all individuals who have worked hard in concrete life. Buy food, eat, wash dishes, deal with relatives and friends, and then continue to buy food, eat, wash dishes and solve all kinds of troubles in the family. They are faced with specific dilemmas: husbands who don’t care about things, silent sons, complicated housework, and fathers-in-law with Alzheimer’s disease … They don’t have such luck. Like the heroine in Escape is shameful but useful, they clearly mark the price and get salary feedback from their employers/male parents. In Ueno Chizuko’s analytical framework, they are individuals who have never awakened and reflected on their thoughts. They are kind and hard-working, swearing and stumbling to take responsibility.

What we have to do is not to condemn and take sides. Starting from "zero", we have experienced the long efforts of women’s power fighters in past dynasties. The reproduction mode in family structure is to try to answer the reasons why women feel uncomfortable in family life. The self-discovery of "misogyny" is a precious turning point. Every one of us has more or less "misogyny", and feminists start to think from it, which makes us focus on the part that is disciplined in a subtle way. Writing is a kind of expression. Let’s let our imagination fly. The expression of experience has many forms.

Only a part of individuals can be understood by theoretical analysis, and the more important part focuses on real and rich life experiences. How can women find their own value under different circumstances?

Narration will come to an abrupt end here, and the interpretation framework and story template will be invalid. For example, we need more imagination to understand the story of this mother, daughter and shop. Life tells a story, the logic is rigorous, but the facts are ever-changing. The premise is a deeper understanding and empathy, not only as a listener and storyteller, but as a member of the group. The value that the mother thinks, the value that the daughter yearns for, and the value that the daughter can achieve in the current situation are all misplaced scripts that need to be rewritten in many details. It is a good thing to come to an abrupt end. In the face of new and more complicated practical difficulties, we need new languages.

Narration: We are a whole.

The sincerity of narration requires us to enter the individual’s life experience and spiritual world. However, in the meaning behind narration, it may be of special significance to connect individuals and become a whole. In Make a Good Movie, except for the actress, almost all of Xu Anhua’s colleagues are male directors, so the narrative of the documentary about the director himself cannot be separated from the gender issue. When Xu Anhua finishes a film and publicizes it all over the country, she will also be expected to make such a narrative. As a female director, what do you think is special in all aspects?

Poster of documentary "Make a Good Movie"

In the analysis of How to Restrain Women’s Writing, "deprivation of authorship" has gone through a long process of development. After acknowledging the existence and rationality of writing-she is writing, she should write, and she writes well. There is also a part that is embarrassing-where did "she" come from?

She is not an individual, not a genius, not an alternative, she is a member of the group. The context of women’s writing needs to be connected, and its logic is the discovery of role models, the combing of artistic traditions and the affirmation of historical achievements. Women’s narrative and voice need to leave results, which are the traces of "we" trying to live.

In How to Restrain Female Writing, it seems to talk about a very small part-female creators, but in fact they can be regarded as individuals who are temporarily separated from the myth of motherhood, family structure and reproduction distribution. The expression of individual experience, beyond the despair of "Jin Zhiying", opens up a new track for us-paying close attention to ourselves as much as any specific problem. Its greatest significance lies in the completion of behavior. When we say it, we say it, and when we write it, we write it. The opportunity of women’s writing and its recognized space did not fall from the sky, but it took a long time and the efforts of several generations.

Where did she come from? Xu Anhua is not an exception. Make a Good Movie disenchanted her. No matter how excellent she is, her most appropriate identity is still a sincere expresser. On the one hand, from the perspective of image nourishment or literature reserve, she has her own learning context and field role models, among which, of course, there are female role models, such as Zhang Ailing, whom she has repeatedly mentioned. On the other hand, she entered "their" life from the perspective of "people", which was a stiff and even awkward warmth, a way of explaining and trying to understand.

"Obedience" is the least imaginative. What it lacks is that the story of "Jin Zhiying" is not endless, and it causes fear, not resonance. Life’s refusal to discipline and self-exploration must always be a conscious act. In this sense, the seemingly useless daughter in her early twenties has ignited a flame that can become the light of reflection in the future. For girls in their early twenties, falling in love is a serious matter, not looking at the shop. The mother thinks that the value of her daughter is so single, and her daughter may not think so. At least, she didn’t lose weight and resisted the anxiety of appearance. She just likes a handsome, useless and not so serious boyfriend, which is understandable.

"Obedience" will stifle the imagination of life, and the specific way is the practice of individual experience. Therefore, after reading all kinds of theories, we still have to mistake the daily petals for the rare snowflakes in the south, like the ignorant "father-in-law" in Forty Women, and imagine that we are standing in the snow all over the sky, and there is such an epiphany moment that "life is very enjoyable".

Editor in charge: Fang Xiaoyan

Proofreading: Zhang Liangliang

The more exercise, the better! Chinese medicine tells you how to do the best exercise.

Life lies in exercise.

Doctors in our country have long recognized the importance of sports.

Among them, Hua Tuo emphasized this point when he said that "running water does not rot a family member", so he invented Wuqinxi.

Sun Simiao, the king of medicine, even thinks that exercise can "eliminate all diseases, tonify and prolong life, keep your eyes bright and healthy, and stop fatigue".

Not only that, the World Health Organization has long praised exercise as "the best medicine against diseases".

Even research shows that exercise can prevent more than 35 kinds of chronic diseases.

Benefits of exercise

Strengthen the heart. The heart is made up of muscles, and continuous exercise can strengthen the heart muscles. Compared with inactive people, the risk of heart failure is reduced by 10% in regular activities.

Purify veins and arteries. No matter whether the blood lipid is normal or not, aerobic exercise is helpful to regulate blood lipid, including raising good cholesterol level and lowering bad cholesterol and triglyceride level.

Strengthen the lungs. Breathing a lot and quickly during exercise can strengthen the lung function, and carbon dioxide and other wastes in the body will be excreted.

Lower blood sugar. A low-intensity physical activity will increase insulin sensitivity. For people at high risk of diabetes, sitting for a long time and spending 5 minutes walking or standing will benefit.

Control body fat. Long-term exercise may reduce abdominal fat more, but unfortunately, exercise can not reduce weight.

Strengthen bones. Exercise not only helps to exercise muscles, but also strengthens bones. Exercise can increase bone density and prevent bone weakening and injury.

Helps prevent cancer. Such as breast cancer, colon cancer, prostate cancer and pancreatic cancer.

Adjust blood pressure. Related research shows that regular aerobic exercise can reduce blood pressure by 3~7 mmHg, and the highest can reach 15mmHg.

Exercise is most afraid of excess.

Traditional Chinese medicine believes that "exercise generates yang", which means that exercise can boost the body’s yang, so many friends start to exercise desperately regardless, and even think that the more exercise, the better the body.

In fact, this is a misunderstanding.

Because there are still four words that are often ignored after "moving leads to yang", that is, "crossing the yang leads to death".

This is to tell people that exercise is just right.

However, many people disagree with this truth, so the following news appeared-

After 20,000 steps a day, Ms. Zhao of Qingdao suffered from synovitis.

After 90, the girl was obsessed with marathon, and ran away from her toenails three times a week for 10 kilometers, resulting in meniscus injury.

26-year-old Wuhan pony, who runs for 3 hours every day to lose weight, suffers from rhabdomyolysis syndrome …

It’s true that success is also a sport, and defeat is also a sport.

In addition to the above injuries, excessive exercise can also cause the following injuries:


Accelerate brain aging

Excessive exercise will consume oxygen, resulting in insufficient oxygen supply to the brain and decreased responsiveness.


Exercise anemia

Long-term high-intensity exercise will increase the incidence of sports anemia, which is mostly iron-deficiency anemia with unknown reasons.


Cause a heart attack

In exercise, when the heartbeat is clearly beyond the range that people can bear, they try their best to restrain it with their minds, so the result of excessive exercise is often a heart attack.

Especially for patients with coronary heart disease and heart failure, excessive exercise is undoubtedly a reminder.


Joint wear

Long-term excessive exercise, joints will wear faster than ordinary people, and once the joints are damaged, it is difficult to recover, especially the organs of middle-aged and elderly people have weak self-repair ability. The higher the age, the greater the degree of joint wear and degradation.

How to judge yourself from excessive exercise?


Observe physical strength and mental state

If you have a suitable sense of fatigue after exercise and have a strong interest in sports, it means that the amount of exercise is suitable for the functional condition of the body.

If you are breathless during exercise, have difficulty breathing, are extremely tired after exercise, or even hate exercise, it means that you have too much exercise.


Observe diet and sleep

Proper exercise will not affect normal appetite and sleep.

If after exercise, you don’t want to eat, you can’t sleep, or you don’t sleep as well as before, then you should consider whether this amount or intensity of exercise is appropriate.


Observe the morning pulse

Morning pulse refers to the number of pulses after waking up (not getting up) every morning.

Without special circumstances, everyone’s morning pulse is relatively stable, and generally it will not fluctuate more than 3~5 times/minute.

If the pulse does not change the next morning after exercise, it means that you are in good health or adapt to the exercise.

If the morning pulse of the next day is more than 5 times/minute than before, it means that the activity of the previous day is too large and should be adjusted appropriately.

What is the best exercise?

The best exercise in the world is not in the gym, nor is it recognized as walking, but what and where is it?

There is only one best sport in the world, and that is the sport that suits you.

There are three meanings:


Do your favorite sports.

Doing what you like will mobilize the whole body’s function, hobbies can make persistence interesting, and sports are the same.

Insist on exercise, you should not rely on forced support, otherwise it can only be three minutes of heat.

Even if you have strong willpower and stick to something that you are not interested in, such exercise is not only bad, but also bad.

Because, this is likely to cause your liver qi to be uncomfortable.

By the same token, if a certain food is good for your health, but you don’t like it at all, and you force yourself to eat it every day, will this way of eating be good for your health? No.

Traditional Chinese medicine calls this "the stomach supplements with joy", and so does exercise.


Do exercise that suits your physique.

We have to be very familiar with our bodies to keep in good health.

So, how can we judge what kind of exercise we are suitable for?

In fact, you can divide your body into two categories to evaluate it. Is it thick or thin?

Generally speaking, people with thin bodies are mostly deficient in qi and blood; People with thick bodies have relatively strong qi and blood.

For people with insufficient qi and blood, lightweight exercises to dredge qi and blood are more suitable, such as Tai Chi, yoga and walking slowly, which can nourish qi and blood.

For those who are full of blood, you can try some strength sports, such as dancing, running, playing ball and equipment.

Of course, physical fitness is not static, it will change according to factors such as daily routine, diet, exercise, environment, work intensity, fate of heaven and earth, mood, etc. We should choose the appropriate health preservation method and the exercise mode that can make us comfortable according to our current physical fitness.

In addition, if you are physically weak, but you like strength sports very much, it is not completely impossible to operate, just be sure to control the exercise time.


Grasp the exercise time

From the point of view of TCM health preservation, forty-five minutes of exercise is too much for people who are usually weak.

Generally speaking, 20 to 30 minutes of light exercise is the most appropriate for weak people, and it will not damage qi and blood.

That is to say, the amount of exercise must match the physical condition, and you should pick what you can carry, otherwise it will hurt your muscles and bones, and the amount of exercise that exceeds the body’s capacity will hurt your blood and vitality.

Give yourself a point for your sport.

How to judge whether your day’s exercise is up to standard? Come and calculate:

Sleep: 0.85 points for every hour of sleep.

Static activities: including desk work, reading, eating, watching TV, taking a car, etc. Add up the time spent on these activities and count them as 1.5 points per hour.

Walking: If it is a leisurely and slow walk, score 3 points per hour; If it’s a brisk walk, score 5 points per hour.

Outdoor activities: 6 points per hour for jogging; Run fast and record 7 points per hour; 8 points per hour for swimming and skating; All kinds of ball games and track and field sports score 9 points per hour; Do gymnastics and dance and score 3 points per hour.

Housework: 5 points per hour.

At the end of each day, you can add up the above scores. If the total score you get is below 45 points, it means that you don’t have enough exercise, so you should try to increase your exercise.

If your total score is between 45 and 60, it means that your exercise is just right; If your total score exceeds this limit, it only means that your activity is too large and should be adjusted.

Data: Health China.

Editor: Chen Luyun

AFC publicly apologized and compensated China: Maintain the dignity of football!

Foreword of football world from a new perspective: Enthusiasm and order interweave. Welcome everyone to enter the football world. Here, we will discuss fairness, order and various stories behind football. I hope you can share this wonderful journey with me.

1. Controversial moment: What’s the meaning behind passion? In an Asian Games, a fierce confrontation between the China men’s soccer team and the Qatari team aroused widespread concern. In that game, the conflict between the two players not only increased the tension of the game, but also became the focus of media attention. In the end, although China successfully advanced, it also paid the price of players’ suspension and injury, and even suffered defeat in the follow-up matches. The AFC imposed a fine on this, and the issue of fine also caused many discussions outside.

2. Reflection on Asian football: Exploration of fairness and order Conflicts and disputes will not only affect the team’s performance, but also affect the fans’ enthusiasm for football. In order to ensure the fairness and order of the game, the Asian football community needs to reflect deeply and take corresponding measures. At the same time, the players should also show a more professional and disciplined attitude on the court to bring more exciting games to the fans.

3. Redefining Fairness: The Choice and Challenge of AFC Recently, AFC cancelled the qualification of direct promotion to the World Cup qualifiers, which caused widespread controversy. Some people think that this decision is more conducive to strong teams, while ignoring those teams affected by various reasons such as the epidemic. Fairness is not only a reflection of achievements, but also various factors behind it need to be fully considered.

4. The charm of football: not only competitive football is not only a competition, but also the intersection of emotions, enthusiasm and dreams. On this pitch, every player is fighting for honor and dreams. As fans, we should understand and support them. Conclusion: enthusiasm in order, order in enthusiasm In the world of football, enthusiasm and order are not contradictory. Every game is an exploration of fairness, discipline and enthusiasm. Let’s look forward to more exciting football.

Football originated in China, why can’t it be played in modern times? It has something to do with Zhu Yuanzhang’s prejudice against Cuju.

When it comes to football, I believe many students will think of ancient cuju in China. There is no doubt that football originated from ancient cuju in China. In 2004, FIFA confirmed that cuju in ancient China was the earliest prototype of football. # You don’t know the history of football #

So, when was Cuju invented in ancient China? The "Ju" in Cuju can be traced back to the stone balls in the cultural site of Ding Cun 100,000 years ago. At first, it should be a hunting tool. In the late primitive society, stone balls kicked by feet and hollowed-out pottery balls appeared.

However, it is not known from the development of stone balls to the inventor of Cuju. According to Liu Xiang’s "Bielu", it is said that Cuju was invented by the Yellow Emperor and began to be used in military training. The bow was made of leather and filled with hair.

The earliest accurate and credible written record of Cuju was in the Warring States Policy and Historical Records. In 285 BC, that is, during the Warring States Period, Cuju was recorded as an activity with both military and recreational nature.

When introducing the living conditions of people in Linzi, the capital of Qi State, Qice wrote: "There are 70,000 households in Linzi … which are very rich and real, and all of them are people who play the flute, drum instruments, percussion, playing the piano, fighting cocks, walking dogs, playing six blogs and squatting."

It can be seen that cuju has developed into a popular way of sports in Linzi, the capital of Qi during the Warring States Period.

During the Han Dynasty, Cuju ushered in a period of rapid development. Cuju can be used not only for entertainment and performance, but also for competition and training. It is estimated that many students can’t believe that Cuju will be used for training. This is because Cuju can not only train soldiers’ physical fitness, but also enrich military life.

If Han Dynasty was the first peak of Cuju’s development, then Tang and Song Dynasties was the second peak. After improvement, Cuju started with a solid ball stuffed with hair and became an inflatable ball. Because of the lower cost of football, more ordinary people could afford to play Cuju. With the increase of the number of Cuju, there were teams and norms dedicated to Cuju, and organizations specializing in Cuju competitions appeared in the Song Dynasty.

Having said that, everyone must first think of Gao Qiu, the first master of cuju in the last years of the Northern Song Dynasty, because Song Huizong liked cuju very much when he was the king of Duan, and when Gao Qiu sent something to the palace of Duan, he inadvertently showed a few hands, thus being left behind by Zhao Ji. After Zhao Ji became king, he began to promote Gao Qiu.

During the Tang and Song Dynasties, due to the gradual popularization of cuju, Japan often sent Tang envoys to China at that time, and brought the game of cuju back to Japan. Today, football is still called "cuqiu" in Japanese and Han Wenzhong, which is also influenced by China’s cuju.

Why did China Cuju, which was still at its peak in the Tang and Song Dynasties, fall out of fashion in the Ming and Qing Dynasties? Even after the mid-Qing Dynasty, football turned from export to domestic sales and reappeared in the eyes of China people.

All this stems from an imperial edict of Zhu Yuanzhang. After the establishment of the Ming Dynasty, it was different from the situation that the previous generation used cuju as a means of military training. Zhu Yuanzhang thought that cuju was a sign of being a plaything, because Zhu Yuanzhang had an old rival named Zhang Shicheng, and Zhang Shicheng’s troops liked cuju very much. However, when Zhang Shicheng was at war with Zhu Yuanzhang, it was simply vulnerable. Therefore, Zhu Yuanzhang thought that cuju would not help the improvement of soldiers’ military literacy. Therefore, Zhu Yuanzhang ordered that the Ming army would not be allowed to cuju in the future, and offenders would be punished.

Because this order only prohibits soldiers from playing cuju, but not the people, it actually abandons the function of competition and training, while the people play cuju more for entertainment and viewing.

Therefore, in Ming Dynasty, cuju was still popular among the people, but most of them were women. At that time, cuju was a talent show, just like a brothel woman performing singing and dancing. Although there were several emperors who liked cuju in Ming Dynasty, it was even recorded that the emperor organized eunuchs and maids to play cuju in the palace, but at that time, cuju had developed into a very lightweight thing, and even developed into kicking shuttlecock, which completely deviated from the development of modern football.

During the Qing Dynasty, there were few records about cuju. When the Qing army entered the customs, cuju was banned in the Eight Banners during the Shunzhi period, and cuju was combined with skating, resulting in the movement form of "cuju on the ice".

While the development direction of football in China is crooked, western countries are keen on playing football, and Britain is the first country to popularize modern football.

According to legend, in the 11th century, there was a war between England and Denmark. After the war, when the British were cleaning up the ruins of the war, they found the skull of a Danish invader. They were in resentment, so they kicked the Danish skull with their feet to vent their dissatisfaction. Later, everyone felt that it was very difficult to kick the skull, so some smart people thought of replacing the skull with a cow’s bladder, so there was the origin of modern football.

It can be seen that the birth of modern football itself is full of bloodshed and killing. The initial football match is not just an entertainment, but more like a confrontation.

Generally, two cities take part in a football match. The host throws the football into the air. At the beginning of the game, both sides rush into it, not only shouting, but also running and kicking. Which side can kick the ball to the downtown area of the other side is the winner.

The strong desire to win or lose makes the participants on both sides crazy. In order to win, when the football rushes into the residents’ houses in the middle, the players will rush in and kick around, often leaving the houses in pieces. Therefore, when there is no football match, the people have to close their doors and wait until the end of the game before they dare to leave the house.

Under the strong opposition of the people, the British government had to make a ban, stipulating that football matches can only be played in open spaces, but not in downtown areas, so there was a special football venue.

By 1848, the first written rule of football, Cambridge Rules, was born, which was made between Oxford and Cambridge for a football match. The rule was that only 11 people played in each team, and this rule continued until recently.

In 1862, the world’s first football club was established in Nottinghamshire, England. On October 26th, 1863, the world’s first official football organization, the English Football Association, was established in London, England. This day was also regarded as the birth day of modern football. Since then, with the further improvement of the rules of the game, football has quickly spread around the world.

It can be said that while modern football is flourishing, the ancient cuju in China is evolving into a shuttlecock-kicking sport. Do you think that the decline of modern football in China is related to Zhu Yuanzhang’s ban on military cuju? Welcome to discuss in the comments section below!

Tencent king returns? In 2023, eight self-developed games will be launched, one of which can be called Wang Fried.

As we all know, Tencent had a rather bleak life in 2022, and two new games were reviewed throughout the year, which made the giant of the domestic game industry look a little embarrassed. However, all this will usher in a turning point in 2023. In the past three editions of December, January and February, Tencent not only made the list, but also got many heavyweight masterpieces in the imported editions, sweeping away the past.

So today, let’s take a look at what new products Tencent will launch in 2023.

Awakening at dawn: vitality

The "Dawn Awakening: Vitality" mobile game is an open-world survival mobile game independently developed by Tencent Photonics Studio Group. The game has a seamless world, rich survival gameplay and diverse combat experiences, allowing players to explore together in a more realistic and free open world.

The overall gameplay of the game is still a common "zombie doomsday" type in domestic survival mobile games. Players deal with a large number of zombies while searching for props in the wild, and then use materials to build their own safe houses and weapons. This gameplay that integrates architecture, survival and resource exploration is also the mainstream of the mobile game market at present.

As the first self-developed work launched by Tencent this year, "Dawn Awakening: Vitality" is bound to be tilted by various resources, and the future activity intensity and update speed must be guaranteed.

"Dawn Awakening: Vitality" has been officially launched, and players interested in this type of survival sandbox shooting game can also download the experience directly.

King’s chess

"King Chess" is a brand-new derivative game of the glory of the king IP under Tencent Tianmei Studio. The game combines the previously popular self-propelled chess game with the hero role of King IP, thus giving birth to this brand-new self-propelled chess work.

I’m sure everyone will be familiar with the self-propelled chess game. the glory of the king was originally equipped with the corresponding self-propelled chess game, but the built-in self-propelled chess game has great restrictions on the picture effect and board special effects, which will also affect the volume of the game itself.

Therefore, the King’s Chess with better picture effect and more originality will be the best place for the future king’s chess lovers.

Of course, "the glory of the king" will inevitably be separated from some players by this new product, and the specific choice between them depends on Tianmei himself.

At present, after getting the version number in February, King Wan Chess has issued a document to celebrate the approval, and announced that the game will start the "Vientiane Departure" limited file deletion test in the near future. After all, it is a small game, and it will not be too difficult in technology and optimization. It is expected that the public beta will be launched this year.

Metal warhead: awakening

"Metal Warhead: Awakening" is a brand-new horizontal action shooting mobile game authorized by SNK and independently developed by Tencent Tianmei Studio. The game has just completed a round of testing before, and the completion degree has basically met the requirements of public beta.

In the previous test, the game restored the classic arcade "Alloy Warhead" in an all-round way. The game adopted the classic horizontal scroll-style clearance, and the classic maps such as pyramids, deserts and mines were also engraved on the level. Although the picture looks very high-definition, the overall style can still see the classic taste of alloy warheads.

"Metal Warhead: Awakening" has made a drastic transformation in the game’s characteristic gameplay. On the one hand, players can obtain a wide variety of weapons, equipment and characters through extraction, and the cultivation space is greatly improved. On the other hand, the game also incorporates a variety of special gameplay such as copy entry and Roguelike, which brings a lot of freshness to the game.

At present, the game has announced the approximate online time on the App Store, and players may be able to experience this game on April 28 this year.

Bao ke Meng da Ji "

In the list of imported version numbers reviewed at the end of last year, the long-awaited NS lightweight MOBA "Bao Ke Meng Da Ji" finally got the chance to play in World War I. This team strategy battle game jointly developed by Tianmei Studio Group and Nintendo allows players to play an interesting genuine Bao Ke Meng battle game on their mobile phones.

"Bao Ke Meng Da Ji" belongs to a special type of MOBA mobile game. Players can choose their own Bao Ke Meng to enter the game and start the game. In the course of the game, Bao Ke Meng can get points by killing wild monsters, killing enemies, etc. During the upgrade process, Bao Ke Meng can not only strengthen his own skills, but also usher in evolution at different stages, which can be said to be quite restored.

The map in "Bao Ke Meng Da Ji" is also relatively special. There are only two normal alignment lines, and all of them are wild areas in the middle. Players need to get points and compress their opponents’ activity space by scoring them into enemy strongholds until they break through the base.

This game can be downloaded for free on NS except the national service. In the future, the national service of "Bao Ke Meng Da Ji" will also realize the interoperability between the mobile terminal and NS Bank.

Edge of rebirth

Edge of Rebirth is a TPS tactical escape game produced by NEXT Studio of Tencent. Before that, the international version of the game has been publicly tested on the Steam platform, and the gameplay and operating experience are relatively mature.

The game combines various elements such as survival, construction and base construction, and also has a PVPVE gameplay experience of 50 players in a single game. Players can fight with other players while playing monsters and upgrading in the game.

At the same time, Beyond the traditional shooting and escape, The Edge of Rebirth incorporates the mechanism of nano-core control, which gives players a variety of skills and special abilities, such as being able to form a shield in the battlefield at any time, scouting the surrounding enemies, or remotely controlling powerful zombies. These skills can make players change the battlefield situation, and are not limited to simple gun fighting.

It is reported that "Rebirth Edge" will start a new round of testing in April, so interested players may wish to pay attention to it.

Rainbow falling in

Rainbow Falling, also developed by NEXTStudios, is a puzzle-solving game with "light and shadow" as its core concept and individual artistic style. In addition to the strong black-and-white contrast picture, there is also an imaginative story.

"Rainbow Falling" creates a light and shadow experience of a closed space "small world" in black and white, creates a unique artistic style, and uses a purer black and white comic style. Here, black and white is not a color subtraction, but an artistic technique to highlight the change of light and shadow.

Players can switch between 3D landscape and 2D shadow, and use mechanical devices to switch light sources to solve puzzles in the shadow world. Switch between reality and shadow, light and darkness, and personally feel the deep immersion brought by the picture change.

The game was logged into PC and host platform in 2020, and it also achieved excellent results in the Steam platform. It is expected that the mobile version of the game will be launched this year, and interested players may wish to pay attention to it.

Aurora at White Night

Aurora on a White Night is a strategy game of war chess. The protagonist awakens Bahamos, an ancient weapon of ten thousand years, in an unexpected excavation, and has the ability to recognize the color of light, which has caused a chain reaction among various forces. When the sleeping miracle reappears, the son of resonance will be guided by light.

"White Night Aurora" was first sold in overseas markets in 2021. After obtaining the version number in January this year, it immediately publicized the publicity PV and reservation channels. Recently, the publicity content has been constant, and it is expected that it will not be too far away from the national service public beta.

The game has a very high standard in art, and it is precisely because of this that the game has won a place in Japan where the second element blooms everywhere. The exquisiteness of the original painting of the character is not only involved in the character itself, but also in the background, which is a model of the original painting.

However, due to the recent revelation that co-artists used AI to draw commercial drafts, the game has attracted a lot of controversy, so Tencent still has to operate cautiously.

Handmade planet

"Handmade Planet" is a large-scale multiplayer online sandbox game with the theme of planet adventure launched by tencent games. Players can freely venture, build and fight in the civilizations of various planets.

As an online planet sandbox game integrating adventure, creation and socialization, players can explore many strange planets, experience a large number of fine games with friends, or build a planet home with different styles at will, or even create their own small games.

In terms of gameplay, the game is similar to the traditional pixel sandstorm box game on the market, which has a lot of free construction gameplay and challenges to BOSS. It has many similarities with games such as My World and Lego Unlimited, and is very suitable for players who like sandbox construction.

These are the self-developed works that Tencent will launch in 2023. From the game lineup, this year is undoubtedly a year of Tencent’s concentrated efforts, and players will also see a large number of new tencent games in the market.