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Xuzhou Zhiji LS7 is on sale, with a maximum discount of 10,000! If you miss it, you won’t

In [car home Xuzhou Promotion Channel], we bring you preferential information about a luxury SUV—— that has attracted much attention. At present, Zhiji LS7 is under way in Xuzhou, with the highest discount of 10,000 yuan and the lowest starting price of 279,800 yuan. If you are interested in this model, you can click the "Check Car Price" button in the quotation form to get a higher discount and buy your favorite model.


Zhiji LS7 is a stylish and dynamic large SUV with a unique front face design. The air intake grille adopts a unique diamond design, which highlights the sense of movement and technology of the vehicle. Overall style, Zhiji LS7 adopts a streamlined body design, with smooth lines and tension, showing a strong sporty atmosphere. The side of the car body adopts tough lines, which further highlights its luxurious atmosphere. In addition, Zhiji LS7 is also equipped with full LED headlight group, which makes the lighting effect of the vehicle more excellent, and also improves the safety of driving at night. In a word, the design of Zhiji LS7 is very attractive, and people can be attracted by its unique shape at a glance.


Zhiji LS7 is a medium and large SUV with a body size of 5049*2002*1731mm, a wheelbase of 3060mm, and front and rear wheel tracks of 1700mm and 1715mm respectively. Viewed from the side, the lines of Zhiji LS7 are smooth and the whole vehicle looks very atmospheric. The front and rear wheels are equipped with 255/55 R20 and 275/50 R20 tires respectively, and the rim design is fashionable, showing a sporty style as a whole. The tyre size and rim style of the car provide a strong guarantee for the handling performance and driving stability of the vehicle.


The interior design of Zhiji LS7 is simple and elegant, with high-quality materials and fine workmanship, creating a comfortable and luxurious driving experience. The steering wheel is made of leather and equipped with electric up and down+front and rear adjustment function, so that the driver can adjust according to his own needs and be more comfortable. The central control screen size is 26.3 inches, and it has advanced speech recognition control system, which can realize multimedia, navigation, telephone, air conditioning and other aspects of control. The seat is made of imitation leather or genuine leather. The main seat supports fore-and-aft adjustment, backrest adjustment, height adjustment (4-way) and lumbar support (4-way). The auxiliary seat supports fore-and-aft adjustment, backrest adjustment, height adjustment (2-way) and lumbar support (2-way). The front seat is also equipped with heating function. In addition, the rear seats support proportional tilting, providing passengers with more flexible spatial layout. Both the front row and the back row are equipped with Type-C interfaces, which is convenient for users to charge and transmit data. Overall, the interior design and configuration of Zhiji LS7 are excellent, providing drivers and passengers with a comfortable and convenient driving experience.


The maximum power and torque of Zhiji LS7 engine are 250 kW and 475 N·m respectively. This engine can provide strong power output, so that drivers can feel excellent acceleration performance during driving. At the same time, the engine also has the characteristics of high efficiency and energy saving, which makes Zhiji LS7 perform well in fuel economy. Whether on urban roads or highways, Zhiji LS7 can easily meet various driving needs and provide users with a comfortable and safe driving experience.

In the evaluation of car home car owners, he mentioned that the appearance of Zhiji LS7 is very handsome, especially the front part, at least he thinks so. This shows that the design of Zhiji LS7 really left a deep impression on the owner. In addition, the owner also mentioned the design of the rear part, which is very beautiful. On the whole, the exterior design of Zhiji LS7 has been highly praised by car owners and has become one of the important factors to attract consumers.

Revealing New Deceptions, Preventing Deceptions by online celebrity, a New Old Man.

  [Keywords:] fraud of "magic medicine", "free travel", "asking for change", "high return" and "special telephone".

  Fraud cases against the elderly are always emerging. The reason why criminals focus on the elderly is that they don’t know enough about social development information and common fraud methods, and their ability to prevent fraud is lower than that of people of other ages.

  Recently, many "new old people" have emerged in online celebrity, who are themselves silver-haired old people. By revealing the scams set for the elderly and imparting anti-fraud knowledge and means, they have gained the attention and praise of middle-aged and elderly people. The public security department can also cooperate with these elderly online celebrity to improve the elderly’s anti-fraud awareness and ability while increasing the publicity of new media platforms.

  "New old age" online celebrity focuses on revealing scams

  More and more old people come to the stage to record their lives. online celebrity, an old man, has not only become a new "source of happiness" for young people, but also taught anti-fraud knowledge through entertaining performances like family members.

  Online celebrity, an elderly woman named "Detective Aunt" on the Tik Tok, focuses on uncovering old people’s scams. Her head is a silver-haired old lady with a fan. Eyes are the pure big eyes of a beautiful girl warrior, but she is not pure at all. She is a wily aunt. Her scam video attracted more than 11.12 million likes and more than 2.44 million fans.

  At the top of the "detective aunt" is a bad short video that helps the uncle to look after the children and steal them. The commentary is simple: "divert attention" and "recognize relatives" are the usual routines of traffickers! This video has the most likes and comments, with 2.77 million likes and 60,000 comments. Recently, the suspect "Mei Yi" who abducted nine children was attacked by netizens on the online platform, and the short video made by "Detective Aunt" undoubtedly reminded the elderly to be vigilant while taking care of their children, so that they could always pay attention to their children!

  Another reasoning video of "Detective Aunt" demonstrates the play that Su Daqiang always fell in love with in "Everything is Fine". In the play, Su Daqiang thinks that he met the "considerate" nanny Cai Genhua and is desperate to marry the nanny. However, what Cai Genhua covets is Su Daqiang’s real estate. This reasoning video of "Detective Aunt" has a simple annotation: seemingly sweet love is actually a well-designed script. The old man was coaxed by the young woman and forced by emotional pressure, saying, "I’ll give you all my bankbooks tonight." On the spot, "Detective Aunt" poked two young women’s "pig-killing plate" investment in the elderly and warned the elderly not to be deceived by swindlers. I can’t help but remind people that on April 21 this year, Jia Laobo, an 80-year-old family with children in Wuzhong, Suzhou, gave a property to a nanny who took care of himself in the form of a book legacy. Netizens talk about it in succession, which is the true feelings nurtured by meticulous care, but some people say that this is another typical trick to defraud the elderly.

  Nowadays, many fraudulent means seem seamless, but many tricks appear repeatedly. The reason why they succeed repeatedly is mainly to grasp the shortcomings of the elderly, such as emotional lack, attention to health, insufficient awareness of prevention, and one-sided knowledge reserve. Here, remind the elderly that if they encounter such things, they should first think calmly. "There will be no pie in the sky." As long as they are treated with caution, many tricks will be seen through.

  There are five types of new scams that need to be guarded against.

  On November 22nd, Tian Xingjun, a community policeman from Jimei Police Station in Xiamen, Fujian Province, successfully stopped a winning fraud against the elderly. On the same day, the police visited the community, and suddenly an 80-year-old Mr. Wang Lao stopped him and asked for help to verify the number. Surprisingly, when the police asked about the use of the number, Mr. Wang prevaricated and told the truth after being enlightened. It turned out that Mr. Wang received a letter containing a lottery ticket for health care products. "I scraped the lottery ticket and found myself winning 1 million yuan." Mr. Wang immediately contacted the so-called redemption notary "Wang Juan" on the lottery ticket. The other party said that the premise is that the notary fee of 20,000 yuan and personal income tax should be paid to the designated bank card on the same day. Mr. Wang prepared to remit money, but fortunately, the community police stopped him, which saved his property from loss. Mr. Wang suddenly realized that he had bought the company’s health care products. After the salesman asked for personal information, he also told the company that there were activities in the near future, indicating that he would inform the elderly to participate. "I am also convinced because of such a premise." Such new tricks are not uncommon. Criminals use psychological hints to cheat the elderly frequently.

  In daily life, all kinds of fraud methods for the elderly need to be guarded against. To sum up, there are the following categories:

  Deception 1: "God doctor" fraud. Fraudsters flaunt themselves as "magic doctors" who can cure all diseases and promote the so-called "all-purpose magic medicine", just like the fraud case in which "Shaolin monks" promote "magic medicine".

  Scam 2: "free travel" fraud. Attracting the attention of the elderly with "free travel" is actually just a cover. What is important is to bring the elderly to the pre-arranged site, match them with famous doctors and lecturers, boast in an all-round way, and fool the elderly into buying thousands of so-called "health care products", just like the fraud case of "filial piety in China".

  Scam 3: "seeking change" fraud. This kind of fraud mostly happens to the elderly who set up stalls selling vegetables in the suburbs. The swindlers pretend to buy food from the elderly and lie that they have no change. In the process of finding change, they will take the opportunity to replace the fake money. When the old man found out, the criminals had already escaped.

  Scam 4: "high return" fraud. The fraudsters first rented high-grade office buildings, decorated them carefully, and made up "investment projects" to publicize them everywhere. When old people come to invest and consult, they warmly receive them, and ask so-called experts to explain the industry background and market trend, and lure the old people with high interest rates. At first, short-term investment is allowed. Once the old people invest a lot of money, the office building will be empty.

  Scam 5: "special phone" fraud. Fraudsters call themselves staff members of state organs such as courts and public security bureaus, claiming that the children of the elderly need money to deal with "crimes" in other places, and falsify court "subpoenas" and public security "arrest warrants" to convince the elderly; Or lied that the children of the elderly had a car accident and needed money for treatment. Old people are eager to "save their children" and will quickly remit money.

  Therefore, the public security and other relevant departments should strengthen law enforcement, severely crack down on fraud such as health care for the elderly, investment in pension projects, "unfreezing national assets" and antiques, and enhance the deterrence against criminals. At the same time, we can cooperate with the old online celebrity on the network platform, increase publicity and improve the anti-fraud awareness and ability of the elderly.

  Many old people think that "they cross more bridges and eat more salt than the younger generation", but in a rapidly changing society, new types of fraud are everywhere, and social experience obviously cannot keep up with the changes of the times, so the old people are easily deceived. For the anti-fraud propaganda of the elderly, we need to pay attention to methods, and instilling opinions directly will easily hurt their self-esteem and produce resistance. Just like the short video of "Detective Aunt", there should be more case propaganda. Through deductive display, the old people should be aware of the hidden dangers and realize that their anti-fraud ability is different from that of young people, so as to strengthen communication and discussion with their children and effectively reduce the probability of being cheated.

  Text/Wang Wei

Huawei cooperative distributor: the gross profit of one M5 is equivalent to 60 Huawei mobile phones.

Huawei’s mobile phone business has been sanctioned, and its shipments have plummeted. Even the previous Huawei dealers have been implicated, and they have closed their stores and transformed.But Huawei started to cooperate with Cyrus.After selling the car, someHuawei cooperative dealer, and found a new direction.

On September 2 nd, according to the interface news, one had worked withHuawei cooperationAccording to close dealers, many stores have closed in the past two years, and the remaining Huawei stores are not so profitable. On the other hand, selling cars has become a new hope for some Huawei offline stores, and the profit from selling a car is much higher than that of mobile phones. "

According to the dealer, the distribution company he works for can get a gross profit of eight points for an M5. Based on the transaction price of a car of 300 thousand, plus the income from car loan and insurance,Selling a car can earn nearly 30 thousand yuan, which is equivalent to selling.60 Huawei mobile phones.

Another advantage of selling a car is that you don’t have to overstock inventory like a mobile phone, and you can easily press tens of thousands of yuan of goods. The main cost is to buy a prototype car. A Huawei authorized experience store in a shopping mall wants to sell the car, and the renovation cost is acceptable.

In addition, Huawei’s sales consultants selling cars have a higher commission profit level than ordinary brands.

The dealer also said that in first-tier cities such as Beijing and Shenzhen, the single order that each consultant can get is divided into more than 1,000 yuan.The traditional car companies are basically divided into several hundred yuan. This is also an important reason for AITO’s sweet mouth and diligent sales.


On November 9 th, the news was counted.

  The three major indexes oscillated and sorted out the coal and photovoltaic sectors, with the top gains.

  Up by 0.03%,Down 0.2%,It fell by 0.23%. The turnover exceeded 960 billion, and coal, photovoltaic,The plate was among the top gainers, and the media,The automobile sector was among the top losers.

  More than 100 funds rose more than 10% and medicine became a big winner!But was urgently warned.

  Since the CSRC issued a package of policies and measures on "activating the capital market and boosting investors’ confidence" on August 18th, a large number of equity funds have recovered strongly in the rebound market. As of November 8th, the highest rate of return of some funds exceeded 20%. Many funds have even increased more than the increase in the past year, restoring the high elasticity of the past and successfully countering the previous market query that "initiative is not as good as passivity". View the original > > >

  Results released: the second batch of science and technology innovation 100Total fundraising is 5.5 billion yuan!

  In the fund market at the end of the year, Kechuang 100ETF "rolled up to fly". The second batch of science and technology innovation 100ETF, which has received much attention, has been freshly released.It shows that the total fundraising scale of the second batch of three science and technology 100ETFs exceeds 5.5 billion, of which the highest fundraising scale of a single one is close to 3.9 billion yuan, which is the highest fundraising record of the current science and technology 100ETF and the best equity fund raised in this fourth quarter.View the original > > >

  Approaching 2 trillion! How to become a "smart" investor when ETF continues to be hot?

  Since 2023, especially since the fourth quarter, the market’s attention to ETFs has continued to heat up. On the occasion of the market-wide ETF approaching 2 trillion, November 6,uniteWaiting for 9 familiesTogether, launch "Insight: 2023 ETF Investor Behavior Trend Report. The Report publicly solicited relevant questions from investors in the form of questionnaires. Through in-depth analysis of over 6,500 valid questionnaires, it revealed the current investors’ cognition of ETF and the behavioral characteristics in ETF trading.View the original > > >

  Full coverage, heavy punches and no blind spots. The CSRC will promote the standardized operation of private equity funds throughout the process.

  ShanghaiThe reporter was informed that the CSRC is comprehensively revising the Interim Measures for the Supervision and Management of Private Equity Funds, formulating supporting normative documents, clarifying the entry threshold and continuous normative requirements for private equity fund managers, strengthening risk source control, delineating the regulatory bottom line, and promoting the standardized operation of private equity funds throughout the process.View the original > > >

  Shanghai and Shenzhen Stock Exchanges issued five measures to regulate refinancing investment bankers: It is expected that a large number of refinancing plans will be limited.

  On the evening of November 8, the responsible persons of Shanghai Stock Exchange and Shenzhen Stock Exchange respectively answered questions from reporters on optimizing the refinancing supervision arrangements. Among them, the Shanghai and Shenzhen stock exchanges have introduced five specific measures to optimize the refinancing supervision arrangements, including strictly restricting the refinancing of listed companies in the case of breaking the net; Strictly control the financing interval of continuous loss-making enterprises; Pay attention to refinancing with a high proportion of financial investment; Strictly control the use of funds raised before; Strictly check the relevant requirements that the funds raised by refinancing are mainly invested in the main business.View the original > > >

  Starting todayWhat is the truth about the limited scale of DMA and OTC stock securities lending? Look at three interpretations

  Many securities firms have received the regulatory notice, requiring that starting from November 9th (today), the "nominal principal scale =max (long and short portfolio, short portfolio)+non-long and short portfolio" of DMA business should be quantified at the end of each day according to the manager’s dimension, and the quota can be adjusted between different products under the manager.

  At the same time, the scale of quantitative DMA business is also limited. The notice shows that from November 9, the nominal principal scale of OTC stock short selling at the end of each day according to the manager’s dimension (ETF will not be affected for the time being, and subsequent caliber updates will be notified separately) cannot exceed the nominal principal scale at the end of November 8, and the quota can be adjusted between different products under the manager.View the original > > >

  Bureau of Statistics: OctoberDown 0.2% year-on-year Down 2.6% year-on-year

  In October 2023, the national consumer price dropped by 0.2% year-on-year. Among them, the city decreased by 0.1% and the rural area decreased by 0.5%; Food prices fell by 4.0% and non-food prices rose by 0.7%; Consumer goods prices fell by 1.1%, and service prices rose by 1.2%. From January to October, the national consumer price rose by 0.4% over the same period of last year. In October 2023, the ex-factory price of industrial producers nationwide decreased by 2.6% year-on-year, which was the same as the previous month. The purchase price of industrial producers decreased by 3.7% year-on-year and increased by 0.2% quarter-on-quarter.View the original > > >

  concentrateThe proportion of equity assets of listed companies is still low, and some insurance funds will take the opportunity to increase their positions.

  Recently, the pace of insurance research on A-share listed companies has accelerated. The data shows that since October, as of November 8,Institutions (including companies and asset management companies) have investigated A-share listed companies for more than 4,000 times.View the original > > >

  Or the latest improved version for China will be launched.

  According to the sources in the industrial chain, the latest improved series of chips have been developed for China: HGX H20, L20 PCle and L2 PCle. According to people familiar with the matter, the latest three chips are improved from H100, and will be announced as soon as possible after the 16th of this month, and domestic manufacturers will get the products in these days at the earliest. As of press time, there is no response from NVIDIA.View the original > > >

  Huawei big news! After asking the boundary, the intellectual boundary came.

  Following the "asking the world", the "intellectual world" has also come. The reporter of Times E Company was informed that asThe second brand under the smart car selection mode is also the high-end created by Huawei and Chery.The car brand, Zhijie S7 (pure electric coupe), the first model of Zhijie, will be officially released and pre-sold in Shenzhen tonight (November 9), which is also the first car under Huawei’s smart car selection mode.View the original > > >

  Open source: the media sector is expected to usher in againAnd estimate upward resonance.

  Open source securitiesIt is pointed out that after the media sector reached the high point of valuation in June 2023, the valuation has dropped significantly since the third quarter. In terms of performance, Q3 is stable and positive, Q3 for film and television is greatly improved, Q3 for publishing continues to be stable, and Q3 for advertising is under pressure. However, with the arrival of e-commerce consumption peak season, Q4 is expected to start to improve. With the continuous release of content supply, as well as the continuous upgrading of large-scale models and multimodal applications, the media sector is expected to once again usher in the upward resonance of performance and valuation.View the original > > >

  Hao Miao: Medical valuation has reached the bottom to pay attention to industrial investment opportunities.

  Hao Miao said that after more than two years of decline, the pharmaceutical sector has fallen to a very low position in the historical valuation range, and the space for the whole sector is really limited. Although the policy has a great influence on the pharmaceutical industry, the direction of policy care, support and encouragement for the industry has not changed. Judging from the situation in the past year or so, there have been obvious changes and improvements in the policy.View the original > > >

  Investment strategy of real estate sector in 2024: recommend four types of targets.

  The research report on the investment strategy of the real estate sector in 2024 is released, and it is believed that the road of butterfly change of housing enterprises in the future has been clear, and the optimization of business model and return performance will naturally drive the valuation center to rise. The suppression of the long and short dimension valuation of high-quality targets is now reversed. The four types of targets are in the key window of short-term valuation suppression and slow release, and the prospect of long-term central uplift is becoming clearer.View the original > > >

  : high-quality housing enterprises in high-energy cities are expected to benefit first.

  On November 9 th, the research newspaper pointed out that the decline in real estate sales narrowed in October, and second-tier cities performed outstandingly. In October, the A-share financing of housing enterprises fell again, the scale of bond financing stabilized, and the financing cost decreased to 3.59%. Four single-consumption REITs were audited in Shanghai and Shenzhen Stock Exchanges.View the original > > >


From 469,800 yuan! Huawei officially released M9, Yu Chengdong: The best SUV within 10 million yuan is coming.

On December 26th, Yu Chengdong, CEO of Huawei terminal BG and chairman of BU, a smart car solution, officially released the M9, which is divided into two power versions: pure electric and extended range.The price range is 469,800-569,800 yuan, which will be delivered on February 26.

From 469,800 yuan! Huawei officially released M9, Yu Chengdong: The best SUV within 10 million yuan came to 1.
Image source: live screenshot

At the press conference, Yu Chengdong said,The best SUV within 10 million yuan, the most powerful SUV that can be seen on the road-here comes the M9.It is understood that the parts such as the rear floor and the front engine room assembly of Wenjie M9 are all die-cast, and a 9000T press will be used, which integrates many black technologies of Huawei.

It is reported that in terms of battery life, Wenjie M9 is equipped with the fourth-generation extended range platform, with a 52-degree battery version CLTC with a comprehensive battery life of 1402km and a pure battery life of 275km.

From 469,800 yuan! Huawei officially released M9, Yu Chengdong: The best SUV within 10 million yuan came 2.
Image source: live screenshot

Yu Chengdong said that the M9 car in the world was fully equipped with 10 screens. Among them, Wenjie M9 is equipped with a car-level projection giant screen. Through the car-level projector and the 32-inch lifting projection curtain, it supports one-button viewing mode and Huawei’s remote control, recreating the cinema viewing experience.

From 469,800 yuan! Huawei officially released M9, Yu Chengdong: The best SUV within 10 million yuan came 3.
Image source: live screenshot

Yu Chengdong said, Wenjie M9 is equipped with the leading generation of intelligent lighting system, and HUAWEI XPIXEL Huawei Megapixel intelligent projection headlights adopt the original double-reflex spatial optical system, which can be used as a 100-inch outdoor giant screen projection when camping.

The vehicle has 2.6 million pixels of fine lighting with dual lights. The shading adaptive algorithm can be linked with ADS to accurately shade the light, which can realize real-time "matting" of the light. The high beam only illuminates the road and accurately avoids the vehicles in the middle of the road.

From 469,800 yuan! Huawei officially released M9, Yu Chengdong: The best SUV within 10 million yuan came 4.
Image source: live screenshot

According to shanghai securities news, on December 21st, a related person from Celestial (601127.SH) revealed that this large-scale new energy SUV jointly designed by Celestial and Huawei had already harvested 33,000 blind designs before it went on the market. In addition, recently, Zhang Xinghai, Chairman of Sailis, intensively visited the core supply chain enterprises of AITO M9, and made in-depth preparations for "supervising the war".

Previously, Yu Chengdong, managing director of Huawei, CEO of terminal BG and chairman of automotive intelligent solution BU, once said that it "will redefine the best intelligent SUV within 10 million yuan."

Intensive registration of trademarks of "Ask Word Generation" and "Boundary Word Generation" accelerated the landing of Huawei HarmonyOS Zhixing Alliance.

The first financial news, after asking the world and the intellectual world, Huawei Smart Car Alliance is welcoming more members.

The First Financial Reporter found that since the beginning of this year, Huawei is intensively registering the trademarks of "Wen Zi Generation" and "Jie Zi Generation", and the number of registered trademarks has reached nearly 20 respectively.

Among them, the trademarks of "Jiezi Generation" include Tengjie, HarmonyOS Jiejie, Qiqie Jiejie, Xiaoxie Jiejie, Lanjie, Xuanjie, Zhijie Jiejie, Zhiyie Jiejie, Xiangjie Jiejie, Haojie, Yijie Jiejie, Hejie Jiejie, Youjie Jiejie, Youjie, Yaojie and Tongjie Jiejie.

The trademarks of "Wen Zi Generation" include Wen Xiao, Wen Qing, Wen Speed, Wen Xing, Wen Hao, Wen Chi, Wen Cang, Wen Yao, Wen Yue, Wen Hao, Wen Kun, Wen Teng, Wen Xiao, Wen Ling, Wen Ji, Wen Jing and Wen Zhou.

In addition, Huawei has even applied for a "far ahead" trademark of means of transport, while the applied "HarmonyOS Zhixing" trademark is in the stage of "waiting for substantive examination".

A few days ago, after the consultation, the second smart car brand Zhijie jointly built by Huawei and Chery was officially unveiled, and its first model, Zhijie S7, also started pre-sale. At present, the booking volume has exceeded 10,000.

The cooperation modes between Huawei and car companies can be divided into parts supply mode, HI mode (solution mode) and intelligent car selection mode. Among them, intelligent car selection mode is the most involved mode of Huawei in car manufacturing, and it is also the relatively rapid and mature mode of Huawei’s landing in automobile business at present.

With the addition of the intellectual community, Huawei’s "Automobile Corps" has gradually moved towards the road of scale replication. Recently, Huawei’s intelligent car selection model has been officially upgraded to "HarmonyOS Zhixing", that is, "HarmonyOS Smart Car Technology Ecological Alliance", in which both the intellectual community and the intellectual community have been included. Since then, the smart car eco-brand alliance built by Huawei has begun to take shape.

Photography: Xiao Yisi

The First Financial Reporter learned that at present, HarmonyOS Zhixing has two merchants, AITO and Zhijie, on an open platform, and the officially recommended products also include Wenjie M5, Wenjie M7 and Zhijie S7.

Yu Chengdong, managing director of Huawei, CEO of BG and chairman of BU, a smart car solution, said at the above-mentioned press conference that Huawei’s smart car selection model is HarmonyOS Zhixing, and now there are four partners, including Celeste (601127.SH), Chery, Jianghuai Automobile (600418.SH) and Beiqi Blue Valley (600733.SH).

At the beginning of this year, Yu Chengdong once said that Huawei wanted to build an eco-brand alliance of smart car selection, so as to facilitate Huawei’s unified marketing, service and retail with more smart car selection partners in the later period and reduce the complexity of the work. He also explained, "There is no conflict between the car companies that cooperate with Huawei to make smart selection mode. Some make SUVs, some cars, some make MPVs, some make B+ cars, some make C-cars, and some make D-cars. The products made by each car factory do not overlap. I hope they can be combined to become a complete solution in a car system. We will make full use of the production capacity and resources of the car factory and will not waste resources repeatedly.

At present, there are mainly two SUV models under the ownership of Zhijie, and the first model in Zhijie is positioned as a C-class pure electric car. It is reported that the first model jointly developed by Jianghuai Automobile and Huawei is a high-end new energy MPV, and the price may be in the millions. The new car is expected to be mass-produced in the first half of 2025, and the production line is still under construction. The smart car of Beiqi Blue Valley and Huawei is a high-end pure electric car, which will be launched in 2024.

Some observers believe that Huawei may strengthen the label of "HarmonyOS Zhixing" and strengthen the market’s awareness of "HarmonyOS Zhixing" as a smart car selection business.

The reporter learned that at the upcoming Guangzhou Auto Show, the intellectual and intellectual circles will not participate separately, but will jointly participate in the exhibition under the name of "HarmonyOS Zhixing" to jointly exhibit the intellectual circles M5, M7 and S7.

Original title: Intensive registration of trademarks of "Ask Word Generation" and "Boundary Word Generation", and accelerated landing of Huawei HarmonyOS Zhixing Alliance.

Editor: Li Zhoufang Editor: Wu Zhonglan Audit: Feng Fei

The performance continued to increase, and the smart driving business ushered in overseas breakthroughs.

  Desai Siwei (002920)

  Event overview

  Desai Siwei recently released its 2023 annual report. In 2023, the company achieved an operating income of 21.908 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 46.71%, a net profit of 1.547 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 30.57%, and a net profit of 1.467 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 41.47%.

  Intelligent cockpit and intelligent driving with two-wheel drive, single Q4 gross profit margin was repaired from the previous month.

  On the revenue side, thanks to the two-wheel drive of intelligent cockpit and intelligent driving business, the company achieved revenue of 21.908 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 46.71%. Among them, 1) the intelligent cockpit business realized revenue of 15.8 billion yuan, up 34% year-on-year, higher than the industry level. We believe that the continuous high growth of cockpit business is mainly due to the volume of new products such as domain controllers and the expansion of overseas customers. 2) The smart driving business realized a revenue of 4.5 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 74%, mainly due to the large-scale volume of high-end smart driving.

  On the profit side, the company realized a net profit of 1.547 billion yuan, up 30.57% year-on-year, slightly lower than the growth rate of the income side, mainly due to the downstream price pressure transmission and the low gross profit margin (16.2%) of the smart driving business. However, in Q4 alone, the company’s gross profit margin was 21.54%, an increase of 2.83pcts from the previous month, showing an obvious recovery trend. In addition, the scale effect of the company began to appear. Specifically, the company’s management/sales/R&D expense ratio in 2023 was 2.3%/1.4%/9.1%, respectively, which was 0.3pcts/0.2pcts/1.8pcts lower than that in the same period of last year, indicating that the company has passed this expansion stage and started to enter the harvest period.

  The annualized sales of new project orders totaled over 24.5 billion, and the smart driving business ushered in an overseas breakthrough.

  According to the annual report, the annual sales of new project orders exceeded 24.5 billion yuan in 2023, of which the annual sales orders of new cockpit business projects exceeded 15 billion yuan, and new products such as the fourth-generation cockpit HUD and LCD instruments were designated by the project; The intelligent driving business exceeds 8 billion yuan, and the high-end intelligent driving platform has won new project orders from more than ten car companies, such as Ideality, Guangzhou Automobile Ai ‘an, Geely, Great Wall, Lotus, and Extreme Krypton, which is a strong guarantee for sustained growth in the next year. In addition, the company’s overseas business is progressing smoothly, with revenue of 1.64 billion yuan in 2023, up 48.1% year-on-year, higher than the overall level. It is worth noting that in addition to the cockpit business continuing to receive new orders, the company also obtained the smart driving business project designation of overseas core customers for the first time, and the smart driving business ushered in overseas breakthroughs, and the growth space was further opened.

  Investment advice:

  The company is the core target of automobile intelligence, with obvious advantages of card position and clear logic of subsequent growth. We are optimistic about its expansion from intelligent cockpit to intelligent driving, and its transformation from automotive electronics supplier to automotive intelligent enabler. We estimate that the company’s revenue in 2024-2026 will be 283.9/354.1/42.26 billion yuan, and the net profit attributable to the mother will be 2141/2860/3782 million yuan, respectively, maintaining the Buy -A investment rating. Due to the company’s leading position in the industry and the long-term space for automotive intelligence, we will give a net profit of 40 times PE in 2024, corresponding to a target price of 154.4 yuan in June.

  Risk warning: 1) The risk that the smart car market will not develop as expected; 2) The risk that the supply chain repair is less than expected due to the intensification of the epidemic; 3) The risk of increasing upstream chip shortage; 4) The risk that the company’s intelligent driving business is not progressing as expected; 5) Risk of intensified market competition.

The special ball for the Olympic football match appeared on the "Star of the Great Wall" and was branded with Chinese seal.

The special ball "Star of the Great Wall" for the 2008 Olympic Games football match was released. Photo source: State Council Office.

  China news agency, Beijing, January 26th (Reporter Shen Chen) Adidas, a partner of Beijing Olympic Games, officially launched the "Star of the Great Wall", a game ball designed for the Beijing Olympic football match, here on the 26th, and Adidas’ 2008 Olympic football tour started.

  The "Star of the Great Wall" was specially designed by Adidas for the Beijing Olympic Games, highlighting the elements of China. The world is dominated by red and gold with strong China characteristics, with the Great Wall pattern on the hook edge, and the word "China" inscribed by Nian Weisi, a leading soccer player in China, is printed on the sphere.

Nian Weisi, a veteran of China football, introduced the feeling of writing the word "China" on the "Star of the Great Wall" football.

  Nian Weisi said that he has witnessed the development of China football, and it is a golden opportunity to hold the Olympic Games in Beijing. He expects China football to make a breakthrough at home. "I hope that the international players can eat well, practice well and get ready during the preparation period. By August 8, they will go into battle lightly, play the style and play the level, and win glory for the country under the influence of China."

  China Olympic athletes Zhao Xuri, Jiang Ning, Shen Longyuan and China women’s football players Li Jie, Han Duan and Bi Yan felt the "Star of the Great Wall" at the first time. Zhao Xuri said that the surface of the "Great Wall Star" is not very smooth, and the ball speed will be faster and easier to control during the game. "I hope to score more goals when I get to the Beijing Olympic Games."

The special ball "Star of the Great Wall" for the 2008 Olympic Games football match

  It is reported that the "Star of the Great Wall" uses the most advanced 14 pieces of skin splicing and the latest molecular material technology on the surface of the sphere to help football achieve greater strength, stronger rotation and better control.

  China international Zheng Zhi, who traveled far away in England, showed his expectations for the Olympic Games through video. In 1999, Zheng Zhi was 19 years old, and his impact on the Olympic Games with the then Olympic team failed. In 2008, the Olympic Games will be held in Beijing, and he looks forward to flying high with other Olympic teenagers. (End)

Editor: Xu Guimei

The peak of power battery scrapping is coming! The cost of changing batteries is comparable to buying a new car?

  Power battery replacement is expensive, and many car companies regard "battery replacement" as one of the main directions for designing pure electric vehicles in the future.

  New energy vehicles are gradually entering thousands of households, but for some users who ate "crabs" early six or seven years ago and bought pure electric vehicles, they are now facing new troubles — — The cost of changing the battery is more expensive than the original price of buying a car! All-media reporters learned from market interviews that the current service life of automobile power batteries is mostly 5-8 years, which means that the power batteries of the first batch of new energy vehicles put into the market during 2009-2013 have entered the "retirement" period. In view of this situation, let’s see what new tricks car companies have.

  Text, photo: Guangzhou Daily all-media reporter Deng Li

  [Change the "electricity" scene] The battery is scrapped and the car is "scrapped"!

  The owner, Mr. Chen, bought a Chery EQ electric car four years ago. After the subsidy, the price of the new car was about 65,000 yuan. Recently, after a heavy rain, the car was soaked in water and the battery was scrapped! After dragging it to the 4S shop, the car dealer told him that he had to replace the battery, but the cost was nearly 70,000 yuan! Mr. Chen was dumbfounded, which is thousands of dollars more expensive than buying a new pure electric car! In this regard, 4S stores also expressed helplessness: because there is no separate subsidy policy for automobile power batteries, the price of battery replacement is very expensive.

  All-media reporters noticed that at present, because the price of "battery replacement" of many independent brands of pure electric vehicles is higher than that of buying new cars, in the event of battery failure, most car owners give up replacing batteries and directly scrap their vehicles. It is also very expensive to change batteries for imported new energy vehicles. Some people have calculated that a Tesla Model S with a price of 700,000 yuan to 800,000 yuan needs more than 300,000 yuan to replace batteries, so you can buy a BMW.

  [Market survey]

  The battery is guaranteed for 5~6 years, but there are constraints.

  All-media reporters noticed that the current state requires the key components of new energy vehicles (batteries, electronic controls, motors) to provide a warranty of not less than 5 years or 100,000 kilometers. During the warranty period, the owner’s maintenance is completely free.

  The reporter searched a number of automobile brands and found that BYD Qin currently provides "a six-year or 150,000-kilometer warranty for the whole vehicle and a lifetime warranty for the battery"; SAIC Roewe has provided E50 vehicles with 3-year and 100,000-kilometer warranties, as well as 5-year and 100,000-kilometer battery core component warranties, and some models also have battery decay warranties; BAIC provides a five-year unlimited-kilometer commitment for the battery of E150ev, and users who purchase the new EX260/EU260 before April this year can enjoy the lifetime warranty service of the battery. Generally speaking, at present, the mainstream new energy vehicle companies only guarantee the whole vehicle, and only a few manufacturers have an extra warranty for the battery for a long time. In terms of foreign automakers, Tesla has just changed the warranty terms of the Model S drive and battery pack of electric vehicles to 8 years of unlimited mileage.

  Despite this, the cost of replacing batteries as high as 60,000 to 70,000 yuan is still in the minds of car owners. If the warranty period ends after 5~8 years, and the life of the battery just ends, then the owner will have to make a headache choice between replacing the battery or scrapping the vehicle; If the battery is within the service life and there is a problem that is not covered by the warranty (such as soaking in water), it may be necessary to break up the battery after seeing that other parts of the vehicle are still in good condition, because the high battery replacement bill is very "disgusting".

  [Current Scheme]

  The manufacturer’s policy encourages "replacement" in three or four years.

  However, replacing the whole battery is not the only solution. The engineer of JAC pure electric vehicle clarified to the reporter: With the development of technology, if there is a problem with the current battery, it is no longer necessary to replace the whole battery as it was a few years ago. Now it is only necessary to replace one or several corresponding faulty batteries. The engineer told the reporter that the cost of a single battery is only a few hundred dollars, and the working hours are up to one or two thousand yuan. In general, it is cheaper than the engine maintenance of fuel vehicles.

  However, there are many problems in the use of electric vehicles, and the high cost of batteries still inevitably becomes a resistance for many people to buy. The reporter noticed that many car companies started the "buy-back plan" to solve the problems of fast depreciation and fast battery loss of pure electric vehicles, and encouraged consumers to replace new pure electric vehicles in three or four years. For example, at the beginning of the listing of Yundu New Energy, a three-year repurchase policy was introduced at the same time, and the guaranteed price of its pure electric vehicle was 50% of the original price.

  All-media reporters also noticed from the second-hand market that the current depreciation of second-hand new energy vehicles is faster than that of ordinary fuel vehicles. For example, in 2013-2014, the price of Beiqi E150EV in the second-hand market ranged from 20,000 to 40,000 yuan. After the updated Beiqi EX360 went on the market, manufacturers also complied with the repurchase and replacement policy. As long as the car condition of the old pure electric vehicle meets the official standards, it can offset the purchase price of 39,800 yuan, which is much more cost-effective than direct scrapping. In doing so, manufacturers not only encourage consumers to trade in old ones for new ones, but also help consumers avoid the embarrassment of finding out that the battery life has ended after six or seven years of use and being forced to scrap their vehicles.

  [Car enterprise goal]

  Load a detachable battery

  Perhaps it is precisely because the high cost of batteries has aroused the concerns of users, and many car companies regard "battery replacement" as one of the main directions for designing pure electric vehicles in the future. It only takes three to five minutes, and a "blood tank is empty" battery is directly removed and replaced with a new battery with full charge. Although the power exchange technology has not been verified by a large number of landing operations, this idea is favored by many new energy vehicle companies.

  Traditional car companies, such as BAIC New Energy, have taken the lead in distributing in several cities across the country since last year to carry out the service of "changing power stations". After the taxi industry has achieved good response, this year, the "changing power" model has been extended to the field of pure electric private cars in Beijing. As for the new car-making enterprises, it has been included in the research and development category. Previously, Tesla had announced a 15-minute power exchange technology; Weilai, the representative of China’s new car manufacturers, plans to build more than 1,100 power stations nationwide in 2020, hoping to let car owners realize "changing electricity within 3 kilometers" in the central areas of first-tier cities such as Beishangguangshen and Shenzhen; Another new car manufacturer, Chehejia’s first SEV, its biggest highlight is the use of detachable batteries, which is also the official claim that they do not rely on the capital of charging piles.

  China new energy vehicles ushered in the first peak of power battery scrapping.

  In 2009, China officially launched the demonstration and promotion of "10 cities and 1000 vehicles" new energy vehicles.

  From 2012 to 2014, demonstration applications were conducted in the north, Guangzhou and Shenzhen, and new energy vehicles entered the era of private consumption.

  In 2015, the sales volume of new energy vehicles in China was 331,000, of which 247,000 were pure electric vehicles, ranking first in the world.

  In 2017, the sales volume of new energy vehicles in China reached 777,000, ranking first in the world for three consecutive years.

  In 2018, the first batch of new energy vehicle battery systems will enter the "seven-year itch" elimination period, which will usher in the first peak of power battery scrapping.

  In recent years, the relevant state departments have paid extra attention to the market guidance of battery recycling. At the same time, the data of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology shows that the first peak of power battery scrapping will be ushered in 2018. Gao Yunhu, director of the Department of Energy Conservation and Comprehensive Utilization of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, pointed out that it is necessary to accelerate the recycling of power batteries for new energy vehicles and implement the formulation and implementation of pilot programs. On August 1st, the Interim Measures for the Management of Recycle and Utilization of Power Batteries for New Energy Vehicles was promulgated and implemented. In September, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology issued the List of Qualified Enterprises (First Batch).

Interpretation of listed car companies’ financial reports in the first half of the year; Car companies at home and abroad face profit challenges together.

  In the first half of 2019, car companies at home and abroad had a hard time. According to the semi-annual/second-quarter financial reports published by listed car companies, many car companies have experienced performance decline and even losses due to multiple factors such as declining sales and high R&D investment. In order to stop loss in time, some car companies also try to control costs by laying off employees, closing factories or reducing R&D investment to reverse the situation.

  ■ Reduce the annual sales target with a view to stable development.

  In the first half of the year, the word "decline" in the domestic auto market was the first, which was reflected in the financial reports of listed auto companies, that is, everyone’s life was generally difficult.

  Geely Automobile, which has made great strides in the past two years, is quite ambitious to be an "independent brother". However, since the end of 2018, Geely has also fallen into the dilemma of declining sales growth. According to public data, from January to July 2019, the cumulative total sales volume of Geely Automobile was 743,000 units, down 16% year-on-year. Earlier, Geely Automobile also announced that its annual sales target for 2019 will be lowered by 10% from 1.51 million units to 1.36 million units.

  According to the group profit warning issued by Geely Automobile recently, as of June 30, 2019, Geely Automobile’s net profit in the first half of the year decreased by about 40% year-on-year, far lower than the net profit of 6.67 billion yuan in the same period last year. For the decline in profit, Geely believes that this is mainly due to the fact that the overall sales volume of the group’s automobiles fell beyond expectations and actively reduced dealer inventory.

  Changan Automobile, which is also affected by the decline in sales, still cannot escape the "fate" of performance loss this quarter. According to official data, in the first half of 2019, the net profit loss of Changan Automobile was 1.9 billion to 2.6 billion yuan, which was as high as 218.04%-261.53% compared with the same period of last year. In the first half of the year, Changan’s joint venture and independent sectors all performed poorly, and the cumulative sales volume decreased by 31.65% year-on-year to 825,000 units.

  Compared with Geely and Changan, whose sales declined, Great Wall Motor, which achieved a contrarian growth in sales in the first half of the year, also faced a profit problem.

  In the first half of 2019, Great Wall Motor sold a total of 493,500 new cars, a year-on-year increase of 4.7%. Despite this, Great Wall Motor still experienced a double decline in operating income and net profit in the first half of the year. According to the 2019 interim results forecast of Great Wall Motor, in the first half of this year, Great Wall Motor achieved operating income of about 41.38 billion yuan, down about 15% year-on-year; The net profit was about RMB 1.57 billion, down about 58% year-on-year; The net profit attributable to shareholders of listed companies after deducting non-recurring gains and losses was about RMB 1.24 billion, down about 65% year-on-year.

  In this regard, Great Wall Motor said: "During the reporting period, the company increased the product preferential quota to benefit consumers, and continued to increase brand promotion and R&D investment, resulting in a year-on-year decline in net profit attributable to shareholders of listed companies." Based on the market environment in the first half of the year, Great Wall Motor also lowered its sales target for 2019 from 1.2 million to 1.07 million to keep the overall sales healthy, stable and sustainable.

  In the first half of this year, Haima Automobile, jiangling motors and FAW Car also suffered a sharp year-on-year decline in net profit.

  ■ The profitability of overseas car companies has been greatly tightened.

  The downturn in China’s auto market has also greatly tightened the global revenue of many multinational auto companies.

  Daimler, which is famous for making money, has suffered a "long-lost" profit loss. According to public reports, in the first half of this year, Daimler’s revenue increased by 2% year-on-year to 82.35 billion euros, but its net profit fell by 78% year-on-year to 907 million euros. The report shows that Daimler’s expenditure on special projects increased significantly in the first half of this year, mainly for further disposal of diesel vehicle exhaust emissions and recall of Mercedes-Benz cars equipped with defective airbags produced by Takada Company of Japan. In the second quarter of this year, Daimler’s special project expenditure reached 4.2 billion euros, which directly affected the company’s performance — — In the second quarter, earnings before interest and tax lost 1.6 billion euros, which was the first quarterly performance loss of Daimler in nine years.

  The decline in sales has further affected Daimler’s profitability. In the second quarter of this year, the overall sales volume of Daimler’s passenger car sector decreased by 3% to 575,000 units. To this end, Daimler has repeatedly issued profit warnings; He also said that in order to improve the profitability, the research and development costs of Mercedes-Benz cars will be greatly reduced by 2025, and the alliance with competitors will be strengthened.

  Under the tide of the new four modernizations of automobiles, large automobile groups don’t want to fall behind in the above fields. This directly brings about the overweight of R&D investment.

  Thanks to the steady performance of the China market, in the second quarter of this year, BMW achieved a cumulative sales increase of 1.5% to 647,000 vehicles, and its revenue also increased by 3% to 25.715 billion euros. Despite this, the company’s earnings before interest and tax fell by 28.4%, from 2.866 billion euros to 2.053 billion euros.

  In this regard, BMW Group said that the company has been expanding its investment in pure electric vehicles and plug-in hybrid vehicles, and continues to optimize internal combustion engines. The reason for the decline in profits is that the increase in expenditure on electric vehicles has lowered the profit margin.

  Also suffering from the decline in performance is Ford Motor Company. The nearly "Waterloo" sales performance in the China market has made this century-old automobile brand a little less spirited. According to the public financial report of Ford Motor Company, in the second quarter of this year, Ford’s total revenue was $38.85 billion, down from $38.92 billion in the same period last year. Net income fell to $148 million, down 86% year on year. Among them, Ford’s loss in China market reached $155 million. In addition, Ford Motor Company also said that its net income plummeted in the second quarter and was also affected by its business restructuring in Europe and South America.

  ■ Controlling cost and improving bicycle profit are the keys.

  Several families are happy and worried. In a downward trend, there are always many strong players who are growing against the trend.

  In the first fiscal quarter of fiscal year 2020 (April-June), Toyota Motor’s net profit attributable to ordinary shareholders was 682.974 billion yen, a year-on-year increase of 3.91%; Operating income was 7.65 trillion yen, a year-on-year increase of 3.85%. 

  The increase in profit is mainly due to Toyota’s good sales performance at home and abroad in the first half of the year. In the first half of this year, Toyota’s sales in Japan increased by 3.6% year-on-year to 1.212 million units, and overseas sales increased by 1.5% year-on-year to 4.1 million units.

  At the same time, cost control and high bicycle profit have also become effective ways for car companies to achieve profitability.

  In the first half of this year, the cumulative global sales volume of Volkswagen Group was 5,365,300 vehicles, down 2.8% year-on-year. Despite the decline in overall car sales, Volkswagen Group still achieved a substantial increase in profit value, driven by the SUV with higher profit margin of Volkswagen brand and the increase in sales of Porsche brand. The report shows that the sales revenue of the Volkswagen Group in the first half of the year reached 125.2 billion euros, a year-on-year increase of 4.9%; Operating profit was 9 billion euros, a year-on-year increase of 10.3%.

  GM, on the other hand, relied on cost control to achieve a steady performance in the second quarter. With the strong performance of the North American market and effective cost control, GM achieved steady performance in the second quarter: the company’s net income reached $36.1 billion during the reporting period; Among them, the net profit reached 2.4 billion US dollars, up 1.6% year-on-year; Diluted earnings per share was $1.66. In addition, GM said that the measures to improve cost efficiency through transformation have been effective and have achieved cost savings of $1.1 billion.

  In fact, domestic car companies also try to control costs to achieve light travel. According to a recent report by Reuters, Shenlong Automobile is planning to sell its first and second factories in Wuhan, and gradually start to lay off employees, so as to put more funds into marketing. (Hong Hanqi)