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Spicy Interview | Hong Ying, the original author of Lanxin Grand Theatre: Lou Ye was born for movies

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On September 4, 2019, The Lanxin Grand Theatre premiered at the Venice International Film Festival, which was the first time that Hong Ying, the author of the original novel Death in Shanghai, saw the film twice a day.

Writer Hong Ying commented that "Lanxin Grand Theatre" filmed the original content of the novel, and also photographed something that sank at the bottom of the text. It is a film."Pure art film with spy war shell", at the same time, is a."Pure feminist film".

Feminism, which is what Lou Ye is most interested in "Death in Shanghai". From the original work to the film, feminism is a personal choice finally made by Yu Yan under the influence of the times, and it is the sharp knife that Baiyun Shang stabbed Mo Zhiyin’s lower body.

However, Hong Ying’s fascination with Shanghai and her concern for women make her attach great importance to the restoration of time. Even in Lust, Caution by Ang Lee, she is not satisfied with the background and characterization. But Lou Ye didn’t slack off, so there was the "island" Shanghai in "Lanxin Grand Theatre". In the eyes of Hong Ying, "Lou Ye was born for movies, and it is important to regard movies as the first thing in life.He is not sociable and saves more time to study movies. “

Going to the cinema in Lou Ye always makes people nervous, and the shift of "Lanxin Grand Theatre" seems to be expected. After nearly three years, it finally meets the audience. butLou Ye and Hong Ying, who have known each other for many years, began to cooperate in the 1990s, and it was not until the Lanxin Grand Theatre nearly 30 years later that the interweaving of words and images was completed..


Shanghai, Shanghai

The death of Shanghai, pun intended.First, the opening part reveals the tragic ending of the heroine Yu Yan jumping from the top floor of the international hotel, leaving no room; The second refers to the city of Shanghai, which has fallen into"Double Death"In the middle.

"In the deafening sound of guns, Shanghai was swallowed up piece by piece. Sad cries come out of underground water holes and linger in the air. "In Hong Ying’s description, Shanghai was" dead "in the process of building a strong ship and sharpening its guns; However, "the mountains and rivers are broken, and the citizens are more addicted to pleasure … even if the land in Shenzhou is sinking … people on the isolated island are more drunk than before … Shanghai has become a freak in the war … China may survive, but this Shanghai is hard to survive", which is its second death.

In Lan Xin Grand Theatre, Tan Na, the director played by Mark Chao, directed a play and invited Yu Yan, played by Gong Li, to return to Shanghai from Hong Kong to play the heroine. The play is called.Saturday novel. This play is adapted from the novel Shanghai by Japanese writer Yokomitsu Liyi. The work describes the May 30th Movement in 1925, and Lou Ye changed the story of "romantic affairs" in the original work into a tragic tragedy. The English title of "Lanxin Grand Theatre" directly uses "Saturday Fiction", which is very obvious.

One is Shanghai in the war years. The protagonists in the film are all intellectuals and artists. They go in and out of hotels and theaters and live a decent and prosperous life for the middle class. In the play, it is a more real story of the left-wing bloody struggle. Lou Ye admits that this is a class supplement to the main story; In addition, Lou Ye has also set up two important scenes, one is a prostitute warming herself outside the hotel, and the other is a laundry and ironing lady in the hotel, so that we can get a glimpse of a more three-dimensional Shanghai.

The second is to show the cowardice and powerlessness of the left-wing director Tan Na. He hopes to be a revolutionary like Yu Yan, but as an artist, his body retreats in the face of violence, and he can’t reach the front line, so he can only support the workers’ movement through drama. He was forced to get involved, as he himself said, he was a pawn, butIn this life-and-death war, who is not a pawn that has been used and sacrificed?

Lou Ye played the role of the play to the extreme, and his deeper intention was to criticize the "Saturday School". "Saturday School" is a literary school in the early years of the Republic of China. It is the aftermath of "Yuanyang Butterfly School", a replica of Crescent School, and an interesting literature that promotes games and recreation.

At that time, Tan Na’s left-wing troupe was in opposition to Saturday School, but Lou Ye used a left-wing director to direct a drama called Saturday Novel to tell an anti-imperialist strike of workers, in which the irony was concrete and brilliant.In the current context, isn’t this an accusation against frivolous mainstream entertainment and the supremacy of pleasing?

Although "Lanxin Grand Theatre" is a black-and-white film, it is a color film in Lou Ye’s view, because he thinks that the workers’ strike situation explained in "Saturday Novel" is "Chromatogram of Shanghai in 1941",remove the surface color, the gray level between black and white needs more rigorous treatment.

In the black-and-white presentation, Lou Ye used the consistent hand-held lens to "shake" the uneasy environment and the confusing fate of the characters, and extended the inner world of the characters to history and politics to complete the real expression. Therefore, Lou Ye expressed his sympathy for this "isolated island" in his way, even though he didn’t spend too much time on the urban landscape of Shanghai.


Yu Yan, Qiu Lan

"At sea, the lighthouse does not exist in the darkness for a person. Butterflies fly freely, which is actually the same fate as being a specimen. But in the process of flying, no god can dominate this fate. "

Hong Ying, a writer, regarded this passage in the original work as a key to open this story. She privately thought that the lighthouse was the spark of revolution, while the butterfly was a woman in troubled times like Yu Yan. This passage implied their unknown fate, and at the same time, they could make rational judgments independently and their free will was not bound.

In Shanghai in December, the dark clouds were overwhelming and the rain was complicated. This rain has been falling from the original book to the film, which is a painful note behind this seemingly glamorous city. In the film, Yu Yan returned to Shanghai in the heavy rain. The "panic" lens swept through the cold and damp, capturing her tightly wrapped face. The flash of the reporter’s camera was like a lightning bolt that cut through the darkness, indicating that her return was doomed.

From then on, she had two names, one was Yu Yan, who was well known, and the other was Qiu Lan, who led the workers’ strike in the drama.At the same time, she has multiple identities, such as star, spy, ex-wife, lover, daughter and woman, which makes her have to be watertight in front of others and treading on thin ice behind.

Hong Ying mentioned that "spy plays are mostly literary plays, and knives are used at most", while spy missions are the front lines in the battlefield behind enemy lines. In this wrestling field where multiple forces are mixed, everyone’s face is vague, but everyone with tasks is as agile as an eagle.The charm of Lou Ye’s "shaking" lens is that everyone who is deeply involved in it can’t see the overall situation, and the audience doesn’t have God’s perspective, but you can always feel the weight of a sharp eye in those flashes of focus.

But Yu Yan is not a cold-faced killer, nor does she rely on selling her beauty for information. In the film, from seeing Ni Zeren, the detained ex-husband, to hugging Tan Na after being forcibly photographed by the Japanese army, to hypnotizing Japanese intelligence officer Tanya Saburo, and the decisive battle on Saturday night, Yu Yan cried four times, without crying, all silently, letting tears flow on her face.

The next morning after she hypnotized Bai Yunshang, Bai Yunshang knelt beside her and leaned her head on her chest. After Tan Na stopped the Japanese from taking a photo, he buried himself in her shoulder. Compared with lust, the author sees more powerful and affectionate motherhood, which may benefit from Gong Li’s own charm, because Yu Yan in the original book is only 27 years old and does not have this weathered beauty.

The image of rain is like violet’s wet face, and the tears gush out again before they are dry.In the torrential rain on the night of the decisive battle, the literary drama set the stage, and the martial arts drama ended. Yu Yan pulled out her gun and walked alone in the Lanxin Grand Theatre. She knew that she was going to be a butterfly that was made into a specimen, so she shed tears and shot at the same time, and reason was not dominated by compassion.

On the other hand, in order to force the United States, which is on the sidelines, to show its position, her free will finally made her choose to "betray" her faith (adoptive father) for greater justice, and at the same time, she chose to go to more specific love when she could get away with it (Tan Na).This is a sacrifice, but also a double suicide.. This is the complete embodiment of modernity in pansy.


Lou Ye, the movie.

In the face of Lou Ye’s films, what is certain now is that he is not afraid of no audience.

At first, Lou Ye seems to have had doubts about his market appeal.

In 1993, the first film "Weekend Lover", which took more than 40 days to shoot, was finally released on a small scale at midnight on weekends after two years of review. Shanghai first appeared in Lou Ye’s lens through "Weekend Lovers".

Censorship, underground, is the shadow attached to Lou Ye’s films from the beginning.

Frustrated, Lou Ye couldn’t escape the confusion of the dislocation between art and business: "It is becoming more and more difficult to decide whether antonioni’s film or Jackie Chan’s" The Red Fan District "is closer to the essence of the film."

A film that can’t meet the audience, part of its meaning will be dissolved. Perhaps it is to realize this, or it is the pressure of reality. Lou Ye turned to the system and filmed a thriller suspense movie "Girl in Danger", soLou Ye has never rejected commercialization, but he always "smuggled goods" under the framework of genre. Even today, if the concepts of stream of consciousness, vanguard and artistry are put into commercial genre films, not many viewers will buy it.

After several searches, Lou Ye came to Suzhou Creek, focusing on Shanghai again. On the oldest black and smelly water body in China, the love story of Motor and Peony was born from Lou Ye’s Super 8 camera.

Then came the 30-million-yuan production of Purple Butterfly, and on the eve of the outbreak of War of Resistance against Japanese Aggression, Shanghai merged into the faces of Zhang Ziyi and Liu Ye; Then came Yu Hong, the Summer Palace became synonymous with prohibition, and Lou Ye began to become a "fighter" in everyone’s mouth.

"Confusion and trial and error of intellectuals in social transformation" is the state of the characters in the film and a portrayal of Lou Ye himself, but is he really that confused? Not necessarily. In 2014, the poster of "Massage" was impressively printed.The slogan "Individual travelers should do it" is the insistence of the characters in the film, and it is also the reference of Lou Ye’s loyalty to himself in reality.

From the beginning to the present, he has never given up his pursuit of image style and personal expression. In terms of commercialization and artistic presentation, he has long been able to make a clear distinction: "Cooperate as much as possible on the bottom line and resolutely quit under the bottom line. I try to be happy. "

In front of Lou Ye, there are only movies, and in his eyes, movies are not just about telling a story.

The city is always Louyedian.Shadow business card,Magic Shanghai, lost Beijing, shaky Wuhan, turbulent Guangzhou, Lou Ye’s lens carved a landmark full of emotions. He once said: "The city is the skin of the film, and it is best to be combined with the story and have uniqueness."And it is always people who are placed in the foreground of this huge background board.It’s motor and peony, Yu Hong, Yu Yan, and what surrounds them is the torrent of the times and the historical process.

At the same time, Lou Ye is still exploring the audio-visual and structure.

Lou Ye has publicly expressed his disappointment with Rome directed by Alfonso Cuarón. He thinks that the black-and-white image of Rome is too exquisite and beautiful. "Then a film about the proletariat uses a completely bourgeois image.". When he came to Lanxin Grand Theatre, Lou Ye broke the exquisiteness of the picture with rough images that he was always good at. At the same time, he dispelled the bourgeois tendency of the film by supplementing the class and satirizing the "Saturday School".

Structurally, Lanxin Grand Theatre makes the play in the play to the extreme, allowing the audience to "magically" shuttle between reality and illusion, but if you are careful enough, you will find that Tan Na’s glasses are the password to unlock this magic. Structural addition to linear narrative and "blank space" in narrative through a large number of skipping clips greatly increase the richness of the story.

Looking back, this is just a story from Monday to Sunday, from the day of return to the night of decisive battle.Subtitles constantly remind the audience of the urgency of time like flipping through a calendar, but the "effective information" of the spy war action is not directly fed to the audience, and the audience needs to disentangle themselves from the struggles, passions and secret fragments of the characters.

So, this is just Lou Ye once again. "In the name of typology, do the opposite of typology."that’s all,This is the threshold of Lou Ye’s films. When you no longer regard the text as the first essence of the film, and regard the form and content as a narrative whole, audio-visual language is no longer an auxiliary expression, and at the same time capture the ideographic meaning outside the narrative, you will truly become his audience.Lou Ye once said: "You can believe it, because it happened in my lens;" You can also not believe it, because there are other things happening outside the camera lens. "

Lou Ye is not a fighter, he is just a film writer."Lanxin Grand Theatre" In the end, when the Japanese army broke into the stage with guns, the protagonist was in crisis, and the drama and reality were highly coincident in an instant. This is the art of violence intervention. We didn’t know the danger was coming until the stray bullet hit the audience.

Lou Ye said:All narratives of history are narratives of today.This is the modernity of Lanxin Grand Theatre.


Huge harvest comment: the market shocks back to artificial intelligence ebb tide

  Disk brief description

  On Wednesday, A shares oscillated back. On the disk,Lead the rise,、、Other industries rose slightly,Real estate led the decline,Wait for a small callback. Theme stocks, short play interaction,Wait for the lead,, PEEK material,Wait for a small callback.

  hot plate

  The media has soared,20cm daily limit,Up more than 10%,Wait for the daily limit

  The concept is active,Up more than 16%,Daily limit

  Strong,Daily limit,The gains are among the highest.

  The concept changed in the afternoon,Daily limit,Wait for it to rise.

  News surface

  The entry clearance for listing has been tightened again: the proportion of on-site inspection will be greatly increased soon.

  Following the tightening of IPO in the second half of last year, the "entry barrier" of listing will be further tightened this year. Recently, there are rumors that the IPO will increase the intensity of on-site inspection and on-site supervision, and many project teams will be notified in the near future, especially for the on-site inspection of enterprises under review.

  The first 200 billion-level stock ETF was officially born! Witness history once again.

  The stock ETF market ushered in a new milestone! According to the latest data of the Exchange, as of March 12th, the total scale of Huatai Bairui CSI 300ETF exceeded 200.2 billion yuan, making it the first stock ETF product with a scale of 200 billion yuan in Chinese history.

  The three major US stock indexes collectively closed up.Up 7%, popular Chinese stocks generally rose.

  On Tuesday, Eastern Time, US stocks opened higher and higher, and the three major indexes collectively closed higher. The Nasdaq rose 1.54%, the S&P 500 index rose 1.12% and the Dow rose 0.61%. Among them, the S&P 500 index hit a record closing high. Most large-scale technology stocks rose, up over 7%, and Meta rose over 3%.Up more than 2%,Up more than 1%, Google,Slight increase;It fell slightly. Popular Chinese stocks generally rose,China Jinlong Index rose by 3.96%.Up nearly 9%,Up more than 7%,Up more than 5%.

  Jufeng viewpoint

  In early trading, A-shares shrank back and rebounded near midday. On the disk,, games,,,,,,, ChatGPT, concept, etc. are at the forefront of the increase list. 、, chicken,, pork,、、And other sectors performed poorly, leading the market down.

  Afternoon,,,,The sectors such as Kechuang 50, Shenzhen Component Index, Growth Enterprise Market Index and Shanghai Composite Index have turned red. Late,Diving,The concept ebbs and the stock index falls. Northbound funds flowed in slightly in the afternoon, and the net inflow for the whole day exceeded 1.5 billion yuan. The market is active, and the turnover of the two cities has shrunk slightly compared with yesterday, but it still exceeds 1 trillion.

  Since August 2023, the adjustment of A-share position has been mainly influenced by the depreciation of RMB exchange rate and geopolitical factors. In the medium term, with the implementation of various counter-cyclical adjustment policies and measures, the domestic economy has entered a recovery cycle, and A-shares have gradually identified the market bottom and fluctuated upward, suggesting a bargain-hunting layout.

  capital proposals

  Jufeng Investment believes that under the expectation of economic recovery, A shares are expected to enter a medium-and long-term bull market. In the short term, the market is mainly affected by exchange rate and peripheral geopolitical factors. In the medium and long term, the market has resumed its activity, and the attractiveness of A shares will be further enhanced in the future. Investors can arrange on dips and expect to increase their holdings or repurchase.Subject matter; And grasp the active varieties in the market:,Opportunities for oversold rebound in sectors such as automobiles.

Using mobile APP to spread obscene articles for profit was solved. The suspect taught himself to develop mobile phone applications.

  CCTV News:Not long ago, the Netan detachment of Zhoushan Public Security Bureau of Zhejiang Province and the Cultural Comprehensive Law Enforcement Detachment of Zhoushan Cultural Bureau cracked a case of spreading obscene articles for profit by using mobile APP, which was listed as a case supervised by the National Leading Group Office for Combating Pornography, and arrested Li, the producer of the mobile APP of Fast Fish Cloud Broadcasting, Yu, Shi and Ren, and found more than 7 million obscene video files in the mobile APP of Fast Fish Cloud Broadcasting.

  In July this year, Liu Haibo, a grass-roots grid member of Zhoushan New Town Management Committee, found in his daily visit that many people were watching obscene videos using a mobile APP called "Fast Fish Cloud Broadcasting", which aroused his vigilance.

  After mastering and fixing the relevant evidence, the Cultural Comprehensive Law Enforcement Detachment of Zhoushan Municipal Bureau of Culture immediately launched the joint disposal mechanism for eliminating pornography, provided relevant clues to the Netan Detachment of Zhoushan Public Security Bureau, and cooperated with the Netan Detachment to investigate related cases.

  Access to overseas obscene websites is hidden.

  After receiving the relevant clues, the Netan detachment of Zhoushan Public Security Bureau immediately filed an investigation. During the investigation, it was found that the "Fast Fish Cloud Broadcasting" APP was extremely confusing and concealed in the process of spreading obscene pornographic videos.

  The police investigation found that the main page of the "Fast Fish Cloud Broadcasting" App is no different from the normal film and television App. Users can watch a large number of legal film and television works as long as they install it, but when they click on the sub-pages such as classification and search on the page, obscene pornographic video pages will pop up on the mobile phone. By purchasing the registration code and registering as a member, you can browse and watch these obscene video contents.

  Gu Zhoutao, Deputy Team Leader of Netan Detachment of Zhoushan Public Security Bureau: "The criminal suspect made this mobile APP, and its communication route is mainly through his QQ group, WeChat circle of friends, or website. To watch obscene videos, you must first get an invitation code on your mobile phone and send a part of the invitation code to the card issuing website. "

  After careful investigation, the police found that most of the registered users of this mobile APP purchased the "registration code" from a place in Huanggang, Hubei Province, and there are more than 1,500 registered members from all over the country, and the actual owner and maintainer of this mobile App is Li, a native of Xuzhou, Jiangsu Province. Li made the "Fast Fish Cloud Broadcasting" App, rented the Internet data cloud to set up a server, and finally accessed more than a dozen overseas obscene websites and more than 7 million obscene video resources.

  Through further investigation, the police also found that 16 other people, such as Shimou from Yuyao, Ningbo and Renmou from Deqing, Huzhou, also bought apps from Li or purchased obscene video resources to access their own apps, and then spread them for profit. After mastering sufficient evidence, Zhoushan Public Security Bureau police rushed to Xuzhou, Jiangsu, Huanggang, Hubei, Yuyao, Zhejiang, Huzhou and other places, and successfully arrested suspects such as Li, Shi and Ren with the cooperation of local police.

  Self-taught mobile phone application development is involved in pornography and is in jail.

  Different from the previously uncovered cases of spreading obscene articles on the Internet, the case of "Fast Fish Cloud Broadcasting" spreading obscene articles for profit by using mobile App has the characteristics of fast spread, wide spread and large audience. The four people involved in "Fast Fish Cloud Broadcasting" arrested by the public security organs are all very young, and three of them are post-90 s. What is even more surprising is that Li, the developer of the mobile APP "Fast Fish Cloud Broadcasting", has only a first-year junior high school education.

  Gu Zhoutao, deputy detachment leader of the Netan detachment of Zhoushan Public Security Bureau, said that it is difficult to block obscene videos spread by the "Fast Fish Cloud Broadcasting" mobile APP.

  Gu Zhoutao, Deputy Team Leader of Netan Detachment of Zhoushan Public Security Bureau: "This software is very concealed. The cases encountered in the past spread through the cloud disk and are easily blocked by the public security organs. Connected through the mobile APP, it is very concealed and difficult to block, so these obscene video data quickly spread to the whole country. "

  The registration code used by registered members of this APP is also very cheap online. The registration code is divided into day card, month card, half-year card, year card, permanent card, etc. The online price of permanent card is 98 yuan, and the cheapest day card only needs 2 yuan. From March this year, the "Fast Fish Cloud Broadcasting" went online for only six months until the incident, tens of thousands of people across the country have registered as members, and the relevant personnel have illegally made more than 100,000 yuan.

  Because of his poor family, Li began to work after dropping out of school in the first grade of junior high school, and later taught himself the mobile APP method online. In the face of police interrogation, Li realized that his mistakes were irreparable. At present, four suspects have been transferred for prosecution.

Banks raise the threshold of free SMS notification. To save money, you have to use mobile banking.

  The picture shows a Nanjing citizen showing her bank cards of different banks. (Profile photo) Photo by China News Service reporter Li Bo

  BEIJING, Beijing, August 13 (Zhong Qing) Did not receive the SMS reminder from the bank by swiping a credit card to buy a box mask? Is there something wrong with the banking system? Or didn’t the deduction succeed at all? According to a survey conducted by a reporter from Zhongxin. com, in order to develop the mobile financial business, the bank once again raised the threshold of free SMS notification, and switched to the client and WeChat WeChat official account to provide a series of free services to guide users to use mobile banking.

  Investigation — —

  After debit card, banks raise the threshold of free SMS notification for credit cards.

  "Recently, I always didn’t receive SMS prompts when I swiped my card. At first, I thought that the system was slow and delayed, and then it appeared several times." Xiao Wang, who is usually very restrained in spending, will check text messages and calculate accounts from time to time.

  Later, Xiao Wang called the bank for consultation and learned that it was the bank that increased the credit card SMS reminder quota, and no longer sent SMS messages after spending 300 yuan.

  The reporter found that many banks are gradually raising the threshold for free SMS reminders of credit cards. Industrial and Commercial Bank of China since August 1st,Stop sending credit card RMB transaction amount below (including) 300 yuan balance change reminder SMS., instead of sending information through the e-linked mobile phone client.

  “Including the use of credit cards at ATMs, as long as it does not exceed 300 yuan, it will not send free SMS reminders."ICBC customer service staff said that the initiative has been launched nationwide.

  China Merchants Bank also set up the 300 yuan threshold. The customer service staff told the reporter: "Since February 2014, China Merchants Bank has cancelled the SMS reminder for credit card consumption within 300 yuan, butEach consumption detail can be sent to users through WeChat WeChat official account, and WeChat official account also has the functions of checking the amount and repayment in installments."

  The SMS prompt of Shanghai Pudong Development Bank’s credit card triggers a higher amount. Starting from July 20th, the trigger amount of short message notification for online credit card transaction under personal name of Shanghai Pudong Development Bank was adjusted to 500 yuan.If cardholders want to know the whole story of each transaction through SMS, they need to buy this service at the price of 4 yuan every month.

  The SMS reminder service for debit cards remains basically unchanged. After adjustment in recent years, at present, most domestic banks charge a monthly SMS reminder fee ranging from 2-4 yuan for ordinary debit card accounts with this function.

  Tracing the cause — —

  Respond to the impact of third-party payment and make efforts in the field of mobile finance

  "On the one hand, banks adjust the SMS reminder method to reduce the cost of sending SMS through mobile operators; On the other hand, sending information in a closed loop in the banking system can improve security, "Guo Jing, an analyst at Analysys Financial, explained to the reporter of Zhongxin.com..

  Take ICBC’s e-link mobile phone client as an example. If users want to receive free balance change reminders, they need to bind the bank card with the client and turn on the automatic push function of the software.

  Some insiders believe that with the rapid development of the mobile Internet,The banking industry has suffered from the impact of new financial models such as third-party payment platforms. The ultimate goal is for banks to cancel the free SMS reminder service for small changes and guide consumers to form the habit of using electronic channels such as online banking and mobile banking..

  Guo Jing said that compared with the traditional short message service and counter service, WeChat WeChat official account and mobile client make financial services more flexible and convenient. "Mobile finance has the advantages of network-wide interconnection, high-speed data exchange and self-service completion, and it also has the mobility and portability of anytime and anywhere interconnection, making it easier for customers to accept and master."

  In his view, the development of mobile finance is an extension of bank outlets and an expansion of service channels; It can not only give full play to its convenience advantages, but also create personalized services according to customer needs.

  Depth — —

  Mobile banking transfer and remittance step into the era of "free"

  On December 25, 2015, the People’s Bank of China officially issued the Notice on Improving Personal Bank Account Services and Strengthening Account Management, proposing that "commercial banks are encouraged to exempt depositors from handling fees for transfer and remittance services below a certain amount through online banking and mobile banking".

  The introduction of the policy ended the "individual combat" of banks, laid the foundation for online banking and mobile banking transfer fees to enter a comprehensive free stage, and banks began to "group" to promote the new regulations.

  On February 25th, ICBC, Agricultural Bank, China Bank, China Construction Bank and Bank of Communications.The "five major banks" rarely joined hands and announced that they would waive the handling fee for individual customers’ transfer and remittance services through mobile banking.; Transfer and remittance services of less than 5,000 yuan handled through online banking are free of handling fees.

  On July 28th, China CITIC Bank and China Merchants Bank.Twelve joint-stock banks set up the "Commercial Bank Network Finance Alliance", announcing that all users of the alliance banks can handle inter-bank transfer business through electronic channels (mobile banking and personal online banking) free of charge..

  Recently, the reporter learned from the announcement of "Five Major Banks" in official website and the customer service staff that the "Five Major Banks" have implemented the fee concessions for individual customers to transfer money through mobile banking and online banking.

  Extension — —

  Middle-aged and elderly customers are embarrassed to open exclusive services or the general trend.

  "Now banks are encouraging online operations. In the future, the cost of going to outlets to do business will definitely be higher and higher. Even many high-yield wealth management products are exclusive to mobile phones, which is a bit embarrassing for middle-aged and elderly people."

  Ms. Wu, who just retired from a public institution at the beginning of the year, said that it is no problem to read news and send messages with smart phones, but online shopping only chooses cash on delivery. "The behavior involving money is still not used to being done on mobile phones."

  "It is the general trend to open exclusive mobile financial services for the elderly." Guo Jing pointed out that China has entered an aging society. According to data from the Ministry of Civil Affairs, as ofBy the end of 2015, there were 222 million elderly people aged 60 and over in China, accounting for 16.1%. "It is a pretty big blue ocean for banks, and there is no reason to give up."

  Guo Jing suggested developing a dedicated online bank or client for the elderly, and introducing corresponding security functions, such as setting a hard limit for online banking and mobile banking transfer and remittance; At the same time, provide regular financial knowledge training and cognitive assessment for the elderly to raise their awareness of safety protection. (End)

Time and Space Technology: Yang Yaohua plans to reduce his holdings by no more than 2.98 million shares.

The chairman of Time and Space Technology is Gong Gonghai, male, 50 years old, with a bachelor’s degree background; The general manager is Jiang Huapeng, male, 47 years old, with a junior college education background.

As of press time, the market value of Time and Space Technology is 1.7 billion yuan.

1. In the past 30 days, no organization has conducted research on space-time technology;
2. Time and Space Technology last announced its reduction on July 15, 2023, and fell by 0.48% on the second trading day. Time and Space Technology issued two reduction announcements in the past year.

(Reporter Cai Ding)

"Tracing back to the Double Ditch" and the launch of the town reading club

  Shuanggou Town, Suining County, Xuzhou City, recently held the "Tracing to the Source Shuanggou" and the launching ceremony of the town reading club at the local Zhaoyi Academy, aiming to build the town reading club into an important platform for local residents to learn and communicate, and to stimulate residents’ love for culture and art.

  At the event site, Zhao Xu, vice president of Suining Reading Association, as the keynote speaker, told the history and culture of Shuanggou Town, shared the importance of reading, and introduced in detail the goal, activity form and daily operation mode of the town reading club.

  It is reported that the reading club will last until the end of March, and various literary lectures, sentiment exchange meetings, reading sharing meetings and other activities will be held regularly to meet the needs of residents of different ages and hobbies. (Shi Wenqiang)

LinkedIn develops built-in game functions, and it is reported that employees’ scores will affect the company’s ranking.

IT House reported on March 18th that LinkedIn, a social platform for the workplace, was developing a built-in game function. Nima Owji, an application researcher, posted a series of screenshots on X, showing some games being developed by LinkedIn, and said that employees’ scores would affect their company’s ranking in the game.

LinkedIn has confirmed this plan to foreign media TechCrunch. The official said: "We are adding puzzle-based games to the LinkedIn experience to release some fun, deepen relationships and hopefully stimulate opportunities for dialogue."

The report also said that the games currently being developed by LinkedIn include Queens, Inference and Crossclimb. It is not clear when the game function will go online and whether it will be available to free users.

LinkedIn revealed that its advanced subscription plan in 2023 generated revenue of $1.7 billion (Note of IT House: currently about RMB 12.24 billion). These plans start at $39.99 per month (currently about RMB 288).

Champions League-Cristiano Ronaldo helped the Red Devils win 5 consecutive victories, Manchester United 2-1 Sporting Lisbon.


  Sohu Sports News On November 28th, Beijing time, Group F of the Champions League ended the fifth round of competition. Manchester United beat Sporting Lisbon 2-1 in stoppage time at home at Old Trafford, while Rome beat Dynamo Kiev 4-1 away to secure promotion to the top 16 in advance. Sporting Lisbon won the third place in the group and can continue to participate in the UEFA Cup. ——

  Manchester United 2-1 Sporting Lisbon

  As the only team in the top 32 that scored 12 points in the first four rounds, Manchester United can ensure the first place in the group as long as it wins, and Sporting Lisbon can’t afford to lose this game if it wants to retain its promotion hope.

  However, judging from the past records, Sporting Lisbon’s trip to England was run out of luck. Manchester United’s previous 8 home games against Portugal were unbeaten with 7 wins and 1 draw, and nearly 32 home games in the Champions League were only lost to AC Milan. On the other hand, Sporting Lisbon, nearly 11 Champions League away games have only a poor record of winning.

  In this game, Ferguson was not affected by the unexpected loss to Bolton last weekend, and continued to rotate the starting lineup. O ‘Shea, Fletcher and Kuszczak were all allowed to start, Vidic recovered from his back injury and returned to the starting line instead of Pique, while C- Ronaldo and Nani played against their old club in the frontcourt respectively. Sporting Lisbon, Ledesson injured his right thigh at the weekend, but the injury was not serious. Patricio, 19, still started in the Champions League for the first time instead of stojkovic, who suffered a hip injury.

  At the beginning of the first half, although Sporting Lisbon had a slight advantage in controlling the ball, it was slightly stronger than Manchester United in terms of offensive sharpness. In the second minute, Anderson obliquely passed C- Ronaldo, and the Portuguese international scored after running 50 meters with the ball. Unfortunately, Saha was a little slow. Subsequently, Nani got two chances in the left rib, but they failed to form a real threat. In the 12th minute, Motinho turned to his right rib 24 meters away, and his right foot slanted the low ball and it would miss. Two minutes later, C- Ronaldo received Carrick’s oblique cross from the right side of the frontcourt and then shot low, which also missed the long post.

  In the 19th minute, O ‘Shea made a cross on the right, C- Ronaldo made a heel pass, and Saha inserted an oblique shot and still missed the target.In the 21st minute, Veloso distributed the ball to the right. Abel caught the ball and suddenly volleyed his right foot near the sideline. Kuszchak, who was unresponsive, made a save, but the ball flew into the net.In the 26th minute, Ledesson once again sent the ball to Manchester United’s net, but the Brazilian striker’s offside goal was invalidated. Three minutes later, Bohr increased the front of the restricted area and turned around to shoot, and the angle was slightly confiscated by Kuszchak. Since then, although the scene is lively, neither side has created a really threatening shooting opportunity. In the first half of the game, Manchester United fell 0-1 behind Sporting Lisbon and entered the halftime break.

  At the beginning of the second half, Ferguson sent Ryan Giggs and Carlos Tevez out. Only 25 seconds after the opening, Tevez successfully broke the ball on the right side of the frontcourt, and Hade had no choice but to put down the shovel and sweep down the Argentine beast and was given a yellow card warning. In the 50th minute, C- Ronaldo took a free kick from Giggs, grabbed a header, and was deflected. Seven minutes later, C- Ronaldo pushed horizontally, and Saha adjusted when he could kick. As a result, the ball was destroyed before kicking.

  In the 59th minute, Ryan Giggs kicked off the right corner, and Nemanja Vidic jumped high and tossed his head to attack the top of the goal.In the 61st minute, O ‘Shea’s cross on the right side was slightly stronger, but Evras quickly inserted the ball and successfully intercepted it. After the cross ball was blocked, it bounced in front of C- Ronaldo, and the Portuguese international hit the door with his right foot. After the ball hit Harder, it touched Tevez’s foot 6 meters in front of the door and changed lines to enter the goal.In the 64th minute, Veloso’s shot on the edge of the restricted area was slightly higher than the lintel. Four minutes later, after receiving Tevez’s cross, C- Ronaldo’s low shot was blocked by Patricio with his foot, and Anderson shot wide 35 meters away. In the 74th minute, Tevez made a long pass from the right, and C- Ronaldo leaned forward and headed the ball from a small angle.

  In the 76th minute, C- Ronaldo hit the door with his left foot and slid from the front door to the bottom line. Three minutes later, Anderson picked the ball, and Hargreaves, who had just come off the bench for less than one minute, plugged in and shot it and was blocked by Patricio with his foot. In the 80th minute, C- Ronaldo failed to get a yellow card because he was fouled. Two minutes later, Evras was also given a yellow card warning for diving in the restricted area.In the 92nd minute, Anderson was violated by Ledesson to create a free kick. C- Ronaldo took a free kick 26 meters away from the left rib and shot his right foot directly to the right side of the goal to complete the reversal, which made C- Ronaldo score 11 goals in his personal season and continue to sit side by side with Ibrahimovic at the top of the Champions League scorer list with 5 goals.In the end, Manchester United defeated Sporting Lisbon 2-1 at home, continued to maintain the record of winning the Champions League this season, and expanded the winning streak at home to 9 games, thus locking the top spot in the group one round ahead of schedule. -This year’s Golden Globe Award will be announced on December 2nd. Do you think C- Ronaldo is a suitable candidate for the Golden Globe Award?

  Manchester United (4-3-3): 29-Kuszczak /3- Evras, 5- Ferdinand, 15- Vidic, 22- O ‘Shea /16- Carrick, 24- Fletcher (46’11- Giggs), 8- Anderson /17- Nani (46’).

  Sporting Lisbon (4-4-2); 1- Patricio /3- Harder, 4- Polga, 13- tonel, 78- Abel /7- ismailov (81’25- Pereirinha), 24- Veloso, 28- Motinho, 30- Romanori (67′ 10- Vukcevic) /9- Purovic (81

  Dynamo Kiev 1-4 Rome

  In the 4th minute, panucci made an oblique pass near the right touchline. Vucinic’s shot at the front point of 7 meters didn’t kick the ball, but shook Rybka, and the ball flew directly into the far corner of the goal. In the 32nd minute, Giuly scored the ball and went straight into the penalty area. Facing Rybka, Giuly calmly pushed the ball to the right and passed the 20-year-old Ukrainian young goalkeeper to expand the lead, which was also the 20th goal scored by the French in Europe.

  In the 36th minute, the Roma midfielder launched a quick counterattack after breaking the ball. The ball was distributed to the left from Jiuli Middle Road, and Vucinic stopped the ball in a proper position. After going straight into the restricted area, he pushed the arc ball 14 meters from the left and hit it in the far corner. In the 63rd minute, Shatzkikh, who came off the bench, made a cross on the outside instep of his right foot at the front of the left rib restricted area, and I- bangura pulled back a point from the right corner of the goal with a 16-meter push from the middle road. In the 78th minute, after Vucinic cooperated with Tonetto on the left, he scored twice with his right foot at 17 meters to seal the victory. In the end, Rome beat Dynamo Kiev 4-1 away and advanced to the top 16 in advance; Kiev, on the other hand, has not won in nearly 12 Champions League matches, with 2 draws and 10 losses. (sandwich)

  Rome (4- 5-1): 32-Doni /2- panucci, 4-Juan, 21- Ferrari, 22- Tonetto /16- Derossi (61’29- Barruso), 7- Pizarro, 11- Taddei (46’18- esposito), 14-.

Editor: Lu Fangfei

Sweep Meizhou away with one foot in the Super League? The last round of Nantong Zhiyun still needs to go all out

Special correspondent Jiang Hai reports On October 29th, the penultimate round of the Super League in 2023 started at the same time. Nantong Zhiyun, who ranked second in the standings, challenged Meizhou Hakka away. In the end, the team scored 3 points with a score of 4-0. With the last round left in the league, the points rose to the penultimate third, beating Dalian people, and the final round of the game would be successful in relegation.

After losing to Shanghai Shenhua 0-1 at home in the last round of league tournament, the relegation situation of Nantong Zhiyun was once in jeopardy. In the last two rounds, they will play against Meizhou Hakka and Tianjin Jinmen Tiger away from home. Even if they all win, they also need to look at the face of their relegation opponent Dalian. Moreover, in terms of mutual record with Dalian people, Nantong Zhiyun is the main loser and does not have an advantage. Therefore, as long as Dalian people all win in the last two games, Nantong Zhiyun will get whatever results in the last two rounds.

Therefore, the game against Meizhou Hakka is a "can’t afford to lose" final for Nantong Zhiyun, and the team has suffered five consecutive defeats before, and it is urgent to get points to improve the morale of the team. Fortunately, Nantong Zhiyun started very well, and Jiang Zilei broke the deadlock in the 12th minute of the game. In the following game, Nantong Zhiyun played smoothly: in the 64th minute, Castillo made meritorious deeds, 2-0, expanding the lead; In the 89th minute, Morelato scored a goal, 3-0; In the second minute of stoppage time, Zheng Haogan scored a single goal after breaking the ball and sealed the victory 4-0.

While winning this game, Nantong Zhiyun also gave Meizhou Hakka the first defeat in the last five rounds. At the same time, Nantong Zhiyun also took the fate of relegation into his own hands. Generally speaking, the performance of Nantong Zhiyun team in the Super League this season is not ideal. They need to reflect on their own problems and find a solution to them.

Before the current round against Meizhou Hakka, Nantong Zhiyun scored 19 points with Dalian People’s Team, but due to the disadvantage of winning and losing, Nantong Zhiyun was in the relegation zone. At the same time of this game against Meizhou Hakka, Dalian people challenged Qingdao Manatee away. Compared with Nantong Zhiyun’s away victory, Dalian people scored two goals in a row when they were 0-2 behind, but they failed to beat their opponents in the away game and only got 1 point. However, Dalian people’s fighting capacity in this game was admirable. However, they lost their relegation advantage to Nantong Zhiyun without getting 3 points from Manatee. After the end of this round of competition, the championship suspense of the Super League has been revealed, leaving only one suspense of relegation. In addition to the relegated Shenzhen team, another relegation team will be created between Nantong Zhiyun and Dalian people. The away win of this game also allows Nantong Zhiyun to temporarily occupy the relegation advantage.

In the final round, Nantong Zhiyun played against Tianjin Jinmen Tiger at home, while Dalian people played against Shanghai Harbour, which has won the championship at home. Holding a 2-point lead, for Nantong Zhiyun, the last game must be won. If you can get 3 points, you don’t have to look at other people’s faces, and you can successfully avoid relegation at home. However, if you draw or lose, you need to look at the result of the game between Dalian people and Shanghai Harbour. At present, it can only be said that Nantong Zhiyun has left one foot in the Super League next year, but the team still cannot relax its vigilance until the end of the league.

After the game, David, coach of Nantong Zhiyun team, said: "As we expected, today is a difficult game. The opponents will not let you win the game easily. They played with the strongest lineup. We also carried out the counter-attack tactics arranged before the game well, and it is also very important that we didn’t concede a goal today. The opponent is a very strong team, so these three points are also very valuable to us. Our players have been fighting like warriors. In the last game, we need to fulfill our promises to our fans, win the game, and achieve the goal of relegation. For fans, it is too little to say thank you, and they are supporting us both at home and away. "

As far as Dalian people are concerned, the team has been pushed to the edge of the cliff. Even if the team beats Shanghai Harbour at home in the last round, it may not be able to avoid relegation. While Nantong Zhiyun has the initiative, he still has to go all out in the face of Tianjin Jinmen Tiger, who has nothing to ask for. As the "only seedling" of Jiangsu football in the Super League, Nantong Zhiyun’s game this season has gone through a rough time. Now it can regain its relegation advantage. The team should go all out to draw a satisfactory end to this season with a home victory, and at the same time let Jiangsu football remain in the top leagues in China.

World Cup+Golden Ball! In just one year, Messi opened Ronaldo: the era of double arrogance officially ended.

Chatelet Opera House, Golden Globe Festival. When Beckham handed the Golden Globe Award to Messi, the audience stood up and gave applause!

This is a tribute to the ball king. During the performance inspection period of the 2023 Golden Globe Awards (from August 1, 2022 to July 31, 2023), Messi contributed 42 goals and 26 assists, as well as the World Cup champion, World Cup MVP and Ligue 1 champion trophy. The 8 th Golden Globe Award is in hand, and Messi leads alone in the century-old football.

Messi smiles and accepts the award, and we will think of Cristiano Ronaldo, one of the peerless double arrogance.

38-year-old Cristiano Ronaldo, will he feel "injured"? Cristiano Ronaldo is really a little injured-Cristiano Ronaldo, who played successfully in Riyadh, suffered a slight bruise on his ankle, which did not affect his play. The Golden Globe Award is 5-8 behind Messi, and Cristiano Ronaldo, who is competitive, is hard to quiet inside.

Sports media all over the world gave the front page headline of the cover to Messi, who was holding the Golden Globe Award, and the praise was overwhelming. At this time, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia is already late at night, and Cristiano Ronaldo may have fallen asleep, preparing for the quarter-final of Saudi Arabia’s "Guardian Cup of Two Holy Temples" on the second day, or the quarter-final of Saudi Arabia’s King’s Cup, without much attention.

At this moment, we can feel the fact more: the dispute between the peerless and arrogant has ended.

On December 10, 2022, Portugal was eliminated in the quarter-finals, and Cristiano Ronaldo said goodbye with tears; On December 18, 2022, Messi won the sacred World Cup under the crowd, and the global media all exclaimed that "the new ball king was born". In just 8 days, the peerless double pride has embarked on a different track, and its historical position has been frozen.

In the twilight of his football career, Messi made a great leap to lift the World Cup and achieve the greatest goal. C Ronaldo left regrets and explained disappointment and unwillingness with tears. On the night of the Golden Globe, Messi was crowned with the Golden Globe Award for the eighth time-this is the continuation of Messi’s joy and Cristiano Ronaldo’s sadness in the World Cup, which really ended the dispute between the two arrogance.

The era of double arrogance PK has ended, and the era of Messi and Ronaldo has also ended.Messi in Miami and Cristiano Ronaldo in Riyadh are veterans running in the afterglow of sunset, and the direction of sunset is the time to hang up your boots. This day will come eventually, and watch and cherish it.

The future belongs to Bellingham and Harland. Premier League, Champions League, La Liga, this is the sun-like stage, the center of world football. The dispute between Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo is no longer the mainstream-although the two veterans can still contribute to the monopoly level of heat and topic, the gods also have the end of the day, and next year’s Golden Globe Award is likely to completely turn over the page of double arrogance.