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Tips: Go to work tomorrow! Don’t panic, there are still these holidays in 2024.

These days of vacation
Did everyone have a good time? Did you enjoy your meal?
Are you tired of visiting relatives and friends?
Xiaobian is coming to tell you a message:
I will go to work tomorrow!
The Spring Festival holiday is coming to an end.
If there’s something you want to do, you haven’t done it yet
Just hurry!
Stay at home leisurely for half a day
Ask your parents to watch a movie
Then adjust the state ~
Don’t stay up late and have fun!
Also, have some light home cooking!
It’s time to have a rest.
It’s almost time for vacation.
Xiaobian sent two important reminders ↓↓↓↓
Reminder 1: I have to go to work this Sunday!
The last day of the holiday is New Year’s Day! I have to go to work on February 18 (Sunday) on New Year’s Day! Going to work! Adjust the alarm clock quickly!
Reminder 2: Holiday overtime pay should be sufficient.
Spring festival holiday
Many people will choose
Stay at your post
● February 10th to 12th is a statutory holiday, and enterprises have to pay three times the daily wage for arranging workers to work;
● Work will be arranged from February 13th to 17th, and enterprises with standard working hours can choose to give workers compensatory time off or pay double daily wages.
But don’t be too sad.
After the Spring Festival holiday
There is still a big wave of holidays this year!
Collect the 2024 holiday raiders.
Tomb-Sweeping Day: We have a holiday from April 4th to 6th, lasting for 3 days. Go to work on Sunday, April 7.
Labor Day: May 1st to 5th, with 5 days’ holiday. Go to work on Sunday, April 28th and Saturday, May 11th.
Dragon Boat Festival: It is a holiday on June 10th, and even closed on weekends.
Mid-Autumn Festival: Take a holiday from September 15th to 17th for 3 days. Go to work on Saturday, September 14th.
National Day: 7 days’ holiday from October 1st to 7th. Work on September 29th (Sunday) and October 12th (Saturday).
Hurry up, everyone
Finally adjust and adjust
Tomorrow will usher in a big start.
Source: yanzhao metropolis daily.

Depth | The beauty market is crowded, how does Prada become a new dark horse?

深度 | 美妆市场拥挤,Prada如何成为新黑马?

There are still only a handful of luxury brands that really broke into the beauty market and shook the original pattern.

Author | Chen Huiyan, Drizzie


Prada broke the traditional thinking of luxury beauty with three levers.


In August last year, after the launch of "I am unpredictable" perfume, Prada beauty cosmetics officially launched the makeup and skin care series for the first time, and the matte lipstick with a price of 395 yuan became an annual explosion once it went on the market.


Only one month later, the cumulative sales of this Prada lipstick with platinum tube and square ring brand imprint logo in Tmall flagship store has exceeded 10,000 pieces, and as many as 10 lipsticks out of stock, including B03 ugly red brown, B101 plain nude brown, B103 light wine brown, etc., and ranked first in Tmall lipstick new product list for many days.


The latest sales page shows that the monthly sales of Prada lipstick has exceeded 12,000 pieces, and the monthly sales of two-piece suits have also exceeded 3,000 pieces. In Little Red Book, a popular beauty sharing platform, there are more than 10,000 notes about keywords such as "Prada Lipstick" and "Prada Lipstick", and the related topics of the latter have been viewed more than 20 million times, and the interaction of many notes is close to 5,000.


Although the lipstick effect still works, it is really hard for the industry to imagine that a lipstick, which has been officially published for less than half a year, can successfully tear a hole in the China beauty market where luxury brands and domestic cheap brands are in fierce melee, catch the eyes of consumers who are already tired of lipstick marketing and stand out in this attention battle.


Unique color matching is regarded as the primary reason for the popularity of Prada lipstick.


As a brand labeled as an intellectual, earthy tones, which is emphasized in Prada lipstick, reflects a cool sense of high intelligence and becomes the basic color that is trusted by social traditions as well as uniforms. Lynsey Alexander, a global creative makeup artist of Prada Beauty, said in an interview with LADYMAX of WeChat WeChat official account that the brown color in Prada lipstick corresponds to the meaning of uniforms to Prada, that is, everyday and classic.


深度 | 美妆市场拥挤,Prada如何成为新黑马?

Prada beauty cosmetics global creative makeup artist Lynsey Alexander


According to the makeup report released by Xiaohongshu in November last year, the popularity of lipstick with lower-key colors such as brown, brown and nude is soaring. In the macro environment of increasing uncertainty, the trend of abandoning publicity and embracing more classic styles exists not only in the fashion field, but also in the beauty market. From this point of view, Prada lipstick with neutral tones such as nude brown undoubtedly caters to the market demand.


The report also pointed out that with consumers’ more and more mature understanding of lip makeup, the functional requirements for lipstick are becoming more and more refined. Above the color, the moisturizing texture that does not show lip lines and does not dry is increasingly welcomed by consumers, especially considering that compared with the younger consumer groups of lip glaze, the target consumers of lipstick have higher purchasing power and higher demand for products.


In fact, lip dryness caused by lipstick, especially matte lipstick, has always been a difficult point for beauty brands to overcome. Lynsey Alexander admits that as a lover of retro red lips, she used to have to endure chapped lips almost all the time, but Prada lipstick brought the opposite experience. 


Although it is called matte lipstick, Prada lipstick has a unique soft and fuzzy matte lipstick texture due to the addition of Bifidobacterium extract and Jojoba oil, supplemented by high-tech technology to create a frosting texture. While nourishing the lips, it reflects a faint luster similar to Prada’s iconic recycled nylon.


From color matching logic to texture research and development, the product strength of Prada lipstick can be seen from this. In the seemingly colorful makeup market, only the core products can impress the increasingly rational consumers in China.


Prada Beauty, which successfully opened the market through lipstick, launched a brand-new Prada lipstick deconstruction nude series at the end of December, starting from nude brown, introducing four variable colors: plain soft powder, contrast reddish, deep rose purple and flexible earth color, thus forming a very layered color aesthetics. It is worth noting that the B107 naked brown in the new color has been shown out of stock in Tmall flagship store.


At the same time, Prada Beauty also announced actress Andy as the spokesperson of Prada makeup and perfume, and released lipstick blockbusters and series of short films performed by her. With the help of the star effect, Prada Beauty is continuously expanding its share in the China market.


深度 | 美妆市场拥挤,Prada如何成为新黑马?

Prada Beauty announced actor Andy as the spokesperson of Prada makeup and perfume.


It is reported that Prada Beauty Cosmetics held "Prada Speculative Aesthetics — — Special creative meeting ",Lynsey Alexander, the global creative makeup artist of PRADA Beauty, as a special guest of this creative meeting, started an aesthetic dialogue with professionals. Dr Xavier MARAT, skin regeneration laboratory of L ‘Oré al R&D and Innovation Center (French headquarters), also introduced the cutting-edge technology of brand skin care at the creative meeting. This is an important and complete appearance of Prada Beauty in China market after the perfume was released last year.


With the growth of the overall luxury market slowing down, it has become an industry consensus to build a diversified income structure. Thanks to its status as a cash cow, beauty cosmetics have once again become the focus of high-level brand attention.


In recent years, it is not uncommon for luxury goods group giants to set up beauty departments, or luxury brands to enter the beauty industry. However, it is rare for brands to break into this category in a real sense and shake the original pattern. Prada is one of them.


The success of Prada has revealed three new ideas for the operation of luxury beauty brands, namely, creativity first, technology empowerment and sustainable development.


First of all, in terms of creativity, the integrity of the aesthetic system has been raised to an unprecedented height, which is different from the narrative of luxury brands and authorized perfume beauty brands in the past.


For most luxury brands that authorize the beauty business to the professional beauty group, it is necessary to keep the beauty business matching with the brand image at all times, get inspiration from the fashion business, and strengthen the connection between products and core brand assets to solve the problem that the beauty business is out of touch with the brand story.


The practice of Prada beauty cosmetics provides a reference answer to this question to some extent. From simple packaging, the extensive use of the brand’s iconic triangle elements to the product concept that emphasizes speculation and innovation, Prada beauty products are highly consistent with the brand’s ready-to-wear line.


It is reported that Prada’s beauty products all use its brand-name fragrances, such as mustard flower, vanilla and iris flower, and the fragrance type is created by Daniela Andrier, the perfumer of Prada Watermark private perfume series.


The design of Prada lipstick is undoubtedly a benchmark example that closely follows the brand gene and continues its aesthetic system. In addition to the metal shell that echoes the avant-garde style of the brand, the triangular cut at the top of the paste, the Saffiano cross pattern engraved on the paste and the texture of the Re-Nylon recycled nylon fabric all come from Prada’s past iconic design.


When talking about the color creation of Prada Beauty, Lynsey Alexander said that the team reviewed as many as 27,000 kinds of pattern prints in the brand archives, and got the inspiration of TINT, and even directly extracted a series as a prototype to form a palette. This also explains why brown, a symbol of everyday classics, becomes the background color of Prada lipstick.


However, under the seemingly harmonious and conservative main color, there are imperceptible conflicts and rebellions. In the article "How to Understand Prada" written by WeChat official account LADYMAX, the author Tang Shuang once wrote that Pradism is rich and complex, with multiple levels, and even often fights with the accustomed aesthetics, constantly overlapping levels outside the solid base, reflecting vivid and interesting different personalities.


In Lynsey Alexander’s view, the unexpected purple, orange or green in the eye shadow tray is the embodiment of this complexity. They not only add interest to the classic elements, but also release free space for improvisation, encouraging consumers to go out of the comfort zone and explore new possibilities, even if they are contrary to daily aesthetics.


深度 | 美妆市场拥挤,Prada如何成为新黑马?

Prada Beauty held "Prada Speculative Aesthetics — — Special creative meeting "


"I think this is Prada’s philosophy, and there is no specific restriction on something." Lynsey Alexander’s understanding of Prada is largely due to her frequent meetings with Miuccia Prada, the current creative director of Prada. High-intensity communication ensures the relevance of beauty categories and brand themes, as well as the consistency of information conveyed by products.


However, moderate exploration does not mean complete change. Unlike many top makeup artists, Lynsey Alexander is not keen on changing a person’s own style. Accidents can be used as embellishments, but they cannot be the "main course". For her, people’s own sense of existence must be greater than makeup, and their own style cannot be erased by cosmetics.


This people-oriented concept has also been injected into the design of Prada beauty by Lynsey Alexander, emphasizing the preservation of personal characteristics, breaking through the traditional beauty thinking and becoming a reflection of the "speculative aesthetics" system.


Taking the foundation as an example, she believes that different from other liquid foundations that completely cover the skin, the foundation products of Prada beauty cosmetics should reveal the true beauty and take the amplification of natural beauty as the core concept.


In fact, this is in line with the global beauty trend. After the pursuit of tanning in the western market and the mainstream aesthetics of whitening in the east, the makeup trend with natural skin color as the core has risen. On social media in China, the popularity of keywords such as "plain water makeup" and "nude makeup" also confirmed this trend.


In addition to reshaping the thinking of beauty through creativity, the second important lever for Prada to pry open beauty is technology.


Lynsey Alexander admits that the competitiveness of beauty brands ultimately comes from technological innovation, and research and development often needs to rely on beauty giants with absolute advantages in resources such as laboratories and researchers. In 2019, Prada signed a long-term license agreement with L ‘Oré al Group, which came into effect in 2021. The latter was licensed to create, develop and sell high-end beauty products for Prada.


"The support of the big group provides a strong backing for the research and development of Prada beauty." For example, Lynsey Alexander said that the laboratory has tried many times to modulate a color between yellow and green, so as to ensure the accurate transmission of the emotional narrative that the overall color matching wants to express, and any lack of expressiveness will not be compromised.


Not only that, Prada’s reflection on the boundary between makeup and skin care is also obvious. Lynsey Alexander believes that the era when makeup has become a burden on the skin has passed, and makeup will gradually approach skin care. By injecting skin care ingredients into make-up, Prada Beauty has introduced products such as lipstick and eye shadow containing moisturizing factors, and promoted the blurring of the boundary between them with innovative technology.


深度 | 美妆市场拥挤,Prada如何成为新黑马?

The support of large groups has provided a strong backing for the research and development of Prada beauty cosmetics.


The active cream, which marks Prada’s ambition in the field of high-end beauty, also reflects the brand’s strong strength in product research and development by introducing a new skin care concept called "active".


According to reports, the day and night two-in-one cream formula contains the cutting-edge technology of "muscle comes from fitness" which has been developed for more than three years, accurately compounding three major components: 18% boson, 2% vitamin CG and 0.175% ceramide NP, so as to promote the progressive regeneration of collagen layer by layer and rejuvenate the skin in time.


In addition to creativity and technology, Prada Beauty also promotes sustainable development to a rare height in the industry as an important part of the triple operation idea. If creativity and technology are used as leverage to help Prada beauty break through the tight encirclement and determine its top line, then a responsible attitude is to create a solid bottom line for the series.


This is also the embodiment of the overall strategy of Prada Group, which has taken the concept of sustainable development as an important starting point in fashion, jewelry and corporate governance in recent years.


Reflected in the beauty series, not only in the design and packaging process, strict control of packaging materials, use of recyclable plastics, promotion of sustainable replacement packaging, but also traced back to the product formula. Take Prada Active Cream as an example. This iconic product follows a sustainable formulation process from raw material procurement to ingredient extraction, and does not contain raw materials from petrochemical industry. The replaceable supplementary design can save 86% of material consumption compared with repurchasing formal products.


But more importantly, as a brand that leads the market, the sustainable development of brands in all fields now not only depends on the improvement of their own technical practice, but also needs to guide consumers to adopt a longer-term thinking mode through product concepts with the help of brand appeal, and promote changes from both ends of the consumption chain at the same time.


In fact, many inspiring ideas implied in Prada’s first beauty collection can indirectly benefit sustainable development.


Dr Xavier MARAT, skin regeneration laboratory of L ‘Oré al R&D and Innovation Center, said at the creation meeting that "initiative" has a corresponding concept in the context of China, that is, "preemption" to prolong the healthy state of skin. It is often more efficient to intervene in layout in advance than to react passively to aging signals, especially in the field of skin care.


For example, before mixing the color of liquid foundation, Prada Beauty scanned 3,000 faces and their skin colors from different regions and races around the world. On the one hand, it can cover and understand the largest range of consumers, but on the other hand, it can be sorted and extracted into limited color numbers with the help of AI technology through dynamic filtering and other scientific and technological means, without causing excessive product quantity and inventory waste.


From fashion to fine jewelry to beauty cosmetics, the launch of beauty cosmetics series continues to complete Prada’s story, and also continues Prada’s ability to reconcile seemingly contradictory concepts such as art and commerce, elegance and popularity, idealism and consumer society and reality at any time. For brands that accurately balance the proportions, beauty is undoubtedly the freest palette and playground.


Release creativity, make good use of technology, and a responsible attitude, which are nested in a ring and become the golden triangle of Prada beauty.


There are still dark horses in the most crowded beauty market.

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She spent 3000 hours talking to 500 women in China and saw their most common pain.

This article is "One Article" original, and it shall not be deleted, modified or stolen to any platform without permission, otherwise legal responsibility will be investigated..

CoCo Lee died suddenly because of depression.

It hurts thousands of fans.

And let the public realize again,

Many people in life,

Is deeply trapped by depression.

The World Health Organization (WHO) published Depression and Other Common Mental Disorders in 2017, which shows that the incidence of depression in women is higher than that in men at different ages.

Among people suffering from depression,

The incidence rate of women is much higher than that of men.

According to the data(Peking University Sixth Hospital in 2019
Professor Huang Yueqin’s team published a study in The Lancet Psychiatry)

Female depression groups account for more than half of the total.

About 65%.

Psychological counselor Zhang Chun

Zhang Chun, writer and psychological counselor,

The concept of "female depression" was proposed two years ago.

She found that,

Of the more than 500 visitors she received,

Women account for more than 90%.

Many women are in ordinary daily life,

Feel a strong and lasting pain and depression.

Including Zhang Chun himself,

There was also a long process of fighting depression.

We found Zhang Chun,

Talked to her about this pain that belongs to women alone,

And try to feel sorry for this pain,

Find some solutions.

Editor: Zhou Tiancheng

Editor: Ni Chujiao

Chun Zhang

Zhang Chun started his own podcast radio station last year, and every issue will invite 5-8 women to chat, and the theme is often the little things in life.

For example, when discussing blind date, a girl said that she had a blind date, and both parents had met each other many times in four or five months, but the boy never showed up. This blind date is naturally impossible, but she is still thinking, "Did I label him like this?" Or, "Maybe he’s really afraid of society?"

For example, when discussing dating, a girl who is a screenwriter said that she didn’t have high requirements for dating, but 90% of the dates felt very bad. The men who come out often try to preach to her after meeting, "teach me how to write a script, or send me poems and novels that are badly written for me to comment on." But sometimes she still thinks, "Is it because I’m on the wrong dating software or I’m not good enough?"

For example, when discussing spending money, a girl said that when she was in college, her boyfriend overspent and bought an expensive computer, but accused her of spending money indiscriminately on a beauty card. "I just bought a computer. What will we spend in the future?" She went back to talk to her friend, and the friend was surprised and said, "If you love him, you have to spend money on him."

The women in these podcasts, like nearly 500 female visitors that Zhang Chun has received, feel the pain of "nothing is right" in some trivial matters, and they are very uncertain about their emotional reactions, and they don’t know whether they should feel angry/painful/uncomfortable.

She named this feeling "female depression".

Here is what she said:

In Big and Small Lies, women of different social classes and growing backgrounds are all suffering from their own hardships.

There was a lot of discussion on the Internet about the death of Coco CoCo Lee. Some people think that she is trapped by love and can no longer support. Later, a voice came out and said that she was a strong warrior, and the statement of "emotional injury" was underestimating her. Another voice said, why can’t it be emotional injury? Is emotional injury a shame?

No one knows what makes her so painful that she can’t fight any longer, and these discussions have become a dilemma of "nothing is right".

I have served about 500 visitors, more than 90% of whom are women. In fact, in the whole field of psychological counseling, more than 80% of female visitors seek help, which is an overwhelming data. The media often blame women for being good at expressing and telling.

In my opinion, the most important reason is that women are suffering.

Grandma doing housework in "Like a Father as a Son"

For example, I met a female visitor who was nearly 70 years old. She told me, "I used to have to wait on my husband and children, and I had to go to work. Now I’m retired from work, my husband is dead, my children have married and left home. It’s really just me now. Theoretically, I can do whatever I want. Now the question is coming, I don’t know what I want to do. "

Her more rooted pain is, "I have never done anything meaningful in my life, and I feel that I am an unnecessary person."

I asked her, when did you start to feel this way? Different time nodes may mean different situations. For example, if you are happy as a teenager, but you feel this way from the time you get married, then the problem may lie in her relationship with your partner, and so on.

She said, since I can remember. There are four sisters and a youngest brother in her family. She is the fourth in the family. Then it is true that in such a family structure, she will be regarded as an unnecessary person.

But when she was almost 70 years old, she didn’t have the strength to think about her pain. Before that, her time was occupied by serving others.

This is a typical pain of the previous generation of women. What about those young women who are well-off and independent? It is the same.

The source network has nothing to do with the characters in the text.

I also have a visitor who is the only daughter of a wealthy family in her thirties, and her parents love her very much, giving her the best educational resources. After graduating from an Ivy League school, she went to work in a world-class overseas enterprise, and her working ability was very strong, and she was quickly promoted. So in the eyes of others, everything is fine. But on the issue of marriage and love, this level is still very sad.

She said that she couldn’t find a partner and her parents were very anxious. She felt very unfilial. And her request is two points, one is that she is from China, and the other is that she can support herself here.

I asked her, there are men from more than 100 countries in your working environment. Why do you have to find people from China? In an overseas environment, this is of course difficult.

She said that this is the bottom line for parents. Before, her parents only allowed her to find people from Hangzhou (her hometown). Later, it was gradually relaxed to people from Zhejiang, and now it has been relaxed to people from China. She said that this requirement is not high, why can’t she find it? Is it your own problem?

She has also dated some people, but she often feels offended on dates. For example, if the other party asks to have a baby within three years, and she says no, the other party will start to give her the cold shoulder until they are separated.

When two or three men have similar problems, she will doubt herself: Why can others find someone to marry smoothly? Is it not too much to have a child in three years?

When she found me, she concluded to herself: I have some problems in my intimate relationship.

She is not the only one. Many women who meet the secular "excellent" standards like her feel that they are too demanding and have problems in intimate relationships.

The source network has nothing to do with the characters in the text.

Boys don’t think like this. I met an impressive male visitor. As soon as he arrived, he told me that his girlfriend had problems and always ignored him. He thought her girlfriend had "avoidant personality disorder". I asked him, how do you know? He said, I read it in a book. I asked again, how long have you been dating? He replied that they met on a blind date and just met twice.

On the contrary, women are always reflecting and examining themselves, ready to explain themselves. In the past two years, many girls’ awareness of female independence has awakened, which is a good thing. But I found that it also brought some new constraints. Sometimes, "independence enough" and "independence enough" will also become their shackles.

The source network has nothing to do with the characters in the text.

I once had a visitor who wanted to have a simple sexual relationship with a man she liked. The man may be very sensitive to the inversion of this power relationship, so he asked her: Why do you only think about sex? Can’t we just talk?

This girl is very confused. She is very confused. Why does this sentence make her so uncomfortable?

Another time, there was a visitor who was a big V on the topic of feminism on the Internet. She has been dating her boyfriend for three years, but he still doesn’t take her to know her family. The reason given is that my daughter is not ready to have a new mother.

In fact, if you judge by common sense, you will feel that there is something wrong with this man. But visitors feel: don’t I have an independent will? How can you be coaxed by such a glib man? Of course I can leave, but when I leave or give up my intimate relationship, the pain I feel is no different from the past.

Many new standards have appeared, but the old ones still exist. They exist at the same time and run counter to each other, tearing up women’s self.

Among my female visitors, the only commonality is probably: living in the city and being able to surf the Internet. These two points enable them to ask me for help. Other ages, classes, identity backgrounds, etc. are really very scattered. It can be said that no matter what background a woman is, she has a depression that belongs to her and wants her to accept it.

The source network has nothing to do with the characters in the text.

With authorization, I can share the complete story of a visitor. She said that she hoped her story could give some inspiration or help to others.

She was born in a big city in the north, the oldest child in the family, with a younger brother and sister. Her family is actually very rich, but this does not affect her position at home at all. She has assumed the role of a caregiver since she was a child, washing clothes and cooking for her younger brothers and sisters. If she doesn’t do it, it’s her mother who does it.

Therefore, she has always been unhappy, suffering from depression, and when she is in great pain, her parents have to take her to a mental hospital for electric shock treatment. Later, when she went to college, she went to the United States to study. She was temporarily separated from her family and made new friends. Everything seemed to be getting better. When she went home on holiday in 2021, she was trapped at home because of the epidemic and could not return to school for two years.

In the past two years, she has to continue to buy food, cook and wash clothes for the whole family every day, and her relationship with her family is still very tense. After an argument with her family, she found herself a place to live. At the beginning, she just told her family that she would go out for a few days. Later, gradually, gradually, completely moved away from home.

The source network has nothing to do with the characters in the text.

Her move out also brought some quarrels. My brother quarreled with her and shouted at her: Do you know that your depression has made the whole family feel very uncomfortable? Why don’t you die? Something like this.

She gradually realized that it was impossible for her family to understand her. In the past, she was very painful because she wanted her family to love, support and recognize her, but she couldn’t get it. At a certain moment, she gave up this expectation and could only try to let her family influence herself less.

Changes often occur in moments of despair. She had a childhood boyfriend in her hometown. But her boyfriend told her to "stop studying and come back early to get married" (although her boyfriend wanted to continue her studies). Her boyfriend advised her that "you should come to my house for dinner more often and be good to my mother". When her boyfriend came to her residence, the first sentence was "I haven’t eaten yet".

She decided to break up with her boyfriend. These decisions are all made by herself, and psychological counseling can’t give her specific advice on what to do. All I can do is often accompany her.

The source network has nothing to do with the characters in the text.

So then she thought I couldn’t count on it either. She said: although psychological counseling is useful, it is not the same as expected. I thought you would teach me what to do, but later I found that I had to do it myself.

It seems to be expressing disappointment to me, but I am glad to hear it. I seem to see her sprouting like a young tree.

She began to live with some skills. For example, in the past, when she asked her parents for money, she was always very guilty and a little vague. After that, she began to cajole her parents and fight for it. The goal was clear, that is, to ask for more and let her parents support her to complete her studies abroad and continue her studies. She did.

Talking about talk shows and practicing boxing are all ways for Zhang Chun to get rid of the existing standards.

I have experienced such a moment myself. I once suffered from severe depression for more than three years. I was so ill that I couldn’t get up for three or four days and couldn’t eat anything. But for my picky dog Dobby, on the fifth day, I struggled down the eighth floor, went to the market to buy ribs, stewed them in a pressure cooker, and the dog ate meat and I drank soup, so I persisted.

At that time, almost everyone around me was telling me that this was my psychological problem.

The way to be free is that I finally accept that "those people don’t love me". They often love me in a certain role or identity, an idealized me. As a woman who has been taught that love is important since childhood, it is very painful to accept this fact. But I think it is a necessary process for women nowadays to experience this darkness if they want to live a better life.

Home on Sakamoto tells the story of depression, pain and even loss of control of women as mothers.

As far as I know, there are some indicators for the diagnosis of depression in China. For example, you have been depressed for more than half a month, such as abnormal appetite and abnormal sleep, and there are some scale tests.

"Female depression" is a common situation of women. When you are in such an environment, interpersonal relationship and social structure, you may not meet the diagnostic criteria of depression, but you will feel depressed.

Now, after years of popular science, the public has begun to agree that "depression" is a disease, and it is a friendly concept to see a doctor and take medicine. But it also became a label. It seems that people need to be diagnosed with depression before they can get help, and then they can go to see a doctor and take medicine properly.

Home on Sakamoto Road

But in the case of female depression, many people need help, not diagnosis.

Postpartum depression has received a lot of attention in the past two years. But think about it, why didn’t anyone help them before the concept of "postpartum depression" appeared, and no one thought it was a problem?

When a woman is depressed after childbirth, she wants to jump off a building with her child in her arms. There must be two reasons for this. The first is that she is very hard and painful. On the other hand, there are some problems in her mind and her neurotransmitters, which makes her feel that this kind of suffering is endless.

Our help now is limited to using some drugs to improve some of her hormone levels, so that her brain can secrete more dopamine and she won’t have to jump off a building. But this alone is not enough. We should devote ourselves to improving the environment in which we live.

Love of a Hundred Yuan tells the story of a female son who is on the edge of society and has a depressed life. She begins to practice boxing, no matter how she wins or loses.

I have also heard about the "crazy literature", and many women will also tell me their own "crazy" experiences. For example, the girl mentioned earlier, her boyfriend’s mother urged her to get married and gave birth to a baby. When her boyfriend didn’t say a word, she replied directly: I can’t have a baby in ten years.

My recent "crazy" experience is that I pass by some men who pee on the side of the road every day. I decided to stop him.

At first, I was very worried. I would check and see that I was wearing a finger tiger and gestured a few times. I thought that if I did this thing today, he might hit me. If I do, then I must at least be able to return my hand, and I will give it to him.

With such determination, I walked up to him and stared at him and said, "Is this a toilet?"

Then there was no violent conflict, and it was really cool to stop him. Now I’m fearless when I try to stop those men who pee. Sometimes I just say "hey" casually, and they will run away in fear.

Love of 100 yuan

When women are "crazy", they actually give up an illusion called "giving up being liked by everyone". But many women are forbearing and careful, not to get like, but to avoid harm. After all, I just want to live well. This is our instinct based on years of life.

I once heard a visitor say about an experiment: if a mouse is given an irregular continuous electric shock and it can’t run away, then the mouse will soon be depressed; But if you let it get away once, it’s hard to be depressed. It has run away before, and it also believes that it can run away.

This experiment has given me great inspiration. When women give up the illusion of being hurt, small local victories can bring great hope.

Zhang Chun pinched a clay villain of his own.

Source: Weibo of Zhang Chun

1. You need to take medicine to fall asleep, which means "you can fall asleep". You need glasses to see clearly, that is, "see clearly." Glasses and pills in the world are for use. You can use whatever method can help you.

2. There are many ways to help yourself, which can build a new framework for understanding the world. Reading, exercising, gardening, etc., can be done. Psychological counseling is also a tool, but it is only one of them.

Believe that your pain is justified, and stay in pain for a while. Suffer first, and then see what happens. The most important and crucial thing is not to die, but to live again.

Zhang Chunhe’s own puppy Dobby.

4. You don’t have to be diligent, improve yourself and become a better self; It doesn’t have to be "independent, progressive and feminist". In fact, it is possible that you, who are lying in bed playing with your mobile phone, are already your best self, although not satisfactory.

5. If you want to lie down, play and eat cupcakes, how can you live? Believe in your feelings and choices, and you are right.

6. Stop trying to integrate and understand all the rules in this world and invent some new rules. I believe that the existing rules are not for you.

7. When you have symptoms of depression, don’t delay seeing a doctor. Depression can make people less active and less motivated. Observe the law of being spiritual and not spiritual, seize an opportunity, jump in the car and go to the hospital. Go to a regular hospital to see a doctor and take medicine.

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For women, "obedient" is the least imaginative.

Xinyi Zhang

Let’s start with a story, which I saw on a public number. The wealthy mother spent money to buy her daughter a 300,000 yuan shop, but her daughter was ungrateful and didn’t shop all day. She doesn’t study, she doesn’t lose weight, she doesn’t even look at the shop, and she is keen on talking about her boyfriend who is useless to outsiders. Mother went online for help and wrote down the facts themselves.

Such a story sounds simple and boring, even as creative material, it seems that there is not much room for imagination.

However, the mother-daughter story, ordinary life, secret inner corner, and life that is stipulated and arranged are all potential elements that can be described in this story. Is the daughter really happy or seemingly rebellious? What is she expecting? What is the dislocation between her expectation and her mother’s expectation? There will be other shops in the same street. What is the biggest difference between the daughter who became the boss in her early twenties and other middle-aged women who became the proprietress through marriage?

Women’s roles can be confined to private space. The water towns, alleys and ancient towns in the south of the Yangtze River are some familiar narratives that originated from contemporary literature in the 1980s. You can also enter the workplace. The images of professional women in Hong Kong film and television in the 1990s, such as "Sister Tuo Gun", "No.1 Imperial Court" and "Wonderful Hands and Kindness", have shaped most of our generation’s life imagination in professional fields, work ability and romantic urban love. However, only longing does not resonate, because it is not realistic. The details of life should be broken down, such as the long scenes in Hou Hsiao-hsien’s movies when recalling the past, and the endless meals in Xu Anhua Tin Shui Wai day and night. Focusing on specific individuals, we discuss the situation in which women enter the public sphere from private space, and then wander between them to find their own position.

Feminism from scratch, written by Chizuko Ueno and Yoko Tanaka on [Japan], translated by Lu Lingzhi, Beijing United Publishing Company, September 2021.

Chizuko Ueno’s new book, with its title, cover design and dialogue style, is closer to the popularization of popular science. It is placed after her previous publication "Misogyny" and "Patriarchy and Capitalism", which is in line with the title "Starting from scratch" and is similar to some metaphor. Although we have taken some steps, the complexity of reality will require us to return to the original point at any time. This is a proposition of collective environment and a strategy to understand individual situation.

Starting from zero, the starting point of zero varies from person to person. We need to know concretely and constantly before we can start our reflection. It is more difficult to understand and act in the field of practice. However, if you are lucky enough to be a creator at the same time, you will have another mission-narration. It will add an angle to help you inspire greater understanding and empathy.

Cognition: "disobedience" under structure

Patriarchy and Capitalism by Ueno Chizuko is not only an introductory reading to introduce the theoretical basis and limitations of Marxism, but also an extension of it. It uses several concepts to explain the dilemma of women being under the family structure and social structure at the same time. "Love" and "motherhood" are constructed myths, and the actual situation is the hidden economic and power structure: the contradiction between production and reproduction, "housework" from the dual perspective of patriarchy and capitalism, the trap of "interruption-re-employment" and so on.

Patriarchy and Capitalism, by Ueno Chizuko, translated by Zou Yun and Xue Mei, Zhejiang University Press, March 2020.

Some of the habits of writing with articles while reading will become unintelligible sighs when they reread. Rereading Patriarchy and Capitalism, I saw that I was full of expressions such as "I want to see hope" and disappeared at the back of the book. In the concrete development of reality, the old explanatory terms show their growing limitations. Facing the fresh and more complicated realistic dilemma, we need new languages.

This is, of course, a great significance of "female writing". "Female writing" and "female narration" are undoubtedly not rigorous enough in academic expression, but its significance lies in being named itself. We hardly talk about "male writing", but emphasize "female" from the gender dimension, which lies in the necessity of gathering eyes. "We don’t want to turn our backs on each other, we are the injured whole." What Jane Austen blurted out through the protagonist’s mouth in northanger abbey is largely the author’s own voice. Under the structural conventions and restrictions, "female narration" of various art categories will be placed on the cultural edge. The expression of individual experience outside the mainstream narrative will be defined as an "autobiography" that is not decent enough or a trivial narrative. The heart and voice that have been neglected for a long time will be covered by another way of interpretation, such as narrow life, defects in works, rebellion against self and so on. The emerging "female role model" has also become isolated. While we praise her, we praise an isolated and talented individual who has grown up, and we can’t see the possibility of changing the fate of the group.

"Obey", we will continue to stay in the original structure and language expression. Those ways of explaining life make us feel safe, easy and easy to resonate, but they just bypass the protagonist as the main body. A mother with a traditional concept understands her daughter in the old structural cognition, and her daughter will undoubtedly be condemned. My daughter has a "correct" life template in the old structure, which is related to losing weight, becoming beautiful, finding a "reliable" male protector, watching the shop and so on. But in her daughter’s mind, will she define her life outlook and individual value in this way in her early twenties? Her rich, subtle and secret feelings, her curiosity about the world and her desire for love have thus entered a stable track, past, present and future, and the established rules and expectations … As a specific individual, her daughter refused such a narrative.

Imagination: Focus on specific individuals.

"disobedience" will cause the fear of the original power subject. "How to restrain women’s writing" writes about the ridicule and doubts suffered by "women’s writing" in various eras.

"Let them fear is not a stranger. It is a reinterpretation of familiar things. " "Women writers broke into the canon again and again, out of nowhere-they are unusual and maverick, their writing techniques are weird, and their ideas are’ out of date’".

How to restrain women’s writing, by Joanna Lars, translated by Zhang Yan, Nanjing University Press, November 2020.

Its anachronism comes from two levels. First, in narrative skills, in the empirical world defined by male theme discourse, the interpretation from the female perspective challenges the so-called objectivity and absolute standards. Once the existence of "the other" art itself is recognized, the linear hierarchy, order and standards need to be redefined. Second, in the narrative experience, in the field where "they" have expressed, "they" have made a new sound, which has the structural vibration force that the positions of "center" and "edge" are constructed. To what extent can the heterogeneous experience expressed by female narration be understood and accepted? The essence of expression lies in confirming the existence of experience and calling for the possibility of new historical construction.

As a means, narration is the expression of experience. However, within the female group, how to treat their own experience is also undergoing a process of change and development. The reflection of "misogyny" exists not only in the structure of gender opposition or social economy, but also in the internal development and cognition of women, which involves the part with the most imaginative space besides rationality, that is, people’s subtle and rich inner world.

Misogyny, by Ueno Chizuko, translated by Wang Lan, Shanghai Sanlian Bookstore, January 2015.

As a novel-writing enthusiast who thinks that she has written female stories, I also began to find the ghost of "misogyny" in myself from reading "misogyny". If I write this story, there is a high probability that I will write a story about a successful startup. One is to spend a lot of energy to prove her daughter to her mother, and the other is a mother who can’t understand that her daughter finally chooses staged reconciliation. There is obviously some kind of template behind such a story. For example, even in such a close relationship between mother and daughter, we need social wealth and status to prove our value. This is the "canonical" evaluation standard under the structure of patriarchy and capitalism. Realism, but lacking vivid details, is written "truth". The portrayal of characters is nothing to be desired.

Maybe the daughter is a daughter who can’t become a female entrepreneur. Maybe the mother’s judgment is right. She has no talent and is wasting her time. Such a narrative will be trapped in the meaning of the commonplace, so why should we tell and appreciate it?

Movie poster of Days and Nights in Tin Shui Wai

And if this is a movie, shoot the daily life of mother and daughter. Eating, washing dishes and sleeping, my daughter secretly went out for a date, and my mother was alone in the deserted shop. It was dull, boring and unintelligible at some moments. Suddenly, I would think of a certain narrative style of Xu Anhua, Days and Nights in Tin Shui Wai, Sister Tao and Forty Women. Recently, the documentary film "Make a Good Movie" about Xu Anhua was released. Taking this opportunity, I revisited many works by Xu Anhua. The female images she created, such as Zhang Mu, Grandma Liang, Tao Jie and A E in Tianshuiwei, are all individuals who have worked hard in concrete life. Buy food, eat, wash dishes, deal with relatives and friends, and then continue to buy food, eat, wash dishes and solve all kinds of troubles in the family. They are faced with specific dilemmas: husbands who don’t care about things, silent sons, complicated housework, and fathers-in-law with Alzheimer’s disease … They don’t have such luck. Like the heroine in Escape is shameful but useful, they clearly mark the price and get salary feedback from their employers/male parents. In Ueno Chizuko’s analytical framework, they are individuals who have never awakened and reflected on their thoughts. They are kind and hard-working, swearing and stumbling to take responsibility.

What we have to do is not to condemn and take sides. Starting from "zero", we have experienced the long efforts of women’s power fighters in past dynasties. The reproduction mode in family structure is to try to answer the reasons why women feel uncomfortable in family life. The self-discovery of "misogyny" is a precious turning point. Every one of us has more or less "misogyny", and feminists start to think from it, which makes us focus on the part that is disciplined in a subtle way. Writing is a kind of expression. Let’s let our imagination fly. The expression of experience has many forms.

Only a part of individuals can be understood by theoretical analysis, and the more important part focuses on real and rich life experiences. How can women find their own value under different circumstances?

Narration will come to an abrupt end here, and the interpretation framework and story template will be invalid. For example, we need more imagination to understand the story of this mother, daughter and shop. Life tells a story, the logic is rigorous, but the facts are ever-changing. The premise is a deeper understanding and empathy, not only as a listener and storyteller, but as a member of the group. The value that the mother thinks, the value that the daughter yearns for, and the value that the daughter can achieve in the current situation are all misplaced scripts that need to be rewritten in many details. It is a good thing to come to an abrupt end. In the face of new and more complicated practical difficulties, we need new languages.

Narration: We are a whole.

The sincerity of narration requires us to enter the individual’s life experience and spiritual world. However, in the meaning behind narration, it may be of special significance to connect individuals and become a whole. In Make a Good Movie, except for the actress, almost all of Xu Anhua’s colleagues are male directors, so the narrative of the documentary about the director himself cannot be separated from the gender issue. When Xu Anhua finishes a film and publicizes it all over the country, she will also be expected to make such a narrative. As a female director, what do you think is special in all aspects?

Poster of documentary "Make a Good Movie"

In the analysis of How to Restrain Women’s Writing, "deprivation of authorship" has gone through a long process of development. After acknowledging the existence and rationality of writing-she is writing, she should write, and she writes well. There is also a part that is embarrassing-where did "she" come from?

She is not an individual, not a genius, not an alternative, she is a member of the group. The context of women’s writing needs to be connected, and its logic is the discovery of role models, the combing of artistic traditions and the affirmation of historical achievements. Women’s narrative and voice need to leave results, which are the traces of "we" trying to live.

In How to Restrain Female Writing, it seems to talk about a very small part-female creators, but in fact they can be regarded as individuals who are temporarily separated from the myth of motherhood, family structure and reproduction distribution. The expression of individual experience, beyond the despair of "Jin Zhiying", opens up a new track for us-paying close attention to ourselves as much as any specific problem. Its greatest significance lies in the completion of behavior. When we say it, we say it, and when we write it, we write it. The opportunity of women’s writing and its recognized space did not fall from the sky, but it took a long time and the efforts of several generations.

Where did she come from? Xu Anhua is not an exception. Make a Good Movie disenchanted her. No matter how excellent she is, her most appropriate identity is still a sincere expresser. On the one hand, from the perspective of image nourishment or literature reserve, she has her own learning context and field role models, among which, of course, there are female role models, such as Zhang Ailing, whom she has repeatedly mentioned. On the other hand, she entered "their" life from the perspective of "people", which was a stiff and even awkward warmth, a way of explaining and trying to understand.

"Obedience" is the least imaginative. What it lacks is that the story of "Jin Zhiying" is not endless, and it causes fear, not resonance. Life’s refusal to discipline and self-exploration must always be a conscious act. In this sense, the seemingly useless daughter in her early twenties has ignited a flame that can become the light of reflection in the future. For girls in their early twenties, falling in love is a serious matter, not looking at the shop. The mother thinks that the value of her daughter is so single, and her daughter may not think so. At least, she didn’t lose weight and resisted the anxiety of appearance. She just likes a handsome, useless and not so serious boyfriend, which is understandable.

"Obedience" will stifle the imagination of life, and the specific way is the practice of individual experience. Therefore, after reading all kinds of theories, we still have to mistake the daily petals for the rare snowflakes in the south, like the ignorant "father-in-law" in Forty Women, and imagine that we are standing in the snow all over the sky, and there is such an epiphany moment that "life is very enjoyable".

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Proofreading: Zhang Liangliang

English League Cup: Manchester United vs Newcastle United! If you don’t rotate, you will collapse? Newcastle are afraid to give up the cup

Let’s have our first chat today.United Cup: Manchester United vs Newcastle!

However, Manchester United has been very poor recently, and the Internet is full of posts about Teng Hager. Last season’s "Teng Sheng" and "Da Ming" have become "Teng Hi" and "Incompetence".

But Newcastle’s crisis may be even bigger. If Eddie Howe doesn’t handle it well, it may become the next Berlin League.

The Berlin United we talked about yesterday was overwhelmed by two-track operations, causing a lot of injuries, and then both strength and morale collapsed.

Newcastle haven’t collapsed yet, and it’s still the sixth place in the Premier League, but it may be soon.

Now they have a lot of injuries, Xiao wine made a simple picture, Isaac, Boatman and other six main or semi-main players will come back at the end of the month as soon as possible.

With so many injuries, what has caused a situation?

Last time they played Wolves, there was no striker on the bench.

There are 9 people on the bench, but they are almost all goalkeepers and defenders, with only two midfielders and none strikers.

Moreover, the two midfielders, Willock and Ritchie, are in poor condition. On the one hand, they are weak. On the other hand, they have only played 53 minutes in the Premier League this season, and they are very lacking in competition.

This is actually a terrible thing-A team that plays on two fronts in the Champions League and Premier League has no reliable strikers and midfielders on the bench.

So we can see that against Wolves, Newcastle only changed one person … There is really no one to change.

This is very dangerous.

You know, playing Dortmund on the 26th is a tough battle, and it costs a lot. And the number 29 wolvesIt rained heavily.,The physical consumption of rain fighting is greater.

Newcastle played two high-intensity games in these four days, and the starting lineup actually changed only one injured Isaac! Wolves have only changed one substitute to play!

You know, their starting lineupThe average age is 29.2 years.! Very old! Their game style is still fierce and easy to get hurt.

Today’s game against Manchester United is the third game in eight days. If Eddie Howe dares to fight again, if one or two people are injured again, I’m afraid it will become Berlin United.

Of course, even if they want to fight,I’m afraid these main players can’t fight any more.

In the last game against wolves, their performance was very poor.

Yes, I did get two, but how did these two get in?

The first one was that armand traore, the Wolves’ midfielder, knocked over his goalkeeper, selling half and giving one to Newcastle.

The second was to give Newcastle a controversial penalty.

Although Taylor gave the penalty the first time, from the VAR replay, Schell was suspected of diving, maybe not a penalty, but also to Newcastle Huang Ka.

On the contrary, wolves have more opportunities here, such asNeto has unlimited military training on the side, Bourne.

Bowen is not weak, of course, but you should know that as the tallest giant defender in the Premier League, the full-back who played this season is very physically exhausted. The third consecutive game is still a rainy battle. How can he get the physical strength to defend Neto?

If Neto hadn’t been injured by accident, I’m afraid Wolves would have entered.

On the other side, Trippier is also terrible-only two of the 11 confrontations were successful, with a success rate of 18.2%.

Trippier, a first-class defender, was beaten so badly, mainly because he was too tired. After all, a 33-year-old man played the whole game twice in four days, which one can hold up?

If Newcastle can’t stand the wolves’ strong flank, then why play Manchester United today?

Manchester United and Rachford, these wingers, are better than Neto Huang Xican, right?

The pressure on Manchester United is too great, and it has been sprayed all the time. The last Manchester derby made people hang easily, and it was even worse.

Tenghage is different from Eddie Howe.

Eddie Howe can bring Newcastle to this height, and there is no need to worry about prestige, class crisis and so on.

But Tenghage should consider these. If he loses again, can he still convince the public? Will class be over? These are really hard to say.

Therefore, Newcastle can not fight, just stay and play the League and the precious Champions League. Even if you want to play the domestic cup, there will be a more important FA Cup. What is the British Cup? Tottenham Hotspur, which fights on a single line, rotates greatly.

But Manchester United really have no retreat. For them, victory will be more important than rotation.

Therefore, although the recent situation is worse for Manchester United, Manchester United really needs a victory.

On the Newcastle side, what Eddie Howe needs most is the health of the players. As for the British League Cup, the priority may not be too high.

Although the strength of the two sides is close, the gap in fighting spirit may be huge, and in the chicken rib cup, fighting spirit may be more important than strength, for example, Wolfsburg played Leipzig yesterday.

All things considered, can Manchester United satisfy the fans? What do you think? The cocktail party will look forward to their victory.

Well, in other competitions today, Xiaojiu will still send you text analysis in the evening. If you have anything unclear, you can ask me, "Look at the ball and see clearly", and we will be there or not!

If you like it, move your fingers and pay attention to it!

Listening to your words is better than listening to them.

Casey left AC Milan on a free transfer before this season. He had been at the club for three years. In an interview published earlier, the midfielder discussed the difference between Milan and Barcelona. He said that the goal is the same, winning is the only thing, but other aspects are very different.

"I want to say that they are two very different ways of playing football and their understanding of football. Here, Barcelona is more technical. The same is winning, yes, but not in every way. Barcelona is very demanding of good scenes, and every player should have a wonderful performance to do this. In Milan, it’s different, everything is more direct. But the most important thing is the result. The constant is that in these two clubs, you have to win, of course.

Barcelona is currently ranked first in the La Liga standings. After a little struggle at first, Kathy has gained a foothold. Therefore, it is unlikely to return to Milan (or join Inter).

Reporter: Newcastle and West Ham are potential suitors of Maguire, and they may rent first and then buy.

Live broadcast on March 11th In an interview with British media TEAMtalk, reporter Graeme Bailey revealed that Newcastle and West Ham are potential suitors of Maguire, and they may rent and buy the central defender first.

Since Tenghahe took office, Maguire has lost the main position of Manchester United. The central defender is still an important member of the English team. Therefore, in order to ensure his position in the Three Lions, it is helpful for him and the club to leave Manchester United in the summer.

Reporter Graeme Bailey revealed that Maguire is indeed a player that Manchester United can sell, Newcastle and West Ham are potential suitors of the central defender, and the two teams may sign Maguire by loan-enhanced buyout or choose buyout. This has something to do with Maguire’s salary, which is about 200,000 pounds a week at Manchester United.

Although renting Maguire out can eliminate part of Manchester United’s salary account, it will also lead to the Red Devils not receiving his transfer fee this summer, which will hardly help Tenghahe who wants to introduce center.


9.3.2 Another computing machine 2

This book regards the conceived language machine as the latest development of language media system tools, and language machines can also be analyzed and compared in the history of computing machines.

When Turing conceived the Turing machine, he began by observing the process of people’s calculation on paper with pens. The Turing machine device conceived was used to simulate the behavior of human beings in the calculation process. Turing machine models calculation problems by establishing rules about symbols, internal states, and how input and state determine output. Simply put, given the input, Turing machine can output regularly. The idea of Turing machine is more from the machine, which is reflected in the fact that the atomic operation of Turing machine is based on a character: reading a character, making judgment and processing, and the output is only a character or no output. This is unnatural to understand from a human perspective. The object of concern in manual calculation operation is various expressions, which may be a single symbol only under certain circumstances. In this book, we regard calculation as equivalence in expression-substitution as a calculation operation. In an abstract sense, Turing machine’s output from input to rule can also be regarded as a replacement operation. Only the substitution of a single symbol is not a human computing behavior pattern. The effect is the same problem, usually Turing machine needs to establish more rules.

As mentioned earlier, Turing machine is equivalent to Chomsky’s type 2 grammar. The basis of Chomsky’s grammar theory, such as production rules, is also a substitution operation in nature. Chomsky’s grammar theory forms the grammatical basis of modern programming languages. A few months before Turing submitted his paper, the American mathematician alonzo church (June, 1903–August, 1995) submitted his paper "Explanation on Deterministic Problems", which also proved that there was no solution to the deterministic problems. Qiu Qi’s argument is based on Lambda calculus. Qiu Qi’s Lambda calculus is equivalent to Turing machine’s computing power. By studying the theory of Lambda calculus, we can find that the operation of calculus is obviously embodied in recursive symbol replacement. Through more investigation of the history of computing machines, other computing machine models based on similar replacement operation designs can be found. Turing machine thought does not explain where the rules from input to output come from, which is regarded as open. Church’s Lambda calculus theory, Chomsky grammar theory and other theories and models are also considered from a specific technical point of view. In this book, calculation is not studied as an independent topic, but in the context of the use of symbols. The replacement rules on which calculation is based can be classified as equivalence relations in knowledge or facts, including existing equivalence relations and potentially derivable equivalence relations. The background on which this book is based enables machines to be used as tools for language media systems.

Modern computer is an engineering realization of turing machine, and turing machine is not only realized by modern computer. The processing of modern computers is ultimately decomposed into arithmetic and logical calculations. Turing machine theory itself has no such requirement, which is only determined by the technical route. The consistency of binary system and its calculation in symbol and physics has brought modern computers. In the concept of language machine, the process based on substitution-transformation can have special advantages in terms of the efficiency of calculation execution. Because it can operate directly on any level of expression, it reduces the process of decomposition back to atomic operation. A substitution-transformation operation in expression corresponds to many times of atomic arithmetic, logical calculation operations and corresponding internal communication of modern computers, and theoretically, the consumption of space and time will be smaller.

Using the present computer, it is possible to simulate the ability to perform substitution-transformation operations at the expression level, or to package a programming language based on substitution-transformation operations. For the goal of language machine, these schemes have only limited verification significance. First of all, this brings some kind of cycle: virtual replacement-conversion operation based on logical and arithmetic calculation, and logical and mathematical calculation based on replacement-conversion operation. Conceptually, this book thinks that substitution-transformation is a more basic operation than logical and arithmetic calculation. Secondly, it sacrifices the possible efficiency advantages of language machines. The conception, design and implementation of language machine may draw lessons from some current computer technologies, and the overall use mode is difficult to be compared with the use of von Neumann machine. It can be predicted that the language machine will be realized, and its ability will not exceed that of a universal Turing machine, which does not constitute a key evaluation of the language machine. What the language machine pursues is the effects that can be brought by the new man-machine collaboration, which are first of all for people.

If the language machine is finally realizable, will it be dedicated or can it be used as a new universal machine? It is too early to think about such a problem now. It can be seen that the discussion in this book is basically limited to the scope of theoretical knowledge. By comparison, the application of computers is mainly in the fields of technology and engineering. In the problem solving in these fields, many problems are not typical calculation problems; Empirical rules are equally important for solving all kinds of problems, and they are not all deducible from theory. This book is to understand the language machine from the perspective of language tools, and to support people’s use of symbols is always the first. On the other hand, once the machine shows some potential, people will try to maximize the potential of the machine, which is easier to carry out and may be counterproductive to the goal of using human-oriented symbols by the machine.

In application, the depth of language mechanism and content of language machine is related to the problems considered by artificial intelligence at present, so the two can also be compared. Fundamentally, their ideological starting points are different. The primary goal of language machine is to replace tools such as paper, pen, ink and computer to support the construction and use of human language and realize more effective use of human language with the help of tools. Contemporary artificial intelligence generally uses machines to simulate the intellectual behavior of the human brain, so that more jobs that were originally done by people can be replaced by machines. This book regards human intelligence as developing or expanding with the use of symbols, rather than a roughly fixed model that can be imitated and replaced by machines.

While better cooperating with the use of symbols by human beings, the knowledge possessed by human beings and machines can be more and more similar, and the knowledge possessed by machines can exceed the capacity of any human individual; In the past, more and more symbolic regular operations performed by people can be performed by machines, and they are more efficient; At this point, it is no problem to say that the behavior shown by the machine is intelligent. Let’s look at a concrete example, the relationship between category and instance. A is a category, and X is an example under the category. We say that X belongs to A, and the word "belonging" can be understood by interpretation. It is doubtful whether the understanding formed by this explanation is really effective, and it is impossible for us to explain the machine like this. Now, we can realize such a mechanism: X is an example under category A, which contains any proposition of A. You can replace A with X, and the proposition still holds. This substitutable relationship can be actually implemented by the machine in a specific context. From the operational sense, the language machine shows that it has understood that "X is an example under category A". Machines don’t understand whether symbolic units have meaning or not, just like people do. On the other hand, an important sign of understanding is to know how to operate symbols.

A popular view is that modern computers are good at dealing with structured and regular knowledge, but they are not good at dealing with unstructured and open knowledge, such as common sense. With the development of machines in the latter direction, we can understand and imitate human intelligence more. First of all, this book does not think that a perfect understanding of structured rule knowledge has been established, and this theory has been disintegrated in machine application. Modern computers began with computing as an independent theme. To this end, this book has established its own theory, the core point is: knowledge is expressed based on equivalence relation, and calculation is based on equivalence relation. On this basis, we discuss how to build knowledge in the machine, thus making the machine have deduction ability. What is important is the structured and regular knowledge, which corresponds to the expansion of human intelligence and cognition by symbols. From the perspective of the division of labor between machines and humans, it is a reasonable way to improve or innovate tools to enhance this expansion.

The emphasis on common sense makes natural language a core theme of artificial intelligence. Through the establishment of a complex language model and statistical calculation on a large number of corpus, the machine also shows a certain language processing ability. From the economic point of view, these advances can be of great value. Most white-collar jobs are fixed jobs and do not need real creativity. It is possible that these processes are close to some parts of human intelligence, but this will not be the core part. The deductive ability of a language machine, ideally, can calculate all possible conclusions from the currently known theories and facts. This ability is the part of human intelligence expanded by symbols. This book only re-understands and realizes this part of intelligence as a more general way.

When the system we build shows that we can name, define, form new cognition and express, and ask questions, we can probably say that it is close to the core of human intelligence. This may require more systematic research, and a continuous understanding from perceptual experience to symbol system and from natural language to abstract symbol system can be established before we can find out whether there are some forms of intelligence that always depend on it. This book is more concerned about whether we can develop new forms and ways of using symbols, so that human beings can use symbols more efficiently.

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Journal of Computational and Cognitive Engineering

Journal of Computational and Cognitive Engineering (Computer and Cognitive Engineering) is an international interdisciplinary journal with peer review, which publishes cutting-edge articles on the latest trends of computational and cognitive engineering. The goal of this journal is to spread the research and practice of emerging disciplines in the fields of computing and cognitive engineering, so as to solve real-world problems. The journal welcomes contributions from scholars engaged in various computational and cognitive modeling methods in health, education, finance, environment, engineering, commerce and industry.

Periodical characteristics
Strict review All articles will undergo strict international peer review, and you can get fair, just and high-quality review opinions from peer scholars.
It is highly visible that your article will be included in DOAJ database and Google Academic, and will also be included in the major databases in the research fields in the future, and can be searched and queried by researchers in related fields.
Permanent reading All articles support Gold Open Access. After the paper is published, its final version can be read immediately, freely and permanently.
Publishing academic articles submitted quickly will quickly enter the review stage, ensuring that the final decision of the journal is obtained within 40 days after submission.
Copyright All articles are published under the CC BY 4.0 agreement, and the copyright of the articles belongs to the author.

Scope of soliciting contributions and preferential policies The scope of accepting contributions for this journal includes but is not limited to the following fields: Machine Learning, Data Mining, And Big Data Processing machine learning, Data mining and big data processing network intelligence and mobile computing network intelligence and mobile computing explainable Artificial Intelligence explainable artificial intelligence artificial intelligence artificial intelligence Cognitive Enginee Ring cognitive engineering Deep Learning computational cognitive neuroscience computational cognitive neuroscience Fuzzy Logic and Neural Networks fuzzy logic and neural network Robotics, IoT, AIoT, And Autonomous Systems robotics, internet of things, Artificial Intelligence Internet of Things and Autonomous System Intelligent Control and Decision Pattern Recognition and Computer Vision Pattern Recognition and Computer Vision Blockchain Technologies and Applications Blockchain Technology and Application Decision-Making Theories intelligent and knowledge-based system intelligent and knowledge-based system Fuzzy Decision-Making Theories Natural Language Processing natural language processing H. Cognitive Psychology of ybrid and Nonlinear System mixed and nonlinear system

Preferential policy: For articles submitted and accepted before December 31st, 2023, the author can enjoy the preferential policy of free publication fee (APC).

Shanghai Chongming gradually returns to life normal

With the gradual termination of the seal control management, the lives of the citizens of the Chongming District of Shanghai are returning to the normal state. At present, the staff of the party and government agencies at all levels of Chongming District will return in an orderly manner. The district administrative service center, the township community affairs acceptance service center and other government service windows restore offline services in stages. The 30 bus lines are put into trial operation, and the school is actively prepared to welcome the college candidates of the middle school entrance examination. It is reported that there are 35 government service halls in Chongming District have resumed offline window services, and a total of 97 windows are opened, including district administrative service centers, some township community affairs acceptance service centers and district departments. Tax registration, employment and entrepreneurship, marriage registration, medical and health, social security, etc. involved in the daily affairs of the masses. During the gradual opening of the service hall, the current restriction measures are taken to implement the preference for appointments. Citizens can go to the nearest business after making an appointment through the Internet.

In order to facilitate the travel of residents and restore the people’s lives as soon as possible. At present, Chongming District conducts comprehensive pressure testing for the number of bus classes, the information of the information, and the capacity of the transportation. At present, there are 30 bus lines in Chongming District to resume trial operations, and the townships have evacuated the roadblocks of the main roads. (Fu Xiaobo, a reporter from Science and Technology Daily)