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Do you still want to see the auto show during the "Eleventh" holiday? The 23rd Dongguan International Auto Show is in progress.

Information Times (Reporter Luo Xiaotong) This year’s "Eleventh""During the holidays, many consumers have plans to visit the auto show. However, October 2nd is the last day of the 2023 (11th) South China International Auto Show. Where else can Guangzhou citizens visit the auto show in the remaining days of the holiday? You can consider going to the ongoing 23rd Dongguan International Auto Show.

It is reported that the 23rd Dongguan International Auto Show opened on October 1st at Guangdong Modern International Exhibition Center in Houjie, Dongguan, and the auto show lasted until October 5th, attracting many auto brands, including independent, joint venture and luxury brands. It is worth mentioning that a total of 1,500 brand-new models were unveiled at the auto show, among which there were many recently listed and hot-selling models, and Guangzhou Automobile Chuanqi held a launch conference of A-class new cars at the auto show. Let’s take a look at two of the heavy new models that debuted in Dongguan.

Chuanqi ES9 opens national pre-sale

On the opening day of the 23rd Dongguan International Auto Show, Chuanqi ES9, the second product of Chuanqi Zhidian New Energy E Series, started the national pre-sale, and four configurations were launched, with the pre-sale price range of 229,800 yuan.Yuan Dynasty (1206-1368)~ 269,800 yuan.

Chuanqi ES9 appearance. Photo courtesy of respondents

Among them, the performance of Chuanqi ES9 is worth looking forward to. It is understood that Chuanqi ES9 adopts a 2.0T PHEV special engine, which is matched with a planetary gear two-speed hybrid special transmission and a 25.57 kWh battery pack. CLTC has a pure battery life of 143 kilometers and a comprehensive cruising range of CLTC of 1,215 kilometers, which is equivalent to charging once a week for daily pure electric commuting. Comprehensive battery life can run long distances. The giant star chassis, Bosch’s latest R-EPS and Bosch One box braking system can make the whole vehicle turn flexibly, the car does not nod, and the deceleration does not cause carsickness. In addition, the whole vehicle can discharge up to 18.3 degrees, such as ambient lights, electric kettles, car refrigerators, electric fans, electric ovens, etc., and can even charge other new energy vehicles with insufficient energy.

There is no problem with the spatial performance of the whole vehicle. The full-size body has a 6/7-seat layout, and it is also equipped with flexible seats, "family bucket NVH bag" and other comfortable configurations. In addition, relying on the new generation of ADiGO 4.0 intelligent driving interconnection ecosystem, Chuanqi ES9 is equipped with an extrasensory interactive intelligent cockpit and 8155 speed chip, which can realize rapid response and richer and more intelligent functions.

Chuanqi ES9 interior. Photo courtesy of respondents

Comments: As the second fist product of Guangzhou Automobile Chuanqi’s transformation to new energy, Chuanqi ES9 aims at consumers’ demand for comfortable and anxiety-free travel. Although there are many competing products in this market segment, Chuanqi ES9 can’t open the market immediately, but the pre-sale price from 229,800 yuan has improved its market competitiveness. We can expect Chuanqi New Energy ES9 to open a new wave of enthusiasm of GAC Chuanqi in the field of new energy.

The performance version of Shanhai cannon was the first show in Dongguan.

The Great Wall Gun brand also brought a number of heavy models to Dongguan International Auto Show, among which the performance version of Shanhai Gun was the leading model. According to the plan, the performance version of Shanhai Gun is expected to be officially listed in the fourth quarter of 2023, and the official price may be as low as 300,000 yuan.

The great wall gun conference site. Photo courtesy of respondents

It is understood that the performance version of Shanhai Gun is based on the tank platform, emphasizing the integration of hard-core off-road and intelligent luxury. The car is 5,493 mm long and nearly 2 meters wide. It is close to a full-size pickup truck and has the exclusive body color of "Golden Armor". It is designed by shortening the rear suspension, increasing the wheelbase, widening the track and optimizing the shock absorption arrangement. The elbow bandwidth in the car reaches 1.6 meters. Inside the car, the interior of Shanhai Gun Performance Edition is covered with all black and gold, with matte electroplating decoration. It is equipped with 12.3-inch instrument, 14.6-inch central control panel, electric small window of rear windshield, electric adjustment of rear seat, L2-level high-order intelligent driving assistance and other functional configurations. In terms of performance, Shanhai Gun Performance Edition is equipped with domestic 3.0T V6 engine, matching 9AT, and has Borgwarner 4A+MLOCK intelligent four-wheel drive, front and rear axle electronically controlled jaw differential lock, 18-inch off-road AT tire, K-MAN nitrogen shock absorption and 12,500-pound T-MAX winch, which not only has abundant power, but also has strong off-road passability. In addition, Shanhai Gun Performance Edition has an open and ever-changing trunk, and the factory has its own C6 towing qualification, which meets the 3.3-ton trailer certification.

In recent years, pickup truck culture has attracted much attention, and many consumers are looking forward to swimming outdoors in their leisure time, so pickup truck products for passenger leisure products are increasingly popular in the market. The performance version of Shanhai Gun chose this track, and its market performance with comprehensive performance in place is worth looking forward to. However, if Shanhai Gun Performance Edition wants to better seize the market share, the price is also critical, and according to the news that the official price will be as low as 300,000 yuan at this stage, the market performance is worth looking forward to.

Auto show site map. Image source: Dongguan International Auto Show Guan Wei

In addition to the above two cars, there are many new models that were first listed in Dongguan at the 23rd Dongguan International Auto Show. For example, Chevrolet Trailblazer, Jietu Traveler, FAW-Volkswagen New ID.7, BYD Yuan Plus Champion Edition, BYD Seal DM-i, Dongfeng Peugeot 508L, Roewe D7 EV, Buick Century Wuling Nebula, imported Volkswagen Touareg Volcanic Rock Painting Sports Edition, 2024 Tucki G9, 2024 Tucki P5, brand-new FAW Red Flag HS7, brand-new Land Rover Range Rover Star Pulse, 2023 Lincoln Navigator, MG.

The most comprehensive data tells you who is the real Japanese animation brother!

Special feature of 1905 film network The movie "Doraemon", a theatrical version, arrived late. Unfortunately, Doraemon: Nobita’s New Dinosaur, the Doraemon movie series with the highest rating (ticketing platform), has not broken through the 50 million mark so far. Judging from the follow-up trend, this movie should not break through 100 million yuan and will become the worst box office work in this series in recent years.

Not to mention that in 2015, the animated film Doraemon: Walk with Me grabbed 530 million box office, and every year, a theatrical version of a big movie can have 100 million box office bases. In 2018, Doraemon: Treasure Island of Daxiong reached 209 million box office results.

Perhaps without the protection of Children’s Day and summer file, this family fun animation seems to be less energetic. On the one hand, there will be fewer opportunities for parents to take their children to watch cartoons during this schedule; On the other hand, the repeated release of Japanese animated films, such as "Baokemeng: The Counter-attack Evolution of Super Dreams" and "Digital Baby: The Last Evolution", also diluted some audiences to some extent.

For a long time, animated films have been the first choice for mainland film companies to introduce Japanese films. Such works, which are derived from mature IP, can largely guarantee their box office revenue. For Japanese animation, it is actually subdivided into theatrical animation and animated film. So, how to distinguish the two? 

Theater animation is a TV animation based on this IP, which is derived, for example, Detective Conan series and Huang Jincheng of Navigator released in China. They are independent chapters, but they are related to TV animation.Animated movies are completely original animations, such as those well known.My Neighbor Totoro’s Your NameSmokeFlowersWait.

Many people will regard Doraemon: Walk with Me as a theatrical animation, but strictly speaking, it belongs to the category of animated films. Since the Japanese film market picked up in the mainland in 2015, the theatrical animation has been the main force in Japanese films. From the first theatrical animated film Detective Conan: Sunflower of Fire in 2015 to the current Doraemon: Nobita’s New Dinosaur, there are over 28 theatrical animations to meet the audience.

In addition, Japanese box office champion Infinite Train with the Blade of Ghost Extinction, Kyoto Animation animation Violet Eternal Garden and Night of Destiny 3 are also expected to be released in the mainland in early 2021. So, what are the performances of these films in the China market?


N cases of "most"

Since 2015, all Japanese theatrical animated films have been released in the mainland, including IP with childhood feelings such as Doraemon and Conan, as well as bloody "migrant workers" such as Naruto and Navigator, and even smaller paintings such as "Violet Eternal Garden" and "Night of Destiny". These works also let us see the diversification of Japanese animation industry. Among these IPS, Doraemon series is definitely the most powerful "shoulder handle". Since 2016, there will be a work to meet the mainland audience every year. In addition to this year, due to the epidemic, the local release plan in Japan was postponed, which led to the domestic release date moving from the "June 1" summer file to the New Year’s release. 

Judging from the box office data, from 2016 to 2019, the box office results of this series of films all exceeded 100 million by the bonus of holidays, especially Doraemon: Treasure Island of Daxiong in 2018 became the first Japanese theatrical animated film with a box office of over 200 million.

It can be seen that Doraemon is still the blue fat man who is suitable for all ages and has been growing up with different generations. What can compete with this box office is another national animation, Detective Conan. In 2015, Japanese films reappeared in the China film market, and the film Detective Conan: Sunflower of Fire became the first theatrical animated film to be introduced.

Since then, this series has also become "oftengreenTree ".Except for 2017Detective Conan: Tang Hong’s Love SongNot being introduced, and the release of Japan in 2020 was postponed to 2021, Conan has also become an animated image that audiences meet every year. The market response of this series was not as enthusiastic as Doraemon at first. The total box office results in 2015 and 2016 were only 110 million, but since 2018, it has sprung up suddenly and the box office has repeatedly exceeded 100 million, especially in 2019.Detective Conan: the fist of the Qing DynastyUp to now, with a score of 231 million, it has won the highest box office in the mainland of Japan’s theatrical animated film.

If Doraemon and Detective Conan belong to the carnival of every age, then the box office of Naruto and Nautical King shows the "fighting power" of otaku. With the ending of the original Naruto, Naruto Theater Edition: Biography of Bo Ren became the first theatrical animated film to break 100 million at the box office in the Mainland. At that time, when the film was released, there was no large-scale publicity, but direct audience marketing was adopted, which successfully brought the "otaku" into the cinema. 

Doing the same thing, the "Nautical King" series has also successfully achieved good box office income. These two animated films can be said to be typical "fan movies" in some ways. Its limitation is that it is not a fan of the cartoon, so it is difficult to get into the inside of the story, and you can only look at the doorway. It can be seen from the data of "Huang Jincheng of the Sea King" and "Naruto Theater Edition" that the male and female audiences are constant at 56%: 44%, and most of them are concentrated in the crowd aged 20-24.

Looking at these animated films whose original works have been published, the equally well-known Pokémon series, Cherry Maruko and Crayon Shinchan are the most disappointing. Especially, the Pokémon series, the two works currently released, both have a box office of only 30 million. The "yellow-skinned electric mouse" that the audience thinks is the most cute can’t even move the box office.

On the contrary, "Digital Baby: The Last Evolution", which is also a teenager’s feeling, has captured 125 million box office domineering, becoming the highest box office in this type of film in 2020. Of course, the most unexpected thing is that "Cherry Maruko" and "Crayon Shinchan", two animation brands with great national representatives, have only introduced one theatrical animation work each. 

On the contrary, the animation brand Destiny’s Night, which is more niche in itself, has always maintained the most stable output, Destiny’s Night — — The goblet of heaven: the flower of bad omen and the night of destiny — — The Cup of Heaven II: The Lost Butterfly has achieved about 30 million box office results, so it is no wonder that the introduction of Destiny’s Night 3 is under way. 

Who’s next?

At present, animated films from Makoto Shinkai and Miyazaki Hayao are introduced frequently. At the same time, the works of authors such as Mamoru Hosoda (Future) and Ayumu Watanabe (Son of the Sea Beast) are gradually recognized by the audience. However, it cannot be ignored that the theatrical animated films will still be the main force of Japanese animated films in the China film market in the future.

To a large extent, the fan base of these animations can guarantee its basic box office income. At present, Detective Conan: Scary Bullet, which was adapted from Japan in 2021, has been announced to be introduced by Huace Film, and I believe it will meet the audience at an appropriate time.

Of course, the introduction of Doraemon’s 2021 theatrical version Doraemon: Nobita’s Little War in the Universe will not be abandoned because of this box office failure. In addition, Huace Film also officially announced the introduction of "Silver Soul: The Final". This will be the first time that the cinema in China mainland has introduced the animated film "Silver Soul". I wonder if this relatively old IP can drive fans’ feelings? 

The theatrical animation "Infinite Train with Ghost Blade", which is about to break the box office champion of Japanese film history, is also expected to be introduced. Although this brand is not as well-known as Naruto and Voyage King in the China market at present, it is expected to impress the curiosity of many audiences other than the original fans when it is released in the mainland with its hot box office results in Japan.

The new work Natsume Friends Account, which once won 115 million box office, Natsume Friends Account: Shiqi and Suspicious Visitors also has the opportunity to let mainland audiences see the moment when Niangkou Sansan sells cute on the big screen. These kinds of theatrical animated films, while selling feelings, how to make something new may be concerned by fans and ordinary audiences. In particular, whether they can continue the past Japanese theatrical animation box office in the future may be the most worth looking forward to.

The shadow of the snowstorm in Hangzhou gradually passed and Spring Festival travel rush began to improve.

Topic: 2008 Spring Festival travel rush

Special topic: all parts of the country are United in freezing disaster



  On the afternoon of January 30, at a temporary stop near Hangzhou Railway Station, the medical staff of the medical rescue station were examining the stranded passengers. Recently, due to the heavy snow, the railway and highway traffic in China has been blocked or interrupted, and a large number of returning passengers have been stranded in Hangzhou Railway Station and major long-distance bus stations in urban areas. It is reported that since January 27, Hangzhou has opened a number of temporary residence points to provide living security and warm services for stranded passengers in various forms. By the afternoon of January 30th, it had received nearly 100,000 people. China News Agency issued Jong Li photo

  Long-distance bus tickets can be signed at any time.

  Hangzhou Railway Station resumed ticket sales, and Xiaoshan Airport operated normally.

  There is good news to tell you. Although many trains stopped on the Hangzhou Railway yesterday, because a large number of passengers responded to the government’s call and chose to refund their tickets for the New Year in Hangzhou, the passenger detention at Hangzhou Railway Station finally began to improve last night, and Hangzhou Railway Station will resume selling train tickets from today. At the same time, the news from the highway and civil aviation departments is that the operation order is gradually improving, and Hangzhou Spring Festival travel rush is getting out of the shadow of the snowstorm day by day.


  Inter-provincial buses are gradually becoming normal.

  The reporter learned from the bus stations in the southeast and northwest that at 9: 00 am yesterday, all the buses at the East Station and the South Station were running normally. The West Railway Station resumed the inter-provincial buses from Hangzhou to Quzhou, Kaihua, Longyou, Tonglu, Xin ‘anjiang, Lin ‘an and Changhua, and the inter-provincial buses from Jingdezhen, Wuyuan, Jiujiang and Nanchang in Jiangxi. Shuttle buses such as Changsha and Wuhan gradually resumed operation. Nearly 60 inter-provincial buses from North Station to Nanjing have been dispatched at one time, which were taken away by police cars, and other inter-provincial buses are ready to start.

  As of 16: 30 pm, it was learned from the bus stations in the southeast and northwest that all the buses at the East Bus Station and the South Bus Station were operating normally. Shuttle buses from West Bus Station to Quzhou, Kaihua, Longyou, Tonglu, Xin ‘anjiang, Lin ‘an and Changhua are running normally. Inter-provincial shuttle buses to Jingdezhen, Wuyuan, Jiujiang, Nanchang and Yushan in Jiangxi are currently operating normally, including 23 flights to Nanchang yesterday; Sent to Jingdezhen class 18; There are as many as 100 shuttle buses to Tunxi and Shexian in Anhui. Other inter-provincial lines such as Changsha and Wuhan are currently suspended. The bus line from North Bus Station to the province is basically normal. The service in Suzhou, Jiangsu Province is basically normal. The shuttle bus to Nanjing runs 67 times in the morning, but it stopped again after 12 noon due to road congestion. Due to the closure of Xuancheng-Guangde Expressway, classes of lines in Huangmei and Wuhan in Hubei were diverted to Hangzhou-Jinhua-Quzhou Expressway and bypassed by Jiangxi Province. Anhui, Henan and other inter-provincial lines continue to stop.

  Long-distance bus tickets do not expire.

  Yesterday, the Spring Festival travel rush Office of Hangzhou released a message that from now on, Hangzhou Changyun will introduce a permanent and effective measure for bus tickets during the Spring Festival travel rush period. As long as the line is opened, ticket holders can go with them as soon as they arrive. That is to say, instead of waiting at the bus station, they can go to the bus station at any time.

  At the same time, the four major stations have also opened the ticketing service telephone number 86981111 and the service consultation telephone number 86046666, providing consultation service 24 hours a day, and adopting the method of multi-point ticketing, all the ticketing windows of the four major bus stations have been opened to serve passengers.

  The bus station will open a temporary waiting area.

  At present, the situation of roads around Hangzhou has improved, and a large number of passengers will flock to the station. At present, the transportation department of Hangzhou has set up departure points outside the station according to the actual situation, in which the temporary waiting point of the West Coach Station is located in the nearby Armed Police Command School, and the temporary waiting point of the North Coach Station is located in the nearby Motor City. Once the station is overcrowded, these places will also be used as temporary departure points, where passengers can wait and get on the bus.


  The detention situation at the railway station has improved.

  As the disastrous rain and snow weather continues, the number of trains stopped at Hangzhou Railway Station has increased. On the 30th, 18 pairs of new trains were stopped, bringing the total number of stopped trains to 38.

  However, due to a large number of passengers returning their tickets at the station according to the outage situation, nearly 40,000 tickets were refunded at Hangzhou Railway Station and Hangzhou East Railway Station in only three days from January 28 to 30. In addition, some passengers responded to the call of government departments and stayed in Hangzhou for the holidays, which made the passengers stranded in Hangzhou Station basically delivered by 30th, and the train operation order was adjusted accordingly due to the suspension. It is expected that the train operation order from Hangzhou to Yunnan, Guizhou, Sichuan and Guangzhou will be gradually restored after today. The situation of Hangzhou’s delay in going to Xi ‘an, Taiyuan, Datong, Fuyang and Hefei has been greatly improved, and the operation order has basically recovered.

  To this end, the ticket offices of Hangzhou Railway Station and Hangzhou East Railway Station will resume the sale of train tickets to all parts of the country within three days from today, and the ticket outlets in the city will still sell train tickets to all parts of the country within 11 days. In the early stage, due to the serious delay of trains in the direction of Yunnan, Guizhou, Sichuan and Guangzhou, passengers who have not yet refunded their tickets and are still waiting for news, if they still need to continue to take the bus, Hangzhou Station and hangzhou east railway station can go through the formalities of changing the corresponding trains to late boarding according to passenger demand and train operation and transportation capacity. From today, Hangzhou Railway Station will set up a special window for changing tickets in the North Ticket Office to handle the corresponding change procedures for passengers who hold train tickets for Yunnan, Guizhou, Sichuan and Guangzhou from the 27th to 31st. All refunds will be made in the lobby of the North Ticket Office.

  Increased train stops

  The newly stopped trains confirmed yesterday are: 29: 2997 from Hangzhou to Nanchang; 30th: 1213 trips to Hainan-Guiyang, K539 trips to Hangzhou-Guiyang and 2927 trips to Hangzhou East-Nanchang; 31st: 1213 trips to Hainan-Guiyang, K422/3 trips to Ningbo-Chengdu, K539 trips to Hangzhou-Guiyang, K149 trips to Hainan-Zhanjiang, K71 trips to Hainan-Chongqing North, K111 trips to Hainan-Guiyang, 5125 trips to Hangzhou-Wenzhou, L129 trips to Hangzhou-Nanchang and Suzhou-Ganzhou. February 1st: K149 trips to Hainan-Zhanjiang, K537 trips to Hainan-Nanning, K584/1 trip to Ningbo-Nanning and 5125 trips to Hangzhou-Wenzhou.

  Passengers with the above train tickets should go to Hangzhou Railway Station and Hangzhou East Railway Station for full refund immediately. When refunding tickets, please go to the refund window of Hangzhou Railway Station and Hangzhou East Railway Station. Don’t trust the lobbying of suspicious people, and don’t refund tickets to these people at will, so as not to take advantage of the loopholes for ticket sellers or cause unnecessary losses.

  There are more and more waiting passenger settlement points.

  With the strong support of government departments, armed police officers and soldiers, an army unit stationed in Hangzhou, Hangzhou Volunteers Association and other social circles, the railway department has properly arranged about 30,000-40,000 train passengers who are delayed every day. At present, the resettlement sites that have been used and are in use include: leisure waiting room of Hangzhou Railway Station, 4 self-provided garages under the railway building, 20 military tents under Qingtai overpass, Hangzhou Railway Station, hangzhou east railway station Square, Red Star Theatre, Zhongmin Building, Hangzhou Gymnasium and Peace International Convention and Exhibition Center.

  In these places, community workers, medical staff and local police officers provided a series of services such as water, food, heating, mobile toilets, security, medical treatment and psychological intervention for migrant workers who were late for the train, and tried their best to serve and appease the stranded migrant workers.

  civil aviation

  Xiaoshan airport is back to normal.

  Because the snow caused the airport to close for six hours, the flight delay at Xiaoshan Airport on the 29th was very serious. By 10: 00 pm on the 29th, there were more than 100 flights that day, accounting for nearly half of the total number of flights. Xiaoshan airport was brightly lit all night, and people came and went, which was very lively. The latest flight didn’t end until 6: 00 a.m. on the 30th.

  On the 30th, the rainy and snowy weather for several days came to an end temporarily, and the flights at Xiaoshan Airport finally returned to normal. At 7 o’clock in the morning, flights began to take off one after another, and the flights were orderly, and the crowd waiting in the terminal was not as crowded as it was a few days ago.

  After several days of continuous closure, Changsha Airport has accumulated a large number of flights to be flown, so there are strict restrictions on receiving inbound flights, basically one every two hours, so the waiting time for flights from Hangzhou to Changsha is longer. Air China flight CA1789, which originally left in the morning, has not taken off until five o’clock in the afternoon. Guiyang airport was closed before 9: 00 in the morning, so Air China flight CA1751 from Hangzhou to Guiyang was delayed until 10: 59.

  According to statistics, there were about 30 flights delayed at Xiaoshan Airport yesterday, mainly due to flow control. Generally speaking, the airport flight operation has basically returned to normal. Next, it will be the rush hour in Spring Festival travel rush, and the number of flights has increased a lot these days. It is expected that the daily average number of flights at Xiaoshan Airport will exceed 320 in the next few days.

  National airport flights began to resume.

  Two days ago, the bad weather in a large area of the country caused many airport flights to be abnormal, and delays and cancellations were very common. Since yesterday, flights at airports around the country have been gradually on the right track, because many flights were cancelled two days ago and many make-up flights were left behind. In addition, it is the rush hour in Spring Festival travel rush, and the daily flight volume of major airports has reached saturation. Because the air traffic is too large, there is traffic control in many directions, especially in Guangzhou, Beijing, Shenzhen and other directions. Because these directions have traffic control more or less, most of the delayed flights on the 30th are in these directions. (Xia Chun Gao Yun Yang Hanyu Li Yanzhou Gao Yanhua)

Editor: Zhou Zhongxiao

Marc jacobs’s fashion darling is plagued by criticism (Photos)

Supermodel Lily Cole and Yang Ziqiong armed themselves with new LV products (CFP).

Supermodel Lily Cole and Yang Ziqiong armed themselves with new LV products (CFP).


  Marc Jacobs

  Fashion darling is beset with criticism

  Ten years ago, Marc Jacobs (marc jacobs) became the design director of LV. This American fashion designer’s ambitious plan of "New wine in old bottles" made LV, a century-old French brand, shine again. Among them, the new cute printed pattern jointly launched by Jacob and Murakami Takashi brought more than $300 million in sales to LV with solemn brown logo in 2003 alone.

  Everything changed dramatically this year. After LV’s 2008 Spring/Summer ready-to-wear series suffered bad reviews, marc jacobs was defeated at the 2008 CFDA Award, which is known as the Oscar in fashion.

  This talented designer is about to get married in Paris by lightning, with Lorenzo Martone, the boyfriend of a Brazilian advertiser who has only been dating for three months-this is even more surprising after the biggest gossip in the fashion world came out last week.

  What happened to marc jacobs?

  Who’s marc jacobs?

  Born in new york in 1963, his father died young, and his mother’s marriage failed many times. marc jacobs’s childhood with his mother and siblings was the darkest period of his life. His only interest is fashion. After leaving his family to live with his grandmother, he entered Parson School of Design, a famous design school in new york, and started his fashion world.

  In 1993, Jacob was fired after launching the "ronin fashion" series for Perry Ellis as the design director. However, this series just became his mark, and he and his long-term partner Robert Duffy were able to independently launch their personal brands again, which made him set foot in the international fashion industry. Since 1997, he has been appointed as the design director of LV.

  Face criticism

  Long-term struggle with abstinence and illness have brought Jacob a strong sense of insecurity.

  Does the fashion world still love marc jacobs? This is already a problem in 2008.

  "Recently, the public pointed to my personal criticism, which made me feel like I was about to collapse." Marc jacobs said.

  Six years ago, new york was intoxicated with Marc Jacobs, and this intoxication quickly spread around the world. After 15 years of struggle, marc jacobs was officially hailed as a new benchmark figure in American fashion. However, with the strong financial support from LVMH Group, Jacob became as conservative and boring as Mickey Mouse shoes he designed.

  For this, his own explanation is that the long-term struggle with abstinence and colic caused by ulcerative colitis have brought him a strong sense of insecurity.

  When marc jacobs was 9 kilograms heavier than now, his fashion was cautious and full of ladylike demeanor, more like a classic version of CHANEL. Now, his spring series is more like "repackaging the life of a female star and putting it on the runway". "People don’t want to see the real world," Jacob said. "All they want is something that has been decorated. The evil in the real world shocked me, just like a circus or a cartoon paradise. "

  Does the fashion world still love marc jacobs? This is already a problem in 2008. Some people in the fashion industry have explained that the cross-border cooperation between Mark Jacobs and some young designers has caused discomfort to another group of fashion giants who can still be called "young"-perhaps this is one of the reasons for his career decline.

  Jacob himself said: "My design is not intended to be provocative, but I just want the audience to see a bigger, fuller and more fashionable picture combination. You know, people are always looking forward to a new fashion show. "

  Design Q&A

  When victoria beckham took Sprouse’s graffiti bag, all the disputes stopped.

  In new york, if you have no leisure, it means you are successful. In Paris, if you have free time, it means you have succeeded.

  About andy warhol.

  Nowadays, many people think that popular art has been developed in the past 50 years.

  Jacob: Yes, exactly. I didn’t really get a good education, except when I was 15 years old, I studied art investigation in an art and design high school in new york. I don’t know the history of art, but I didn’t know what I wanted until I got close to art. When someone says, "Why did you do that?" I said, "Because I like it." I think this is really enough. I don’t want to work so hard, you know? I like fashion. I think I live in a world where everyone loves fashion.

  Am I going to be the andy warhol of fashion? To be honest, I feel weird, but I guess that’s exactly what I’m going to do. But I didn’t do it on purpose. I’m just interested in the world outside the fashion world.

  About graffiti

  Why do you want to create graffiti in the most well-known part of the brand?

  Jacob: When I went to charlotte gainsbourg’s apartment, I saw a big suitcase in the corner. It was louis vuitton brand, black, but it had faded. That’s her father’s. For some reason, it reminds me of marcel duchamp’s "L.H.O.O.Q" (putting a beard on the Mona Lisa’s face), which I once liked. And I think the combination of letters and patterns in louis vuitton is the Mona Lisa of this company, so I came up with the idea of letting stephen Sprouse doodle.  

  It’s a very different situation here in louis vuitton this time. I basically broke the tradition, and I was told bluntly that I couldn’t change the canvas or do anything. And I’m tired of trying to please the communication director, and I’m tired of the rules of the game. So I think, this is the only time I need to do something different, and it is also the only time to make some changes.

  About Murakami Takashi.

  People are surprised that the top management of the company accepted Murakami Takashi’s works against LV’s previous style so quickly.

  Jacob: It was controversial to make these graffiti bags. Every week I get a message: "No, they decided not to produce them." It wasn’t long before they said, "OK, we’ll produce it, but we only do the pattern part." There is a lot of repetition and deliberation, which almost drives me crazy. So, when a British media published that victoria beckham was holding Sprouse’s graffiti bag, all the disputes stopped.

  For all the critics, they have enjoyed the MOCA exhibition in Murakami Takashi in louis vuitton’s shops. I think it challenges some categories, like, what is art here? Is it on the bag? Did you buy a bag or art? It’s hard to define it now.

  About Paris and new york

  What’s the difference between living in new york and living in Paris?

  Jacob: It’s great that my lifestyle in Paris is so different from that in new york. In new york, if you have no leisure, it means you are successful. In Paris, if you have free time, it means you have succeeded. So, I will stay at home for a while here, or invite my friends over for dinner. In new york, if you don’t go to restaurants, art exhibitions or fashion shows with others, you will feel like a loser. So working in two completely different countries can make my life more balanced.

Home fitness improves health, moderate exercise maintains function and relieves anxiety (Figure)

  Upward oblique push-ups

  Standard push-ups

  Downward oblique push-ups

  L extension

  Flexion and extension of sitting arm

  Hip bridge

  Alternate forward arrow squat


  Moderate exercise can not only maintain good physical function and enhance the athletic ability of skeletal muscles, but also help officers and men to relieve anxiety and maintain an optimistic and positive attitude towards life. Here are some recommended fitness exercises that can be done at home.

  Practice chest muscle movements — — Push-ups According to the difficulty of the action, it is divided into upward inclined push-ups, standard push-ups and downward inclined push-ups. When doing push-ups, be careful not to collapse, hips or shoulders. Upward inclined push-ups are suitable for beginners, while downward inclined push-ups are suitable for people who can easily do standard push-ups. It is suggested that each group should have 10-15, with 3-4 groups at a time.

  Stimulate back muscle movements — — L-shaped extension L-shaped stretching can stimulate back muscles, enhance back muscle strength, maintain the stability of thoracic vertebrae, relieve muscle tension caused by long-term desk work and reading, and make people stand tall and straight. It is suggested that each group should have 10-20, with 2-4 groups at a time.

  Practice upper arm movements — — Sitting posture, arm flexion and extension. Flexion and extension of sitting arm can exercise triceps brachii, improve arm strength and protect shoulder joint. This action can be done by the bed, in front of the TV cabinet or with a stable chair. It is suggested that each group should have 10-20, and each group should have 2-3.

  Practice hip muscle movements — — Hip bridge. The gluteal bridge can directly stimulate the gluteus maximus, which is helpful to stabilize the hip joint and improve the forward inclination of pelvis. At the same time, it can also activate the deep stable muscle group, strengthen the core and prevent low back pain. Be careful not to use arm strength to prop up your body when doing this action. It is suggested that 10 should be a group and 2 groups should be trained.

  Lower extremity motor ability training — — Alternate forward lunges. Strong lower limb strength can improve the flexibility and stability of body movement. Training the exercise ability of lower limbs can not only burn fat, but also strengthen joints and reduce the chance of injury during exercise. When doing this action, be careful that the knee joint does not exceed the toe, do not buckle internally, and keep in line with the toe direction to avoid putting pressure on the knee joint. It is suggested that 10 should be a group and 2 groups should be trained.

  Core muscle group training — — Flat support. Plate support is a static exercise, which strengthens muscle strength by exercising core muscle groups, maintains the stability of spine, pelvis and scapula, and shapes the lines of waist, abdomen and buttocks. When doing flat support, be careful not to bend your back, bow your back or get on your hips. At the beginning, you can aim at supporting for 1 minute. If you can’t finish, you can increase the distance between your feet and reduce the difficulty.

Shipments increased by more than 100% year-on-year, and the price reduction of folding screen mobile phones led to "new war"

"With the continuous increase in R&D investment by Android manufacturers and upstream supply chains, the hardware technology has improved and matured, the application of software systems has been optimized, and the consumer experience has been continuously improved. The further decline in prices has also made more consumers willing to use folding screen mobile phones early. "

On February 20th, the latest quarterly tracking report of mobile phones released by International Data Corporation (IDC) showed that in the fourth quarter of 2023, the market shipment of folding screen mobile phones in China was about 2.771 million units, up 149.6% year-on-year. A number of new products from Huawei, OPPO and Glory promoted the rapid growth of the folding screen market in this quarter.

In 2023, the China folding screen mobile phone market shipped about 7.007 million units, up 114.5% year-on-year. Since the launch of the first product in 2019, the folding screen mobile phone market in China has grown by over 100% year-on-year for four consecutive years.

However, folding screen mobile phones still often appear "the screen is not resistant to falling, the maintenance price is expensive, and the screen itself is prone to problems". Guo Tianxiang, senior analyst of IDC China, told the Beijing News Shell Finance reporter that with the continuous progress and maturity of technology, especially the increasing participation of domestic supply chains, some problems related to folding screens will continue to improve. "But it still takes more time to completely solve it."

The price of folding screen dropped to 400-600 dollars.

The market share of transverse folding products increased to 68% again.

The price of folding screen mobile phone continues to drop. According to IDC data, in 2023, the share of mobile phones with folding screens above $1,000 has dropped from 81.0% a year ago to 66.5%, down 14. 5 percentage points year-on-year. In addition to the overall cost reduction, the products in vertical folding form are relatively cheaper, which also makes the price of folding screen drop to the price range of 400-600 dollars in 2023.

In terms of product form, horizontal folding products are more popular with consumers in China. Although the price of vertical folding products is relatively lower, horizontal folding products have been favored by more consumers in China because they can better reflect the big screen experience of folding screen mobile phones. In 2023, the market share of transverse folding products increased to 68.1%, up by 10.4 percentage points year-on-year.

At present, the vertical folding products are not only easy to carry, but also consumers still lack the necessary use scenarios. At the same price, there is also a clear gap between the use experience and the straight board machine, and there is still room for improvement in product quality.

IDC pointed out that the importance of horizontal folding products in the mobile office scene of high-end business people is increasing. At the same time, the high-end people pay less attention to the price, and are more willing to choose the horizontal folding products with full product configuration.

Recently, it has been reported that individual mobile phone manufacturers have stopped planning to release new small folding models this year. In this regard, Guo Tianxiang said to the Shell Finance reporter that it is mainly a demand issue. "There is no rigid requirement for vertical folding usage scenarios. The sales volume is not up, the price is not high, and the product quality problems lead to great after-sales pressure, and the final cost is high, and most manufacturers are losing money. Individual manufacturers are not saying that they will not do it at all, but they will be suspended. When the supply chain technology is more mature and the cost and quality are better, they may come back. "

Huawei occupies the first place in the domestic folding screen market in 2023.

Folding screen is still the key product of various manufacturers in 2024.

In terms of the market performance of folding screen mobile phone manufacturers, the above report pointed out that Huawei Mate X5 series has been in a state of price increase since its listing, and the supply is in short supply, helping Huawei firmly occupy the first position in the domestic folding screen market in 2023, with a market share of 37.4%.

OPPO gained 18.3% market share and ranked second in the overall folding screen market; Among them, the market share of vertical folding products ranks first with 36.3%; The horizontal fold Find N3 series has been widely praised around the world.

Glory made great efforts in the folding screen mobile phone market in the second half of 2023, and won the third place in the folding screen mobile phone market for the whole year with the hot sales of Magic V2 and other new folding products, with a share of 17.7%, and the shipment volume increased by 467.0% year-on-year, with the fastest growth rate.

Samsung occupies more than half of the global folding screen mobile phone market, but ranks fourth in the highly competitive China market with 11% market share. Vivo ranks fifth, and its first 5G horizontal folding product X Fold 2 released in 2023 is about to be replaced.

Guo Tianxiang concluded that "thinness" has become the primary factor affecting consumers’ choice of folding screen mobile phones. However, if the pursuit of "thinness" blindly leads to the decline of reliability, it will directly affect consumers’ long-term choices in the future. However, the use scenario of vertical folding products has not been fully discovered, and products that position potential users as "fashionable young women" will form direct competition with Apple.

"Folding screen mobile phones are still the key products of various manufacturers in 2024. The participation of more manufacturers and the launch of more products will continue to promote the rapid development of the folding screen mobile phone market. " Guo Tianxiang said.

In addition to the flexible size of the screen itself, will there be some new innovation highlights compared with the straight board machine? In this regard, Guo Tianxiang responded to reporters that vertical folding products are more convenient to carry after folding. Horizontal folding products are mainly the advantages of large screen, but more need to be reflected by the adaptation of software system applications.

Beijing News Shell Financial Reporter Sun Wenxuan

Editor Yue Caizhou

Proofread Liu Baoqing

Search in a circle without jumping into Samsung Galaxy S24 series, opening up a new way of mobile phone search.

People’s demand for accurate and fast access to information is growing day by day. Whether it’s proper nouns in the field of work or new bags they see during the drama, they need to know more details quickly. With the continuous development of AI technology, mobile phone applications are also constantly innovating to provide users with more convenient and intelligent services. Samsung Galaxy S24 series pioneered the function of "search by circle", which combines AI technology with search experience, and brings users a brand-new search method with intuitive interaction, which can obtain valuable information more efficiently and quickly.

In the past, when I saw unknown things on my mobile phone and wanted to explore them in depth, the first thing I had to do was to leave what I was browsing, open a browser or a specific APP, type in keywords, and even take screenshots and upload pictures to complete the search. The function of "circle and search" greatly simplifies this process, which is deeply integrated into the system. Therefore, users do not need to leave the screen they are browsing, just press the Home button for a long time, and then circle the content of interest on the screen with their fingers or S Pen. Samsung Galaxy S24 series will intelligently analyze the circled content with the help of high-precision image segmentation, OCR recognition and large model understanding, and quickly return the search results in the current window. You don’t need to take photos or take screenshots, and you don’t have to rack your brains to think about what keywords to use to search. You can immediately understand the unknown world through simple gestures.

Thanks to the unimaginable convenience experience, the instant search function of Samsung Galaxy S24 series allows you to obtain useful information at any time. If you are planning a trip and want to know the attractions, food and local customs of the destination, you can directly circle other people’s travel notes, pictures or videos when browsing travel blogs or social media by using the instant search function of Samsung Galaxy S24 series. AI will analyze the content of the circle selection, provide detailed information that can be used for travel strategy, and help to understand the destination in depth and plan the itinerary.

Shopping is an indispensable part of people’s daily life. Browse the street photos of the new season on the Internet, or you are interested in the clothes of the people in the drama when you are chasing the drama. At this time, the function of "circle search" can also provide convenience. No matter whether you are browsing pictures or videos, as long as you press the Home button and circle the items you are interested in, the system will identify and search related products through AI to help make more informed shopping decisions.

News report is one of the important ways for people to get current affairs information. When reading news articles or watching news videos, sometimes you will encounter interesting topics or want to know more about them. At this time, the function of "circle search" can help to get more relevant information quickly. Just press the Home button for a long time and circle the key content, that is, circle and search, which can help to understand the event more comprehensively.

Samsung Galaxy S24 series pioneered the function of circle-to-circle search, which combined artificial intelligence technology with search engine, realized intelligent identification and rapid acquisition of information, and provided users with a brand-new search experience. In daily life, whether planning a trip, shopping for goods or reading news, the function of circle-to-circle search can give full play to its advantages, provide users with search services more conveniently and accurately, and greatly improve the efficiency and experience of information acquisition.

Whether you see flowers you have never seen before when traveling in a foreign country, or encounter unfamiliar terms when delving into scientific research topics, the instant search function of Samsung Galaxy S24 series can quickly find the information you need without interrupting the browsing experience. In addition, the Samsung Galaxy S24 series is also equipped with rich AI applications such as real-time call translation, note taking assistant, transcription assistant, and generative editing. The vast world empowered by Galaxy AI is waiting for you to explore.

Disclaimer: The market is risky, so you should be careful when choosing! This article is for reference only, not as a basis for trading.

Huge harvest comment: the market shocks back to artificial intelligence ebb tide

  Disk brief description

  On Wednesday, A shares oscillated back. On the disk,Lead the rise,、、Other industries rose slightly,Real estate led the decline,Wait for a small callback. Theme stocks, short play interaction,Wait for the lead,, PEEK material,Wait for a small callback.

  hot plate

  The media has soared,20cm daily limit,Up more than 10%,Wait for the daily limit

  The concept is active,Up more than 16%,Daily limit

  Strong,Daily limit,The gains are among the highest.

  The concept changed in the afternoon,Daily limit,Wait for it to rise.

  News surface

  The entry clearance for listing has been tightened again: the proportion of on-site inspection will be greatly increased soon.

  Following the tightening of IPO in the second half of last year, the "entry barrier" of listing will be further tightened this year. Recently, there are rumors that the IPO will increase the intensity of on-site inspection and on-site supervision, and many project teams will be notified in the near future, especially for the on-site inspection of enterprises under review.

  The first 200 billion-level stock ETF was officially born! Witness history once again.

  The stock ETF market ushered in a new milestone! According to the latest data of the Exchange, as of March 12th, the total scale of Huatai Bairui CSI 300ETF exceeded 200.2 billion yuan, making it the first stock ETF product with a scale of 200 billion yuan in Chinese history.

  The three major US stock indexes collectively closed up.Up 7%, popular Chinese stocks generally rose.

  On Tuesday, Eastern Time, US stocks opened higher and higher, and the three major indexes collectively closed higher. The Nasdaq rose 1.54%, the S&P 500 index rose 1.12% and the Dow rose 0.61%. Among them, the S&P 500 index hit a record closing high. Most large-scale technology stocks rose, up over 7%, and Meta rose over 3%.Up more than 2%,Up more than 1%, Google,Slight increase;It fell slightly. Popular Chinese stocks generally rose,China Jinlong Index rose by 3.96%.Up nearly 9%,Up more than 7%,Up more than 5%.

  Jufeng viewpoint

  In early trading, A-shares shrank back and rebounded near midday. On the disk,, games,,,,,,, ChatGPT, concept, etc. are at the forefront of the increase list. 、, chicken,, pork,、、And other sectors performed poorly, leading the market down.

  Afternoon,,,,The sectors such as Kechuang 50, Shenzhen Component Index, Growth Enterprise Market Index and Shanghai Composite Index have turned red. Late,Diving,The concept ebbs and the stock index falls. Northbound funds flowed in slightly in the afternoon, and the net inflow for the whole day exceeded 1.5 billion yuan. The market is active, and the turnover of the two cities has shrunk slightly compared with yesterday, but it still exceeds 1 trillion.

  Since August 2023, the adjustment of A-share position has been mainly influenced by the depreciation of RMB exchange rate and geopolitical factors. In the medium term, with the implementation of various counter-cyclical adjustment policies and measures, the domestic economy has entered a recovery cycle, and A-shares have gradually identified the market bottom and fluctuated upward, suggesting a bargain-hunting layout.

  capital proposals

  Jufeng Investment believes that under the expectation of economic recovery, A shares are expected to enter a medium-and long-term bull market. In the short term, the market is mainly affected by exchange rate and peripheral geopolitical factors. In the medium and long term, the market has resumed its activity, and the attractiveness of A shares will be further enhanced in the future. Investors can arrange on dips and expect to increase their holdings or repurchase.Subject matter; And grasp the active varieties in the market:,Opportunities for oversold rebound in sectors such as automobiles.

Time and Space Technology: Yang Yaohua plans to reduce his holdings by no more than 2.98 million shares.

The chairman of Time and Space Technology is Gong Gonghai, male, 50 years old, with a bachelor’s degree background; The general manager is Jiang Huapeng, male, 47 years old, with a junior college education background.

As of press time, the market value of Time and Space Technology is 1.7 billion yuan.

1. In the past 30 days, no organization has conducted research on space-time technology;
2. Time and Space Technology last announced its reduction on July 15, 2023, and fell by 0.48% on the second trading day. Time and Space Technology issued two reduction announcements in the past year.

(Reporter Cai Ding)

Sweep Meizhou away with one foot in the Super League? The last round of Nantong Zhiyun still needs to go all out

Special correspondent Jiang Hai reports On October 29th, the penultimate round of the Super League in 2023 started at the same time. Nantong Zhiyun, who ranked second in the standings, challenged Meizhou Hakka away. In the end, the team scored 3 points with a score of 4-0. With the last round left in the league, the points rose to the penultimate third, beating Dalian people, and the final round of the game would be successful in relegation.

After losing to Shanghai Shenhua 0-1 at home in the last round of league tournament, the relegation situation of Nantong Zhiyun was once in jeopardy. In the last two rounds, they will play against Meizhou Hakka and Tianjin Jinmen Tiger away from home. Even if they all win, they also need to look at the face of their relegation opponent Dalian. Moreover, in terms of mutual record with Dalian people, Nantong Zhiyun is the main loser and does not have an advantage. Therefore, as long as Dalian people all win in the last two games, Nantong Zhiyun will get whatever results in the last two rounds.

Therefore, the game against Meizhou Hakka is a "can’t afford to lose" final for Nantong Zhiyun, and the team has suffered five consecutive defeats before, and it is urgent to get points to improve the morale of the team. Fortunately, Nantong Zhiyun started very well, and Jiang Zilei broke the deadlock in the 12th minute of the game. In the following game, Nantong Zhiyun played smoothly: in the 64th minute, Castillo made meritorious deeds, 2-0, expanding the lead; In the 89th minute, Morelato scored a goal, 3-0; In the second minute of stoppage time, Zheng Haogan scored a single goal after breaking the ball and sealed the victory 4-0.

While winning this game, Nantong Zhiyun also gave Meizhou Hakka the first defeat in the last five rounds. At the same time, Nantong Zhiyun also took the fate of relegation into his own hands. Generally speaking, the performance of Nantong Zhiyun team in the Super League this season is not ideal. They need to reflect on their own problems and find a solution to them.

Before the current round against Meizhou Hakka, Nantong Zhiyun scored 19 points with Dalian People’s Team, but due to the disadvantage of winning and losing, Nantong Zhiyun was in the relegation zone. At the same time of this game against Meizhou Hakka, Dalian people challenged Qingdao Manatee away. Compared with Nantong Zhiyun’s away victory, Dalian people scored two goals in a row when they were 0-2 behind, but they failed to beat their opponents in the away game and only got 1 point. However, Dalian people’s fighting capacity in this game was admirable. However, they lost their relegation advantage to Nantong Zhiyun without getting 3 points from Manatee. After the end of this round of competition, the championship suspense of the Super League has been revealed, leaving only one suspense of relegation. In addition to the relegated Shenzhen team, another relegation team will be created between Nantong Zhiyun and Dalian people. The away win of this game also allows Nantong Zhiyun to temporarily occupy the relegation advantage.

In the final round, Nantong Zhiyun played against Tianjin Jinmen Tiger at home, while Dalian people played against Shanghai Harbour, which has won the championship at home. Holding a 2-point lead, for Nantong Zhiyun, the last game must be won. If you can get 3 points, you don’t have to look at other people’s faces, and you can successfully avoid relegation at home. However, if you draw or lose, you need to look at the result of the game between Dalian people and Shanghai Harbour. At present, it can only be said that Nantong Zhiyun has left one foot in the Super League next year, but the team still cannot relax its vigilance until the end of the league.

After the game, David, coach of Nantong Zhiyun team, said: "As we expected, today is a difficult game. The opponents will not let you win the game easily. They played with the strongest lineup. We also carried out the counter-attack tactics arranged before the game well, and it is also very important that we didn’t concede a goal today. The opponent is a very strong team, so these three points are also very valuable to us. Our players have been fighting like warriors. In the last game, we need to fulfill our promises to our fans, win the game, and achieve the goal of relegation. For fans, it is too little to say thank you, and they are supporting us both at home and away. "

As far as Dalian people are concerned, the team has been pushed to the edge of the cliff. Even if the team beats Shanghai Harbour at home in the last round, it may not be able to avoid relegation. While Nantong Zhiyun has the initiative, he still has to go all out in the face of Tianjin Jinmen Tiger, who has nothing to ask for. As the "only seedling" of Jiangsu football in the Super League, Nantong Zhiyun’s game this season has gone through a rough time. Now it can regain its relegation advantage. The team should go all out to draw a satisfactory end to this season with a home victory, and at the same time let Jiangsu football remain in the top leagues in China.