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Huge harvest comment: the market shocks back to artificial intelligence ebb tide

  Disk brief description

  On Wednesday, A shares oscillated back. On the disk,Lead the rise,、、Other industries rose slightly,Real estate led the decline,Wait for a small callback. Theme stocks, short play interaction,Wait for the lead,, PEEK material,Wait for a small callback.

  hot plate

  The media has soared,20cm daily limit,Up more than 10%,Wait for the daily limit

  The concept is active,Up more than 16%,Daily limit

  Strong,Daily limit,The gains are among the highest.

  The concept changed in the afternoon,Daily limit,Wait for it to rise.

  News surface

  The entry clearance for listing has been tightened again: the proportion of on-site inspection will be greatly increased soon.

  Following the tightening of IPO in the second half of last year, the "entry barrier" of listing will be further tightened this year. Recently, there are rumors that the IPO will increase the intensity of on-site inspection and on-site supervision, and many project teams will be notified in the near future, especially for the on-site inspection of enterprises under review.

  The first 200 billion-level stock ETF was officially born! Witness history once again.

  The stock ETF market ushered in a new milestone! According to the latest data of the Exchange, as of March 12th, the total scale of Huatai Bairui CSI 300ETF exceeded 200.2 billion yuan, making it the first stock ETF product with a scale of 200 billion yuan in Chinese history.

  The three major US stock indexes collectively closed up.Up 7%, popular Chinese stocks generally rose.

  On Tuesday, Eastern Time, US stocks opened higher and higher, and the three major indexes collectively closed higher. The Nasdaq rose 1.54%, the S&P 500 index rose 1.12% and the Dow rose 0.61%. Among them, the S&P 500 index hit a record closing high. Most large-scale technology stocks rose, up over 7%, and Meta rose over 3%.Up more than 2%,Up more than 1%, Google,Slight increase;It fell slightly. Popular Chinese stocks generally rose,China Jinlong Index rose by 3.96%.Up nearly 9%,Up more than 7%,Up more than 5%.

  Jufeng viewpoint

  In early trading, A-shares shrank back and rebounded near midday. On the disk,, games,,,,,,, ChatGPT, concept, etc. are at the forefront of the increase list. 、, chicken,, pork,、、And other sectors performed poorly, leading the market down.

  Afternoon,,,,The sectors such as Kechuang 50, Shenzhen Component Index, Growth Enterprise Market Index and Shanghai Composite Index have turned red. Late,Diving,The concept ebbs and the stock index falls. Northbound funds flowed in slightly in the afternoon, and the net inflow for the whole day exceeded 1.5 billion yuan. The market is active, and the turnover of the two cities has shrunk slightly compared with yesterday, but it still exceeds 1 trillion.

  Since August 2023, the adjustment of A-share position has been mainly influenced by the depreciation of RMB exchange rate and geopolitical factors. In the medium term, with the implementation of various counter-cyclical adjustment policies and measures, the domestic economy has entered a recovery cycle, and A-shares have gradually identified the market bottom and fluctuated upward, suggesting a bargain-hunting layout.

  capital proposals

  Jufeng Investment believes that under the expectation of economic recovery, A shares are expected to enter a medium-and long-term bull market. In the short term, the market is mainly affected by exchange rate and peripheral geopolitical factors. In the medium and long term, the market has resumed its activity, and the attractiveness of A shares will be further enhanced in the future. Investors can arrange on dips and expect to increase their holdings or repurchase.Subject matter; And grasp the active varieties in the market:,Opportunities for oversold rebound in sectors such as automobiles.

Using mobile APP to spread obscene articles for profit was solved. The suspect taught himself to develop mobile phone applications.

  CCTV News:Not long ago, the Netan detachment of Zhoushan Public Security Bureau of Zhejiang Province and the Cultural Comprehensive Law Enforcement Detachment of Zhoushan Cultural Bureau cracked a case of spreading obscene articles for profit by using mobile APP, which was listed as a case supervised by the National Leading Group Office for Combating Pornography, and arrested Li, the producer of the mobile APP of Fast Fish Cloud Broadcasting, Yu, Shi and Ren, and found more than 7 million obscene video files in the mobile APP of Fast Fish Cloud Broadcasting.

  In July this year, Liu Haibo, a grass-roots grid member of Zhoushan New Town Management Committee, found in his daily visit that many people were watching obscene videos using a mobile APP called "Fast Fish Cloud Broadcasting", which aroused his vigilance.

  After mastering and fixing the relevant evidence, the Cultural Comprehensive Law Enforcement Detachment of Zhoushan Municipal Bureau of Culture immediately launched the joint disposal mechanism for eliminating pornography, provided relevant clues to the Netan Detachment of Zhoushan Public Security Bureau, and cooperated with the Netan Detachment to investigate related cases.

  Access to overseas obscene websites is hidden.

  After receiving the relevant clues, the Netan detachment of Zhoushan Public Security Bureau immediately filed an investigation. During the investigation, it was found that the "Fast Fish Cloud Broadcasting" APP was extremely confusing and concealed in the process of spreading obscene pornographic videos.

  The police investigation found that the main page of the "Fast Fish Cloud Broadcasting" App is no different from the normal film and television App. Users can watch a large number of legal film and television works as long as they install it, but when they click on the sub-pages such as classification and search on the page, obscene pornographic video pages will pop up on the mobile phone. By purchasing the registration code and registering as a member, you can browse and watch these obscene video contents.

  Gu Zhoutao, Deputy Team Leader of Netan Detachment of Zhoushan Public Security Bureau: "The criminal suspect made this mobile APP, and its communication route is mainly through his QQ group, WeChat circle of friends, or website. To watch obscene videos, you must first get an invitation code on your mobile phone and send a part of the invitation code to the card issuing website. "

  After careful investigation, the police found that most of the registered users of this mobile APP purchased the "registration code" from a place in Huanggang, Hubei Province, and there are more than 1,500 registered members from all over the country, and the actual owner and maintainer of this mobile App is Li, a native of Xuzhou, Jiangsu Province. Li made the "Fast Fish Cloud Broadcasting" App, rented the Internet data cloud to set up a server, and finally accessed more than a dozen overseas obscene websites and more than 7 million obscene video resources.

  Through further investigation, the police also found that 16 other people, such as Shimou from Yuyao, Ningbo and Renmou from Deqing, Huzhou, also bought apps from Li or purchased obscene video resources to access their own apps, and then spread them for profit. After mastering sufficient evidence, Zhoushan Public Security Bureau police rushed to Xuzhou, Jiangsu, Huanggang, Hubei, Yuyao, Zhejiang, Huzhou and other places, and successfully arrested suspects such as Li, Shi and Ren with the cooperation of local police.

  Self-taught mobile phone application development is involved in pornography and is in jail.

  Different from the previously uncovered cases of spreading obscene articles on the Internet, the case of "Fast Fish Cloud Broadcasting" spreading obscene articles for profit by using mobile App has the characteristics of fast spread, wide spread and large audience. The four people involved in "Fast Fish Cloud Broadcasting" arrested by the public security organs are all very young, and three of them are post-90 s. What is even more surprising is that Li, the developer of the mobile APP "Fast Fish Cloud Broadcasting", has only a first-year junior high school education.

  Gu Zhoutao, deputy detachment leader of the Netan detachment of Zhoushan Public Security Bureau, said that it is difficult to block obscene videos spread by the "Fast Fish Cloud Broadcasting" mobile APP.

  Gu Zhoutao, Deputy Team Leader of Netan Detachment of Zhoushan Public Security Bureau: "This software is very concealed. The cases encountered in the past spread through the cloud disk and are easily blocked by the public security organs. Connected through the mobile APP, it is very concealed and difficult to block, so these obscene video data quickly spread to the whole country. "

  The registration code used by registered members of this APP is also very cheap online. The registration code is divided into day card, month card, half-year card, year card, permanent card, etc. The online price of permanent card is 98 yuan, and the cheapest day card only needs 2 yuan. From March this year, the "Fast Fish Cloud Broadcasting" went online for only six months until the incident, tens of thousands of people across the country have registered as members, and the relevant personnel have illegally made more than 100,000 yuan.

  Because of his poor family, Li began to work after dropping out of school in the first grade of junior high school, and later taught himself the mobile APP method online. In the face of police interrogation, Li realized that his mistakes were irreparable. At present, four suspects have been transferred for prosecution.

Kobe Bryant’s former full-time pilot: the helicopter crashed in good condition or because of the weather

  The picture shows the crash site.

  Overseas Network January 27th Local time January 26th, NBA star Kobe Bryant was killed in a helicopter crash in California, USA, at the age of 41. Kurt Deetz, a former full-time pilot of Kobe Bryant, said that the crashed helicopter was like a "luxury car" with a good safety record, and the crash was more likely caused by bad weather.

  According to the Los Angeles Times, Deeds is a former pilot of "IEX Express Helicopters" and worked as a full-time pilot for Kobe Bryant from 2014 to 2016. He introduced that Kobe will take Sikorsky S-76B helicopter nine times out of ten trips. When Kobe retired in 2016, he arrived in downtown Los Angeles by the same helicopter.

  Dietz said that Kobe prefers Sikorsky S-76B and compares this helicopter to a "limousine". Dietz recalled: "Every time I flew with Kobe, he was always quiet, and he would say hello and say ‘ Hi ’ And then give a thumbs up, or say nothing, he is very professional. "

  According to the published flight records, this Sikorsky S-76B helicopter was built in 1991. Dietz flew on this plane for more than 1,000 hours, and called it "excellent". Sikorsky S-76B helicopter is also loved by celebrities because of its comfort and safety.

  The crashed helicopter belongs to "IEX Helicopter Company", and Dietz said that the company strictly abides by the "complete maintenance plan" for helicopter maintenance. Dietz guessed that the crash was more likely caused by bad weather than by engine or mechanical problems.

  Dietz said: "The helicopter seems to hit the ground at a very fast speed, with a speed of about 160 miles per hour (about 257 kilometers per hour). After flying for 40 minutes, there are about 800 pounds of fuel on the helicopter, which is enough to cause a fire."

  At about 10 am local time on January 26th, a helicopter crash occurred in California, USA. Kobe Bryant, a famous NBA star, died in this plane crash at the age of 41.

  At the time of the accident, Kobe was taking a helicopter to Mamba College for basketball training, accompanied by his 13-year-old daughter Jaina Maria. When the plane was flying over Calabaca, it suddenly crashed on a hillside 30 miles northwest of Los Angeles and caught fire for "unknown reasons". The Los Angeles County Police Department told reporters that when the helicopter crashed, there were 9 people on board, including 8 passengers and 1 pilot, all of whom were killed.

  Kobe Bryant was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA on August 23rd, 1978. He was selected by Charlotte Hornets in the NBA draft in 1996, and then traded to Los Angeles Lakers as a shooting guard and a small forward. As an adult, Kobe spent most of his life in the coastal area of Orange County in southern Los Angeles. Due to the poor traffic conditions in Southern California, he often takes part in training and competitions by helicopter to save time.

  During his 20-year career, he led the Lakers to win the NBA championship five times and was selected to the NBA All-Star Team 18 times, becoming the third leading scorer in NBA history. On April 14th, 2016, Kobe Bryant announced his retirement after completing the last regular-season game of his career. (Overseas network Zhu Huiyue)

Seasonal fruits have been listed one after another, and the national fruit price has dropped slightly.

CCTV News:After long summer, the temperature in various places has risen, and it is the season when a large number of seasonal fruits such as cherries and watermelons are on the market. What about the recent fruit prices? Let’s look at the reporter’s investigation.

In Beijing Xinfadi Agricultural Products Wholesale Market, fruit merchants told reporters that after the May 1 holiday, a large number of watermelons were listed in Shandong, Jiangsu, Beijing and other places, and the prices went down. On May 9, the average price of watermelons in Xinfadi Market was 4.82 yuan per kilogram, which was 20% lower than that on April 29, and 33% lower than that on April 9, while the varieties with higher prices in the previous period also dropped significantly recently.

Ma Jing, a fruit merchant in Beijing Xinfadi Market:Cherry from Dalian, Liaoning, and cherry from Shandong are on the market in large quantities. Last month, it was a kilo in 60 yuan, and now it is a kilo in 40 yuan.

Xu Jingju, a fruit merchant in Beijing Xinfadi Market:(Originally) high prices are now declining, such as litchi, which started at more than 200 yuan a box, and now it has dropped to 70 yuan (a box).

The data shows that in April, the average wholesale price of six kinds of fruits monitored by the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs was 7.90 yuan per kilogram, up 0.3% from the previous month and 10.5% from the same period last year. After May, with the warmer weather, seasonal fresh fruits such as watermelons and melons in the south, cherries, strawberries and mulberries in North China and Central China entered the harvest period one after another, and the market supply and varieties of fruits increased.

Wang Yunjuan, chief fruit analyst of the agricultural product market early warning team of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs:Since May, the national average wholesale price of fruits has declined slightly, mainly due to the large number of melons and other fruits listed, of which the weekly average price of watermelons has dropped by 6%, down by 25% year-on-year. It is expected that fruit prices will enter a seasonal decline channel in the later period.

Why run?

This work was recommended to me by my good friend. At that time, I signed up for a relay race together, and he mentioned it to me. However, after watching three episodes, I didn’t have much interest. It seemed to be just an ordinary straightforward account, so I shelved it.

Later, before the relay race, he mentioned this work to me again. At the end of the relay race, I once again recalled and thought about my relay race (I won the fifth place in the team, barely ranked, and the top six had certificates)

So, I started from episode 4 and kept watching; At the same time, I started running, aiming at 5 km PB.

Watch the fan and run, simultaneously.

I thought that running was just an ordinary sport. After these dozens of days, I have experienced a lot of thinking, and I have improved a lot in psychology, physique and all aspects. Of course, any sport is not simple, and it is extremely worthy of respect. Let’s talk about several animation scenes that I feel deeply:

Running is a wonderful thing to imagine. Even so, we have to face all kinds of affairs in life, even some annoying and frustrating things. These will affect our mood and our willingness to run.

Naked king

What Grey Er said made me think for a long time. I have always liked running, and I am not slow. However, in the first 11 months of 2021, I only ran 92.86km. This is really too little, the daily average is only 0.28km, too little. Maybe I will blame the study task, etc. Many things are meaningless. I just want to ask myself, why not go running? Most of these running distances are also about people to run. Why don’t I run myself?

On the other hand, my running amount in the last 30 days is 90.05km, which is 11 times of the previous one. And I consciously control the amount of running, and I have run once every 1~2 days. I don’t know that this period of time is full of final exams, and it is unheard of to practice running in the final week.

To sum up, everyone’s situation is different, but for me:It’s good to run with reality.

This training form, I am very concerned about:

Training table

Perhaps, of course, everyone should have everyone’s personal tailor training, but it is not possible for ordinary players. In the animation, the track and field teams and high school teams of other universities, every ordinary person can only practice with the big troops. In my experience in junior high school and senior high school, there has never been a scene of special guidance.

From this, it can be seen more.Grey’s good intentionsIt is reasonable for everyone to improve their grades. (I have to mention that everyone’s meals are also handled by the gray two! )

Many people will be confused. Why do they like running?

In fact, if you don’t like it, you don’t like it, but it’s hard to give an exact reason for liking it. You may say "running is good for your health" and "running is very comfortable", but this is not very convincing and does not touch the essence. So in this regard, I can only give the reason of "simply liking", although it seems to be unknown so. In the animation, the prodigy said this:

The words of a prodigy

So, during this time, so have I. What is like? Or, what is love?

Like is serious.

When I carefully run every step, warm-up and stretching, related equipment, water supply, energy supply, pace frequency, stride length, breathing, posture, pay attention to every detail, be serious and unfocused, so as to enjoy it more and like it more.

Going to the kitchen is ecstatic!
Grey said to Ah Zou

This reminds me of the sentence "Go slowly and enjoy!"

Although running is running, it is not just running.

JOJO terrier

Is the prince a success? Not necessarily, depending on the specific definition of "success" here.
Is the prince a hard worker? There is no doubt that it is.


What is the prince trying to tell us? His achievements are unremarkable, but we see the significance of hard work from him. Without hard work, he can’t stand on the track in Hakone, and he can’t experience twists and turns, so beautiful as he wants.

KING’s monologue, in my opinion, is the most perfect monologue in this work, which perfectly interprets the spirit of this work.

KING’s monologue

This is the meaning of Hakone’s biography in this work. Why are 12 players allowed, but Grey II only found 10 players? Grey II tells us what the close relationship between individuals and groups should be.

Are you ready to press the answer key?

Successful people, without exception, are working hard. -the prince
It is arrogant to think that you can do everything by hard work. -Grey II


Hard work is not a guarantee of good grades. The real experiences of Hirosuke and Fujioka tell us this.

There is no need to answer.

This is a popular science post! Tangyuan was called …

Chinanews. com client Beijing, February 15 (Reporter Shangguan Yun) Today, the Lantern Festival. At this time, glutinous rice balls or Yuanxiao is a seasonal food that many people like.
Previously, "Tangyuan is understood by eating" was also posted on a hot search, and many people shared the methods of eating Tangyuan online: Tangyuan Baba, crispy chocolate Tangyuan … there are quite a few patterns.
Data Map: Laojie Tangyuan. Photo by Zhang Hengwei
As many people know, glutinous rice balls are a traditional snack. Its origin is very early, with rich fillings, which can be sweet, salty and vegetarian, and now there are various creative shapes and eating methods.
A Brief History of Tangyuan
The appearance is round and the entrance is sweet, which is the first impression of many people on glutinous rice balls.
Wang Juan, a folklore expert, said that there were many names for glutinous rice balls in ancient times.Such as cocoons, round corners, round balls, dumplings, pink fruits, etc.. This kind of food existed in the pre-Qin period.
Zhou Bida, a poet in the Song Dynasty, wrote a poem "Boiling a Floating Yuanzi on the Lantern Festival", which mentioned that "the stars are in the dark clouds and the pearls are floating in the turbid water". Some people think that the "bead" in the poem refers to glutinous rice balls.
Interestingly, in the Qing Dynasty, Chen Zuolin once said in the "Local Records of Jinling Products", "Tangtuan is called Yuanxiao, and it is also named after the festival."
Data map: Tangyuan is made into a mahjong style. Photo by Chen Chao
"Ancient glutinous rice balls or Yuanxiao are generally round with stuffing in the middle. In the traditional concept of China, there is a meaning of yin and yang wrapping and containing everything. Therefore, it is a seasonal food, symbolizing the change of seasons, especially yin and yang, and also praying for reunion." Wang Juan said.
Can be fried or boiled, sweet or salty.
The difference between Yuanxiao and Tangyuan is mainly reflected in the practice. Yuanxiao is made by shaking, and the dumplings are wrapped.
Yuan Mei in the Qing Dynasty recorded the practice of radish dumplings and gouache dumplings in Suiyuan Food List. Among them, the radish glutinous rice balls are salty, and the practice is "the radish is shredded and boiled … and then burned with sesame oil. The soup can also be rolled. "
Some articles mentioned that the ancients ate Yuanxiao, and many fillings were "sweet", which were generally sugar mixed with chopped flowers, walnuts, melon seeds, sesame seeds and so on. In Qing Dynasty, there was a master named Ma Siyuan who made Yuanxiao, and he also made Yuanxiao with sweet-scented osmanthus, sugar and walnuts as fillings.
Fu Zeng, a poet in the Qing Dynasty, wrote in "Poems on Bamboo Branches in Shangyuan", "Sweet-scented osmanthus is filled with walnuts, and the rice is like a pearl well. See that Ma’s family is good at dropping powder, and try to sell Yuanxiao in the wind. "
As far as the production method is concerned, there are many methods such as frying, steaming and frying. Sometimes, the fried dumplings will swell up and taste crisp and delicious.
Data Map: Cartoon dumplings made. Li yanran
Do you know that this idiom is related to glutinous rice balls?
In addition to eating methods and practices, there are many interesting little knowledge about dumplings.
For example, there is an idiom "hollow glutinous rice balls", that is, glutinous rice balls without stuffing, which is a metaphor for a false name without real benefits or unfulfilled promises.
Now, there are many creative shapes that make people feel more novel. For example, the "Mahjong Tangyuan" that appeared earlier, the cartoon-shaped Tangyuan and so on. In addition, there are various "trendy" flavors of glutinous rice balls such as strawberries, flowers and chocolates.
However, on the other hand, people like to eat glutinous rice balls, because they symbolize reunion and perfection, and they have a good wish for their future life. Therefore, its "heat" will never decrease. (End)

There’s a reason for playing billiards too badly. The exclusive cheats teach you how to clear the table with one shot.

"Source: Institute of Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences"
Whether table tennis is good or not depends on fate, and some people believe in "making great efforts to make miracles".
Some people think that through constant practice, they can naturally master those wonderful hitting angles and achieve perfection.
Do you know how hard I work?
But in fact, the way of hitting the ball and the trajectory of the table tennis game contain rich knowledge of mathematics and physics. This knowledge controls the trend of table tennis, and you can also become a master of table tennis by mastering these theoretical knowledge.
Essential knowledge 1: sine theorem
If we regard point A as a white ball, point B as a target ball and point C as a hole, how can we achieve the goal?
At this time, understanding the sine theorem can help you find the best goal plan. The formula of sine theorem is as follows:
In this formula, r is the radius of the circumscribed circle of the plane triangle ABC.
Essential knowledge 2: cosine theorem
Similarly, in any triangle in the above picture, the rational use of cosine theorem formula can also help you find the best scheme to hit the ball B into the hole C with the white ball A.
The cosine theorem is as follows:
Essential knowledge 3: reflection theorem
As shown in the above figure, red is the initial motion line of the ball, blue is the reflection line of the ball, the gray rectangle can be regarded as the edge library of the table, and the purple midline is the normal vector in the middle of the interface, so the following hypothetical figure can be obtained:
Through this reflection pattern hypothesis, we can better imagine the trajectory of the ball after hitting the library.
Essential knowledge 4: collision principle
① Frontal collision (completely elastic)
After the collision of two objects, the kinetic energy and momentum of the system are conserved, and there is no additional energy conversion.
The conclusion is:When the two balls have the same mass, the speed of the two balls will be exchanged after a completely elastic ideal frontal collision.
② frontal collision (totally inelastic)
Inelastic collision means that a part of the kinetic energy of objects is converted into internal energy before and after collision, while completely inelastic refers to converting kinetic energy into internal energy as much as possible, that is, two objects move at the same speed together.
③ Actual collision
The actual collision is a mixture of completely elastic and completely inelastic collision. If the velocity of the two balls is defined as V1,1, V2, 1 after a complete elastic collision; Before the collision, the speed of the two balls was V1,0, V2,0, and the recovery coefficient of the resin material used in billiards was k (the recovery coefficient of good materials was k≈1), so there were:
When k=0, it is completely inelastic collision, and when k=1, it is completely elastic collision. For an actual collision problem, the transformation of velocity and internal energy after two balls collide can be expressed by k, which is specifically expressed as:
In addition, it includes image vector decomposition; General situation and special situation of two-dimensional collision; Rigid body dynamics; Rotational inertia and rotational energy: rotational inertia of homogeneous sphere, law of rotation; Friction: a series of necessary knowledge points such as static friction, sliding friction and rolling friction …
Aiming technique
After a long and boring basic theoretical knowledge, you must be a patient and persevering table tennis enthusiast, and you also have the theoretical basis for learning more skills. Then if you want to master the secret of how to hit the ball in actual combat, aiming technology is the main content to be learned next.
I believe everyone understands a truth. When we observe an object, the closer it is to us, the bigger it will look. If it is farther away from us, it will look smaller. In fact, the actual size of the object has not changed. This is the so-called visual effect.
The visual effect will affect our judgment on the size of the cue ball, thus affecting our aiming angle.
So when we aim at close range, we will subjectively think that the ball looks big, while it looks small at a distance.
Then there are two problems that need to be discussed: first, the influence of the cue ball getting bigger on the thickness of the shot; Secondly, how much will the distance between the center of the cue ball and the goal point and the center of the target ball make the cue ball look bigger?
First of all, we will explain the impact of hitting thickness after the cue ball becomes bigger as shown in the above figure, which shows the maximum overlapping thickness of the two balls, the big gray circle is the size of the cue ball after it becomes bigger, the radius is, the small circle is the original size of the cue ball, the red ball is the size of the target ball, the radius is, and the maximum overlapping radius of the small gray circle and the red circle is, so there are:
The second question has the following explanation about the distance between the cue ball and each ball center. As shown in the above figure, D represents the distance between the cue ball and the goal point, and the distance D0 between the cue ball center and the target ball center, and the angles α and β, then the relationship between the variables can be obtained as follows:
Walking technique
Finally, let’s talk about the topic that everyone is most interested in, which is also the advanced skill of table tennis game-walking technique. Walking technology is to control the motion track of the cue ball by hitting different positions of the cue ball.
0:Center pole/fixed pole, ideally, the cue ball will only slide without any rotation.
1:High/heel/topspin, cue ball rotates forward, which has following effect after collision.
2:Low shot/shrinking shot/backspin ball, cue ball rotates backward and travels backward after collision.
3&4:Side plugs, 3 and 4 represent the left and right respectively, and the cue ball rotates to the right and left respectively after the shot, which can change the rebound angle of the cue ball after hitting the library.
5:Left plug, the effect is the superposition of high pole and left plug.
6:Upper right plug, the effect is the superposition of high pole and right plug.
7:Left lower plug, the effect is the superposition of low rod and left plug.
8:Lower right plug, the effect is the superposition of low rod and right plug.
A:Stearns followed, and the distance followed after the cue ball hit the target was shorter than that followed by the high pole.
C:Stern retreats, and the distance that the cue ball retreats after hitting the target is shorter than that of the low pole.
B&D:Stensey, the cue ball changes direction after hitting the target.
By hitting the above position of the cue ball, the corresponding cue ball movement effect can be achieved.
After learning so many high-end knowledge and formulas, let’s get rid of the old concept of "making great efforts to make miracles". Many people always keep the same strength to hit the ball, which is not desirable. The strength of hitting the ball should be changed at any time with different situations. This requires long-term practice to accurately grasp the strength of the shot that should be adopted at different angles.
The above is the explanation of the formula and technology related to this table tennis game. Dear table tennis lovers, remember the formula and practice hard. "Clear the table with one shot" is not a dream!
Audit: Zhu Guangsi, member of Beijing Popular Science Writers Association.
Reprinted content only represents the author’s point of view
Does not represent the position of Institute of Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences.
Source:Tadpole staff
Editor: Garrett

Let outsiders see jokes, no! Making this big country’s heavy weapon is to fight for making it in China.

  CCTV News:There are representative major projects and major projects in each era, and those super projects have become the symbolic symbols of the times, which embodies the hard work and creativity of the people of China and also witness the road of China’s revival and rise.

  Shield machine is a necessary equipment for tunneling, and it is also a high-end equipment focused on "Made in China 2025". At one time, the technology and overseas market of super-large diameter shield machine have been monopolized by western countries for more than a century. In May this year, the super-large diameter shield machine independently developed by China will go abroad for the first time and become a new "national business card" for China.

  In May, this super-large diameter shield machine with a diameter of 12.12 meters and a weight of 2,200 tons is about to leave for Bangladesh. Although it is the weekend, the manufacturing team is still making the final confirmation of the export shipment plan.

  For Zhang Boyang, the person in charge of this shield machine, it is not the first time that there is no weekend. The shield machine exported this time is not the most difficult project he took over. At the same location, they once manufactured the first super-large diameter shield machine with independent intellectual property rights in China — — "Tianhe", with a diameter of 15.03 meters and a weight of 6,500 tons, was used to excavate the Yangtze River tunnel in Nanjing at that time.

  Zhang Boyang, head of CCCC shield machine project: "This was the most difficult geology in the world at that time. It was soft on the top and hard on the bottom. If it was all hard, it would be easy and even."

  Zhang Boyang is the commander of Nanjing Yangtze River Tunnel Project. At that time, only one foreign company in the world had experience in manufacturing shield machines with similar conditions, and the construction party planned to order two shield machines from this company.

  Zhang Boyang, head of CCCC shield machine project: "700 million one, two 1.4 billion, no price reduction. You can’t rely on others to import all the time. Once they wean you from food, you will die, so we are determined to make it ourselves. "

  It’s better to throw off your arms and do it yourself than to cry your head off and beg for help. A big country’s heavy weapon must be in its own hands. As an engineer of this project, Zhou Jun was mainly responsible for research and development.

  Zhou Jun, Chief Engineer of CCCC Shield Machine Project: "The pressure is enormous. Everyone thinks it is incredible, and there are doubts outside."

  In the process of research and development, many technical problems appear for the first time, so we can only cross the river by feeling the stones. The research and development of core components has made everyone think hard.

  Zhou Jun, Chief Engineer of CCCC Shield Machine ProjectThe cylinder is the core component of the shield machine, and the shield machine moves forward by the thrust generated by the cylinder. Before that, they were all imported from abroad. Our super-large diameter shield cylinder is a luxury car, 500,000 yuan each. "

  Tianhe needs about 50 such cylinders. In order to realize the localization of core components, the R&D team made great efforts and made up their minds to gnaw this hard bone.

  Zhou Jun, Chief Engineer of CCCC Shield Machine ProjectWe employees are the earliest to get off work at 11 pm. I basically go to work after 7 o’clock in the morning and get off work around 1 o’clock, every day. Through four to five months of experiments, we have come up with a set of manufacturing inspection standards for large-diameter shield cylinders. "

  After nearly half a year of technical research, the domestic shield cylinder finally came out, and the cost of one cylinder was 300 thousand yuan cheaper than that of imported cylinders. A super-large diameter shield machine consists of tens of thousands of parts of different sizes. Behind every domestic part is hard work. The research and development of Tianhe has been designed, modified, tested and revised thousands of times. There are more than 7,000 drawings confirmed in the final design of the whole equipment, which are more than one person high when stacked together.

  Zhou Jun, Chief Engineer of CCCC Shield Machine Project: "Everyone thought the same thing as me at that time, that is, we built these two machines. At that time, China should be said to be the shield machine with the most advanced technology, the largest diameter and the highest difficulty. Everyone had this sense of accomplishment at that time, that is, this kind of glory for the country, this kind of courage, including this spirit, that is to say, since I have done this, I must do it well. "

  After 14 months of hard work, in July 2012, China’s first super-large diameter shield machine "Tianhe" was officially put into use, and the two shield machines saved nearly 800 million yuan for the country. However, can this shield stand the test of super engineering?

  Zhang Boyang, head of CCCC shield machine project: "The most painful thing was in 2013, when the cutter head got stuck. Just a few days before the Spring Festival, I didn’t leave the construction site for half a step, and I stayed in the shield machine for observation and analysis every day. "

  The cutter head suddenly stopped turning during the excavation of the Yangtze River tunnel, and these 59 days were the most difficult days for everyone.

  Zhang Boyang, head of CCCC shield machine project"This is not only an enterprise, but also the pressure from China people. You let foreigners see Chinese jokes. This pressure is really huge, even if you cut my meat. "

  After a long period of hard thinking, Zhang Boyang made a bold suggestion.

  Zhang Boyang, head of CCCC shield machine project: "I retreated the cutter head and shield body of this integral shield machine, which is technical and has never been seen before. But I also evaluate and analyze what risks it has, how to retreat, and how much strength it needs. I use the telescopic mechanism and oil cylinder of the cutter head, and every time I retreat 10 mm, 10 mm, that’s all. "

  After two months of persistence, the cutter head finally turned again. In July, 2015, after three years, Tianhe came out of the hole at the bottom of the river and saw the light again. Many people present cried with joy.

  Zhang Boyang, head of CCCC shield machine project: "Without responsibility, there is no innovative spirit. You dare not take responsibility, do you dare to innovate? We are not willing to do this. How can China’s manufacturing industry develop? "

  Tianhe has achieved 50% localization rate, and the localization rate of shield machines to be exported to Bangladesh has increased to 95%. It will be used in China’s largest overseas shield road tunnel project, and help the country’s "Belt and Road Initiative".

Volleyball synthesis: the men’s volleyball team beat Japan 3-2 to qualify in a favorable position.

  Xinhuanet Beijing August 14th Olympic Special (Reporter Shi Chundong Yi Ling) On the evening of 14th, China men’s volleyball team beat the old enemy Japanese team 3-2, occupying a favorable qualifying position in the group.

  Twenty years after bidding farewell to the Olympic Games, China Men’s Volleyball Team entered the Olympic Games directly as the host. At present, the Japanese team ranks 12th in the world, and the China men’s volleyball team ranks 21st. In recent years, the records of the Chinese and Japanese teams have been evenly divided.

  The 12 teams of men’s volleyball team in Beijing Olympic Games were divided into two groups to compete. Of the six teams in each group, the top four entered the top eight.

  In Group A, China’s men’s volleyball team won the Venezuelan team narrowly, and only after winning the Japanese men’s volleyball team can it be expected to qualify. If you lose this game, it will be extremely difficult to win against the United States and Italy.

  The game started at 20 o’clock that night, and more than two hours before the start of the game, the audience poured into the Capital Gymnasium. China men’s volleyball team was so powerful at home that it was deafening with the support of more than 12,000 spectators.

  The starting lineup of China Men’s Volleyball Team is Shen Qiong, Cui Jianjun, Bian Hongmin, Yu Dawei, Yuan Zhi and Jiao Shuai.

  The China team didn’t start as nervous as expected. Yuan Zhi’s diagonal smash and Cui Jianjun’s serve scored the goal, and the team entered the state quickly. In the second timeout, China led by 7 points. The Japanese team wanted to defend on the Internet, but the opponent’s heavy artillery was too strong. Japan made a mistake of 12 points in the first game. On the 16th, Yujie Ishishima served out of bounds and introduced the game into the game. Japan made another mistake: 25: 20.

  China continued to exert his strength in the second game. In the second timeout, China led by two points. In this game, all the points of the China team were fully alive, and many good balls were played, and the players were very excited. China led by 3 points into the inning, but the Japanese team almost caught up with it by one point. Experienced Zhou Jianan called for a time-out to curb the opponent’s counter-offensive momentum. Yuan Zhi brought the game into the inning, and Yu Dawei took the lead at No.2: 25: 23.

  The Japanese team that lost the game didn’t sink. In the third game, it changed its passivity, strengthened the supervision of China’s main attack and response, and focused on man-to-man interception. Score 7 points in a row in the middle game. As long as the China team attacked, they were stopped by their opponents, and Ren Qi, a free man, flew to save the ball, which was very tragic. Fourth inning: 17: 25.

  In the deciding game, Zhou Jianan arranged for the new face to attack Fang Yingchao and the veteran to attack Shi Hairong in the third and fourth games. The score was 2: 3, and Chinese captain Shen Qiong killed again at No.4, followed by a one-man block. The China men’s volleyball team suddenly burst into unprecedented strength. Fang Yingchao became a top player on the Internet. At 9: 8 stalemate, his 3-position fastball and serve directly stimulated the team’s fighting spirit. The China team completely controlled the opponent with three blocks, and at 14: 10, Fang Yingchao’s 4-position winner sealed the victory.

  "Win China! China will win "cheers, China boys embrace together, excited to shout.

  Zhou Jianan, head coach of China Men’s Volleyball Team, said in an interview with Xinhua News Agency: "Today, the China team played its best level since the team was formed, and walked out of the strange circle of winning first and then losing for many years. The fighting spirit has been played out. At a critical time, I boldly launched a new face, which made my opponent very uncomfortable. This is also a reason for winning. "

  China men’s volleyball team will also play against the United States and Italy in the group stage.

Editor: Wang Yuxi

Tips: Go to work tomorrow! Don’t panic, there are still these holidays in 2024.

These days of vacation
Did everyone have a good time? Did you enjoy your meal?
Are you tired of visiting relatives and friends?
Xiaobian is coming to tell you a message:
I will go to work tomorrow!
The Spring Festival holiday is coming to an end.
If there’s something you want to do, you haven’t done it yet
Just hurry!
Stay at home leisurely for half a day
Ask your parents to watch a movie
Then adjust the state ~
Don’t stay up late and have fun!
Also, have some light home cooking!
It’s time to have a rest.
It’s almost time for vacation.
Xiaobian sent two important reminders ↓↓↓↓
Reminder 1: I have to go to work this Sunday!
The last day of the holiday is New Year’s Day! I have to go to work on February 18 (Sunday) on New Year’s Day! Going to work! Adjust the alarm clock quickly!
Reminder 2: Holiday overtime pay should be sufficient.
Spring festival holiday
Many people will choose
Stay at your post
● February 10th to 12th is a statutory holiday, and enterprises have to pay three times the daily wage for arranging workers to work;
● Work will be arranged from February 13th to 17th, and enterprises with standard working hours can choose to give workers compensatory time off or pay double daily wages.
But don’t be too sad.
After the Spring Festival holiday
There is still a big wave of holidays this year!
Collect the 2024 holiday raiders.
Tomb-Sweeping Day: We have a holiday from April 4th to 6th, lasting for 3 days. Go to work on Sunday, April 7.
Labor Day: May 1st to 5th, with 5 days’ holiday. Go to work on Sunday, April 28th and Saturday, May 11th.
Dragon Boat Festival: It is a holiday on June 10th, and even closed on weekends.
Mid-Autumn Festival: Take a holiday from September 15th to 17th for 3 days. Go to work on Saturday, September 14th.
National Day: 7 days’ holiday from October 1st to 7th. Work on September 29th (Sunday) and October 12th (Saturday).
Hurry up, everyone
Finally adjust and adjust
Tomorrow will usher in a big start.
Source: yanzhao metropolis daily.